HCM – 27

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I’m sorry. I will treat you with respect. He wanted to calm and soothe her by whispering this, but he didn’t want to remove his lips. Frisia’s lips were so sweet that it was difficult to pull his tongue out.

Now that Frisia gave permission and freerein, he only felt savage.

At first Frisia wore only negligees, but she now came into his bed in thick pajamas since she hadn’t bound him with shackles or handcuffs.

Maybe it was because Aslei embraced her every time they slept together, maybe because her body was exposed by its thinness. Or maybe because his pounding heart was burdensome.

So she put on her thick pajamas whenever she came into his bedroom. Aslei thought it was cute and sad.

“Frisia, I’m in a hurry… … .”

She wouldn’t be surprised if she was plainly stripped. The curse took away that leeway. Aslei just parted his lips from her a little to whisper this, fearing that Frisia would be scared if he just tore her pajamas without warning.

Frisia blinked her big eyes. Even the lashes on her thin eyelids were so long and lovely that he couldn’t take a breath and was suffocated by the sight.

Did she hear him? Did she understand? Before he could even measure, found himself reaching out his hand to caress Frisia’s thigh.

“Haa… … .”

He was going crazy. Every time her smooth thighs brushed and pressed against his body, he suffered from a death-inducing desire to touch them.

Aslei slipped his hand from the edge of her pajamas and touched her knee. Frisia felt a strange excitement at his slowly climbing touch.

‘It’s supposed to be unpleasant!’

She didn’t feel bad about kissing or touching him. She only felt shameful when her passionate appetite started to thrill her.

Aslei smiled brightly, feeling it was unfair she pouted. He knew the expression on Frisia face when she was acting up.

“… … adorable.”

Frisia’s cheeks heated up at the sudden whisper. Aslei kissed her cheek lovingly, and then took her lips.

His hand, rising above her thigh, started to dig into a more intimate area. Today she did not apply any lube, but she could tell she was wet.

‘How embarrassing.’

Since she hadn’t allowed him to touch her before and didn’t want to masturbate beforehand she had used the potion almost every day.

Even though Aslei tried to dissuade her, she had been firm, when he realized that she warmed up faster from habit he no longer protested. Maybe that’s why his hand felt so good when he rubbed and fondled her wet folds.

Frisia pressed her legs together when she felt his drenched, long fingers smoothly enter and stir her. As she lifted her vision, her eyes met Aslei’s blue eyes.

Don’t look. She averted her eyes, flushed in shyness. His fingers inside started to gently rub and stroke her while watching Frisia’s reaction.

‘Ah! You… … .’

Aslei didn’t have to do this. Before he had been blindfolded and although she had prevented him from touching her, his penis had pierced Frisia’s insides over and over again.

He savored and tasted the insides of Frisia to his heart’s content. So he must have gathered where and how he had poked her from how she reacted, and where she was so sensitive she couldn’t even moan.

He was still skillfully tormenting Frisia.

“Ah, ho… … . un, oh!”

A different type of pleasure, different then the one brought on from his penis came over and shook Frisia. A growl leaked out of Aslei’s sealed lips.

Her face was burning hot as her insides were dripping wet. Embarrassed, she wanted to turn her head away, but as long as he intertwined his tongue deeply with hers, it was impossible.


Her body reached a light climax and convulsed in Aslei’s arms. He hastily but carefully pulled out his fingers and grabbed Frisia’s pajamas.

Rip! She was wearing pretty tough and thick clothes, so she didn’t know it would tear so easily. Aslei simply ripped it apart to create an opening in the front.

Because she was not wearing any underwear under her pajamas, Frisia’s pure pale naked body was exposed. It was ripped almost in a straight line from the bottom of her pajamas to the hemline around her neck.

While wearing her pajamas that had become like a robe, Aslei kissed her. His hands were pouring down on her unclad body. She didn’t even know that her pajamas had been removed.

Frisia’s bare breasts fluctuate up and down between his arms. While she was being kissed she was breathing heavily.

“Haa. Frisia… … .”

Frisia’s body trembled at his rapturous exclamation. She was happy even though she was flustered and self-conscious. Feeling feverish and dizzy she leaned against Aslei’s chest.

Her legs spread apart and Aslei’s thick thighs entered. Suddenly, his entire body came in, and his terrifyingly enthusiastic desire rubbed against Frisia’s drenched entrance.

“May…… I?”

Only Aslei himself knew how heavy and difficult the question was. This was especially since his pain could only be reduced by having sex with Frisia.

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