HCM – 36

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If she looked at him with contempt and asked why he did it—he was sure he would blurt out the truth without thinking: Why is it that Aslei bastard and not me?!

‘If that was the case, would your heart towards him waver— even a little bit?’

Jeremy wanted to impulsively check her reaction but knew it would be useless. Marianne would despise him. It was only natural since he had cursed Aslei because of his envy and greed.

He gritted his teeth at that fact and flapped his wings. He had just finished killing all five eagles attached to him by his master in the form of a flying goblin.

His form didn’t matter right now because he was flying over a remote forest but once he approached a village, he would have to transform into another animal.

The eastern part, where the Duchy of Tintalion was located, had fewer demons than the northern part, but was always on the lookout and wary of monster raids. Watchmen stood at attention in any villain, town or city, so he would be immediately noticed in his monster form.

Jeremy turned into a wide-winged eagle and headed for the Duke of Tintalion’s mansion. He was going to act in a way no one would have imagined.

And this time he was going to ravage Aslei Tintalion’s life.

❁ ❁ ❁

Frisia may have started it first, but Aslei took the initiative. He was obsessively indulging in her lips, melting her walls away and making her blissfully unaware that she was pulled up on his thigh, or that she was being ravenously embraced by him.

“Uh, ah… … .”

Her lips were lightly bitten, licked and sucked. Every time their tongues were intertwined, she sighed as a tingling sensation spread all the way to the tip of her head to her toes.


Thinking that she wanted to touch him a little more, Frisia’s hand, who had been holding his collar, started to wrap around Aslei’s neck, astonishing him.


She was puzzled when Aslei, who had feverishly coveted her, raised his head. He looked at Frisia with a flushed, vulnerable—and then increasingly troubled and embarrassed complexion.

“Any more than this… … .”

Frisia became aware of the presence of something stabbing her thigh, and also turned red. With just a kiss lasting a moment, Aslei was firmly erect.

“I’ll get off… … .”

Frisia stated her intention since she was still sitting on his thigh, but Aslei hugged her and immobilized her as if he could not let her go.

“… … Leave it alone and it will come down.”


He was not sure himself, but he thought it would. Probably.

But even if it wasn’t, Aslei didn’t want to give up his current warmth.

He greedily pulled Frisia into his chest as she watched him silently.

‘Do you not like me holding you?’

As he tried to read Frisia’s face with anxious eyes, she quietly casted her eyes down and rested her head on Aslei’s chest. It was tacit permission. He was relieved and thought she was kind and affectionate.

‘The kiss was just a kiss… … There must be no other intentions.’

He only asked her to hold her hand, but who would have thought that the curse would have been eased that much. But he still found himself wondering how he could ask for more. How unscrupulous he was when he was already shamelessly coveting her body every night!


Frisia wasn’t just leaning against him. She was gently caressing Aslei’s arm that was holding her.

Her touch was soft—weak and light as a feather, but just that was boiling his blood.

“Ha… … .”

Despite shedding a heated breath, Aslei did not want to let go. His heart was desperate to love her.

“Shall we go up to the bedroom?”

At her whisper, a dense blush ran up his flushed face. He felt hot, held his breath for a moment and his mouth went dry—he was at a loss. Frisia already couldn’t even walk from being overworked last night. Aslei also had a conscience.

“I-It’s alright,”

Aslei declined, unable to take a deep breath. Frisia stared at him like that, and then made up her mind. She wasn’t unaware of her own physical condition, but… … .

‘It’s better to finish up sooner.’

She wanted to break Aslei’s curse as soon as possible and she herself wanted to prepare for her divorce. There was only three weeks left until the date of their seperation and she needed all the time she could get so she could properly  prepare.

Telling Aslei’s these facts would hurt him. It was hard for her to say that his curse could be troublesome.

‘Aslei’s probably going to stick by his refusal, insisting on worrying about my body.’

If he couldn’t be persuaded, she could only resort to other means. She knew how Aslei would never turn her down.

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