HCM – 33

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Upon hearing that Jeremy was the culprit, Frisia was both certain and puzzled. It was only after Aslei’s divorce from Frisia that Marianne and him became fervently entangled with each other.

Before Aslei was married to her, he had briefly interacted with Marianne, but he professed he had no relationship with her. So since he said so, Frisia believed him. He wasn’t the sort of man who would lie about that.

‘Although Jeremy was an envious character but…… why? Aslei isn’t even courting Marianne right now.’

In the original story, he only burst into anger when Aslei and Marianne were involved in a romantic affair but now Aslei was still married to her but bizarrely he put a curse on him.

It was also peculiar that the Magic Tower banished Jeremy. It was a place where he was respected and held dear.

That the Archmage kicked Jeremy out was something she still couldn’t get her mind around. Indeed, it must have been regrettable for him that the Duke of Tintalion was the second highest authority and leader in the Empire.

Even more so now that the imperial power was not so great.

If the Duke of Tintalion came forward and held the tower responsible, he could have suffered fatal damage. But Frisia remembered the novel:

Although his teacher had been concerned about Jeremy’s character, he changed his mind when he saw that his disciple had sincerely held Marianne in his heart and worked hard for her.

At the end of the story she even remembered Jeremy becoming the Master of the Tower.

‘Again, the original story has changed. Is it because Marianne solved all the cases and problems early on?’

Even if that was so, it was odd. Even though many people were saved by working out dilemmas before they got bigger, why would the situation between the main characters only get worse?

At this rate, the relationship between Marianne and Aslei might also be at stake.

But Marianne was the protagonist of this world. She would try to make everything right, and the world would sway at her will.

Before Frisia hadn’t noticed that, so she resolved to guard herself from harm while being at Aslei’s side.

‘—So, don’t do this!’

Frisia stared at Aslei, who was sitting near her and tilted towards her seat. She was eager to scream at him, as their eyes met. Aslei smiled with his eyes twinkling.

His smile was cute, but she was also sheepishly at a loss at what to do.

‘That’s why I didn’t want to eat in the large dining hall!’

It was Frisia, who didn’t go down to the dining table under the pretext that she was tired after their tryst. When she fell asleep in her own room, alone, the excuse worked for her, but when she woke up in the same room as him, the justification fell apart. When she would try and part and say she was eating in the next room Aslei would follow her.

Frisia couldn’t openly say that she was avoiding him so she had no choice but to go down to the large dining room hoping he would at least be at a distance.

But Aslei didn’t sit at the far end of the huge table as usual, but instead sat down right next to her.

“Why did you move here?”

When Frisia asked much to her chagrin and embarrassment, Aslei laughed as if he was absolutely happy.

“I want to listen to your voice up close,” he said. “Even from my usual distance, I can hear my wife’s voice and see your face well… … . But it’s more difficult to see my face well, isn’t it?”

That’s why I want you to go back to your seat!

Instead of voicing her thoughts, Frisia concentrated on her meal. They had agreed long ago to excuse all the servants from the dining room while they ate so they wouldn’t have to keep up pretense of being a couple during mealtimes, but Aslei used this as an excuse to serve her meal.

“Frisia, this meat is more tender.”

If she had allowed Aslei, he would have not only chopped up the steak into bite size pieces but would have directly fed it to her mouth. Frisia averted her eyes from his adoring gaze, recalling last night’s embarrassment. Aslei smiled broadly.

She just said that he could take off the blindfold and touch and kiss her.

Frisia was confident that even if she allowed things, the essence wouldn’t change, no matter what he said.

However, Aslei was very much conscious that many things had changed. It was too late when Frisia realized that he believed that she had accepted his heart.

She should be forthcoming, she told herself. But Frisia’s heart sank to the thought of revealing it.

She felt like she was going to get indigestion.

‘I feel sick.’

However, she had to admit the meat was objectively delicious, Frisia thought as she slowly chewed. She promised herself she would tell him after they finished eating.

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