HCM – 31

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That’s why Marianne insisted despite Jeremy’s urging to give up. Up until then, she was convinced that Aslei and Frisia were going to get a divorce.

It’s Frisia! Even if she pretended to be meek, her nature would eventually shine through.

Three years was a long time. She was convinced Aslei would notice the gap in Frisia’s acting, see her true disposition and then divorce her.

But when they approached and even passed the time of their initial divorce, her anxiety peaked. As it is, it didn’t look like he would cast her away—then when would she even get the chance to approach Aslei?

‘Should turn back time and come back again?’

Because of that lingering question Marianne couldn’t completely push Jeremy away. He was the hateful being who separated her from Aslei, but she needed him just in case.

‘No— not yet. It’s too early. I haven’t even tried everything… … .’

She never thought that Frisia would easily divorce Aslei. Even before her return, she had clung on to him.

Since she was certain that her adversary was Frisia, she was certain about this belief too:

‘After all, Frisia is destined to have a cruel and brutal death for me.’

Marianne clenched her teeth in resentment when she thought about the way she suffered at Frisia’s hands and what she went through before she returned. At that time, she could not take revenge and resolve all of her anger, so it would not be a bad prospect for her to settle scores in this life.

If there was anything that got in her way, she had to extricate it. It was rather easy for Marianne, who already once had the blood of loved ones on her own hands.

❁ ❁ ❁

Even with the deep cuts on the Archmage’s eyelids, there was no damage to his eyes. He used his magic to heal it with ease, but his anger did not subside readily.

He intended to indict him in front of the duke, but he would not abandon him to the end. It was enough for him to make an irresistible offer to the Duke of Tintalion and the deal to alleviate Jeremy’s guilt.

The Duchy of Tintalion was also a place with great power, but he was also The Master of the Magic Tower.

But Jeremy didn’t believe him. He was suspicious of his teacher and adoptive father, and ran away while bestowing him with severe wounds. The Master could not forgive this.

‘You bastard!’

He knew that he had to temper his anger and consider the environment in which Jeremy was raised in, but he was still furious.

Jeremy was ten years old when the Archmage brought him in. Although the hardships up to that time were by no means small, he became the most cherished disciple of his and enjoyed many things.

Even so, he still coveted other people’s things and built up resentment and anger. For that reason he could not be considered the successor to the Tower.

‘A man with such great magic and talent! Why can’t you be generous!’

There are many people in the world that had it harder than Jeremy. His teacher didn’t believe that his circumstances or hardships were justified because of that, but Jeremy couldn’t live his life by always being immaturely envious.

You can hate, but don’t allow hatred to corrode your life.

If he couldn’t reconcile this, it was better to be convinced that he had no qualifications to be the Master of the Tower that led and had the power to judge all wizards. Rather, it would be dangerous to raise him as a successor. No, Jeremy’s very existence was dangerous to the Tower.

Even if Jeremy became the Lord of the Tower with his tremendous talent, he could not even compete with the imperial family, the Temple, or even the Duke’s family.

His teacher contemplated deeply and pondered over and over again, but again, there was only one conclusion:

‘You must have thought that I wouldn’t be able to report your wrongdoings to the Duke. To some extent, you were right.’

The Archmage of the Tower had no chance of winning if he collided head-on with the Duke of Tintalion. If the Duke found out about Jeremy’s curse and gathered evidence, he would be forced to hand him over.

The honor and face of the Magic Tower would fall, it was a situation the Master of the Tower would want to avoid.

‘He won’t let go of his feelings of resentment in the end. Even if he was banished. Should I wait until he inflicts irreparable damage to the tower!?’

The Tower’s Master convened a meeting of elders. He was the one who loved Jeremy more than anyone else, so he had a bitter taste on his tongue.

“Jeremy Wood wounded me and fled with the relics of the Tower. He is the traitor who betrayed his teacher, and he no longer belongs to the Tower.”

A tracking team was not organized. Jeremy was the most outstanding disciple who received almost all the knowledge of his master. If he was chased by wizards it would only increase the number of casualties.

In truth it was an empty declaration, insurance for later in case the Duke of Tintalion wanted to hold them accountable.

“I will evict him from the Tower and exile him. And… … The Tower will be closed for four years.”

Jeremy was a shrewd fellow. As the most outstanding disciple of the Archmage, he had solid connections and a strong network, so he could mobilize many wizards if he wanted to.

The Master was worried about that possiblity.

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