HCM – 38

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It felt like someone tapped her on the shoulder.

Frisia hazily opened her eyes and looked into the darkness. It was quiet in her bed with the four pillars reaching up to the ceiling.


Aslei’s arms that were supposed to hold her were absent. His warm embrace was gone.

Frisia yawned her slightly and patted the area next to her. It was very dark, so she couldn’t see if Aslei was there or not.

‘Not here.’

On second thought, it was peculiar.

Ever since she allowed him to see, touch and kiss her, Aslei  struggled with holding himself back and always stayed close to her.

Haaaaaa, it was then that Frisia felt the breath of a giant beast.

Her body froze in an instant.

Frisia, who turned her head to look at the darkness outside her bed, almost screamed. Two lights, each the size of her fist flashed into the dark air.

She realized a beat later that it was the eyes of a beast or a monster.

‘Am I dreaming?’

Her blood ran cold. Frisia moved slowly, not taking her eyes off it. She didn’t know if this was a wise idea, but she had to check.

Frisia’s hand came out to the side table next to the bed. As her fingertip touched the magic tool on the side table, a small lamp lit up. In the spreading light, the huge beast retreated to the edge as if trying to avoid it.

Crrrr… … .

The sound of breath coming from the huge breathing chamber slowly spread out. Frisia looked at the sight as she held her breath.

‘That’s… … .’

It was like a dog or wolf with black hair. The Duke of Tintalion’s room was so large that it could be seen as small, but it was enormous.

‘It’s too big. How did it come in?’

If an animal’s head could come through the rest of them could possibly follow but his head was so big she could fathom it fitting past the duke’s bedroom door or the glass door leading to the balcony.

Frisia slowly climbed out of bed and picked up her robe. She had to wear her clothes, whether to call someone or run away. Because she was naked with nothing on.

‘At a time like this.’

My legs trembled as she climbed down the bed. It felt like she was about to collapse at any moment, but she endured because her life was at stake.

As she applied strength to her toes, a piercing sensation spread from her toes to her head. Frisia forgot her situation and she wanted to vomit her resentment towards Aslei. [t1v: pain from their affair]

I seduced you, but still, there is a degree!

Suddenly, cold water poured on Frisia’s head. Aslei was nowhere to be seen. Such a gigantic beast or monster invaded the duke’s mansion, but he was not a person who would not appear.

‘Oh, no! No way… … .’

Aslei would have noticed it before anyone else and would have been by Frisia’s side. As a sword master, he should have noticed such a monster before it even crossed the duke’s fence.

Drip… … .

Tears welled up in Frisia’s eyes as she looked at the giant black wolf. It couldn’t be. It’s… … it was absurd.

‘The curse was being lifted.’

Now only a few days. A job she had to endeavor for only for three or four days.

As Frisia stepped forward and stumbled, it flinched and looked at her. It was a movement as if he wanted to support her.

“No… … .”

Her voice mixed with weeping leaked from between her teeth, she could see her golden eyes filled with a sorrowful sadness.


Frisia, who knew the original story, knew what kind of hardship Aslei had to go through. He was a person who should not suffer again from such a curse. To the point that she hoped that Aslei was the only person in the world that should not have to suffer anymore.

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