HCM – 35

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The hallway and path leading to the garden were empty, probably because the attendants quickly informed each other to clear the way.

Fortunately, the weather was clear and although a few thick clouds cast shadows, it was rather clear with the blue sky shining between them.

Rays of bright sunlight poured through the branches of the trees. The leaves and petals fluttered lightly in the wind, and a faint but refreshing scent wafted over.

Frisia couldn’t help but stare. It seemed as if it had been a long time since she had seen such a landscape. It seemed so different when she strolled through the garden just a few days ago in a despondent and miserable mood.

‘Ugh, my heart changes too fast.’

Although the situation of his curse still remained, the world seemed different with Aslei’s confession. Her so-called wretched thoughts were gone.

‘Yeah, I’m being a dunce, fooling myself! But I’m happier!’

She was sorry she had to refuse him but at the same time she held contradictory feelings of pride that her husband, Aslei, had confessed to her.

As he carried her, Aslei walked to a corner of the garden and settled on the bench while Frisia was immersed in her thoughts.

He initially wanted to put her on his thigh, but decided she would hate it and instead put her down on the seat next to him.

“… … It looks like the mark of the curse on your chest seems cracked now. Have you noticed any other changes?”

When she suddenly asked, Aslei glanced down at his chest. He, too, must have witnessed its changed state reflected in the mirror.

“The pain is gone.”

At his words, Frisia’s eyes widened with hope. She was elated to hear such.

“But the thirst still remains…… .”

Oh. Aslei’s gaze heavy with ecstasy met Frisia’s delighted regard, making her blink in surprise and gradually coloring her with shyness. He was so happy to be able to touch her lips now.

His body was already anxious because he wanted to hold her again if she would allow it.

“I still want to do it now.”

“M-may I take a look inside your shirt?”

Aslei expressed his consent with a nod, and Frisia opened his collar to check. The broken circle remained like it had from the morning. But earlier, the black blood vessels-like energy spreading around it had disappeared.

However, now she could see those shadowy traces rising like poison again. Frisia was bewildered by the appearance that reemerged and spread through his skin.

‘Isn’t it worse?’

Didn’t he say that the pain was gone though? So the curse would not have gotten worse.

“It doesn’t hurt.”

But his desire to devour Frisia grew more desperate. If there was one thing that made it more agonizing than before, it was that the pain, which had been helpful at suppressing his lusts and impulses, had now disappeared making it unbearable.

So the tormented Aslei decided to be brazen.

He wasn’t unscrupulous enough to beguile Frisia and seduce her using the excuse of his curse in this position. But he thought the other things would be fine.

“But it’s agonizing … … Would you mind holding my hand?”

It didn’t hurt, but it’s agonizing. Was he saying it was hard to hold it in?

Frisia looked at him and she took his hand. His larger and hotter hand was caught in hers. That alone made Aslei’s neck turn red.

‘I shouldn’t do this.’

Her desire to sigh in helplessness and do more after witnessing his reaction sored. There was no way his desire could be quenched by barely holding her hand.

When she let go of Aslei’s hand, a deep regret appeared on his face. That disappointment turned into joy and surprise when Frisia’s hand covered his cheek instead.

His blue eyes, darker than Frisia’s, were staring at her. The figure of a confused woman was reflected in Aslei’s gaze.

It belonged to a woman who was shaken and unable to grasp and still her heart. Although she knew it well, she drew in Aslei’s face. As she looked deep into his eyes coming closer to hers without any resistance, she placed her lips on his.

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