HCM – 34

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“I haven’t been misled nor am I under any such delusion. I’m just elated I am able to get closer and connect with you more… … That I’m in the situation that I am able to court my wife.”


At his words, Frisia looked positively puzzled. She was just drawing a line between the two of them as they drank tea after the meal.

—That their divorce will go as planned.

As expected, Aslei looked wounded for a moment, but he quickly looked at Frisia with a soft gaze.

“Our marriage was genuine on paper, but it wasn’t true for both of us. So it’s my responsibility to woo my wife.”

”You want a divorce, but I don’t,” Aslei added and continued.

“We had a wedding and went on a honeymoon, but it wasn’t sincere… … . I would like my wife’s permission to do our wedding and honeymoon again—properly this time.”

Their wedding had been grandiose, but it had not been a true marriage for the two of them. So, neither of them took interest in any of the planning —guests, decorations or dresses—for the wedding.

The same was true of their honeymoon. They were only concerned with each other when the public’s gaze was concerned, so they were often apart, visiting the places they wanted to see separately until they were in front of others and had to act like a couple. The trip had been enjoyable, but it hadn’t been a couple’s trip by any means.

The distance between the two of them in private was very apparent during their honeymoon.

She hadn’t known Aslei had even been thinking about that. But it was just empty words to Frisia, who was determined to divorce. However… … .

‘I really— I don’t want to hurt you.’

Becuase Frisia had read the original story she knew well that Aslei’s life had not been easy. When she found the memories of her previous life, it had already been when Aslei had already overcome all his hardships and became what he was today. So she hadn’t been able to assist him at all.

Considering the misery he suffered, his kind and affectionate appearance was remarkable, so it was especially hard for her to treat him carelessly.

‘But dragging it out will only hurt you more later on.’

She wasn’t saying that the topic should be left unattended. It had not been once or twice that Frisia during her previous life had been hurt by the ambiguous attitude of others.

She had no intention of re-doing her honeymoon. But as she tried to retort back, Aslei got up first.

“Would you like to go up to the room? Or even a walk… … .”

Missing her timing to speak, Frisia hesitated. She wondered if she should speak properly after going up to the room, but she thought it would be better to go for a walk.

‘Because there are no beds there.’

She had a premonition that if they entered the bedroom it would create a strange atmosphere and something would happen.

“Let’s go for a walk—ah, but… … .”

As she spoke, it occurred to her that it wasn’t a good idea. The aftermath of their affair made her unable to stand properly without support.

“I can’t go for a walk, my legs are like this—oh!”

Aslei approached and effortlessly embraced and lifted her up in a princess carry. His eyes lit up as they met Frisia’s eyes up close and he kissed her forehead.

Aslei smiled apologetically at the sight of a surprised Frisia covering her forehead.

“I’m sorry. My wife is so cute when surprised, so I inadvertently… … .”

What’s inadvertent! Convinced Aslei was being sly, Frisia glared at him. But she was startled by Aslei’s next move, taking steps towards the door and grabbed his arm.

“Wh-what are you doing?”

“You decided to go for a walk, so we should go to the garden.”

Like this? Incomprehensible!

Her long hair fluttered as she shook her head with fervor. It only grazed the cloth covering his chest and arm but Aslei’s mouth went dry for some reason.

“Oh, no! It’s shameful!”

“Didn’t I carry you down like this, just earlier?”

Even though it was true, it was still embarrassing. She had gone down the stairs in his arms. She regretted not insisting on eating her meal in her room.

‘Huh, come to think of it, I would have had to be carried by Aslei even if I went up!’

Aslei insisted it would be better if he carried her, rather than seeing supported on the arm of a servant because her legs were wobbly.

“If you are shy, I will tell the servants not to follow.”


Ugh, she resented his bright smile that beamed at her like she was adorable. When she shot him a glare with her red-tinted face, he just smiled wider.

The attendants and housekeepers outside the dining hall spotted their master and his wife and pretended not to see them. As was the attitude of qualified employees.

Aslei apprised them that they were going out for a walk and not to follow them.

‘What are you planning?’

He was doing quite a lot of things he hadn’t done in weeks. It was the first time since she was a child that someone carried her like a princess.

Frisia entered the garden in Aslei’s arms and tried to hypnotize herself to remain apathetic: 

As if there wasn’t a dangerously handsome man who hugged her and radiated joy and happiness with his whole body and heart.

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