HCM – 26

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A stare that seemed to devour her fell on her, so she thought Aslei would kiss her as soon as she allowed it. But he stopped and just looked at Frisia.

“But, still…… will my wife be alright?”

Will I be alright? Frisia felt like she wanted to scream. If you look at Aslei… … She honestly wanted to touch and be touched by him. Even if she denied being drawn to him, he was gorgeous and kind.

It would be a lie if she denied being attracted to him and her fluttering with every word he said.

There were moments when Frisia wanted to kiss Aslei too, so she was more than fine. Admittedly, she wanted it too.

“You say it’s fine. Now, so… … .”

He glanced at Frisia who avoided his eyes with her face flushed. Aslei’s gaze, scouring and seeming to be looking through her made her shy and her heart pound.

Why do you like me? Frisia thought Aslei’s attitude suddenly changed so it was difficult for her to speak. Because he wasn’t a cold person by nature.

But it seemed that he was not kind to everyone. To be precise, he was more of someone who kept a distance from everyone except for his close aides. She had been surprised when he had let her in, past his wall, since they got married.

Maybe it was a natural course of action since they were bound in marriage but she still found it strange since the marriage was only in name. Because Aslei was affectionate and friendly not only when they were in public, but also in private.

He was good to Frisia from the start. So she was apologetic. Rejecting Aslei. Pushing away his goodwill, pretending not to know his kind heart. And he’s not completely unattractive, so she especially had to work hard.

As Aslei watched her, trying to judge Frisia’s feelings, she moved first. She could no longer stand his silence and hesitation.

Aslei’s eyes widened in surprise as her soft lips overlapped his.

Frisia wasn’t the only one who had tried to kiss him in this way, but she was the only one who had succeeded.

‘Ah… … .’

His heart throbbed with joy. She first approached her and tasted his lips, but he caught Frisia, who was about to back off in apprehension. To be exact, he hugged her.

Fearing that she would run away, Aslei wrapped her in his arms and even covered the back of her head with his hands.

“Chu… … .”

Then his hot lips rubbed against hers.

It was Frisia’s first kiss, but it was Aslei’s first kiss too. His tongue heistated, awkward at first, digging through the gap between her lips and entering her mouth, but soon a heated fervor enveloped both of them and swept them up.

“Um, ha, huh… … .”

His breath seemed to tremble as Friscia responded as if comforting the impatient Aslei. His blue eyes burned, threatening to devour her.

Frisia was sorry for that and closed her eyes tight. She felt apologetic towards his shaking hand, caressing her cheek.

‘I’m not going to like you, though.’

The wall around her heart could be rebuilt over and over again as soon as it was torn down. She had no intention of softening her resolve to this extent. She had already planned and prepared even in case Aslei would betray her.

‘I don’t have blind belief in things like the original male lead.’

No matter how delicately and carefully he holds her in his arms as if he were holding something precious.

Aslei hurriedly sucked and savored her lips, and then parted his eyes, his face ecstatic. The sight of his blue eyes submerged in passion and reverence was enough to make even the determined Frisia’s gaze linger.

Why are you so pretty? She was so beautiful that she suddenly wanted to tease her.

“Frisia… … .”

Frisia’s heart sank at the sound of his deep, thick voice. She could tell just by seeing his eyes and hearing his dark, warm voice.

‘Don’t say it.’

His forehead leaned against hers, his wet eyes full of happiness. His body temperature, which could not escape the curse, was hotter than usual.

“I love you. I love you… … .”

he whispered as his lips approached. Frisia felt an urge to shake him off. A fear struck her and she instinctively knew that if he kissed her now, something about her would change.

However, she was not harsh enough to turn away from Aslei’s wet eyes. Their lips overlapped, a sweet tenderness from inside was mixed and shared between the two.

‘Oh… … .’

Her heart leaped and raced, Aslei must have noticed it too. Sword Masters developed and honed advanced senses, enough to recognize the heartbeat of a person nearby.

‘I’m not excited about you!’ she denied, but her cheeks were already burning. Her own body temperature also got hotter with excitement.

He slowly tasted Frisia’s lips and caressed her over her pajamas. Even though they had been together for many nights, it was the first time he had touched her. Aslei could feel her body stiffen.

It was sad and heartbreaking.

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