HCM – 25

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Clarisse looked at the crow suspiciously. If it was truly Jeremy, she couldn’t figure out why he came to her.

‘Why don’t you go to the wizards in the tower?’

It was suspicious, but it was quite a distance from here to the tower. If it was by the flapping of a crow’s wings, it would have taken eight days to get there.

‘Is it because I’m the only wizard he knows nearby? Is it a coincidence?’

Clarisse was unaware that he had been constantly monitoring her. She was so preoccupied and absorbed with researching new magic that she had no interest nor paid attention to anything else.

The only thing she cared about besides magic was Frisia, her childhood benefactor and friend.

After deciding that it wouldn’t be disadvantageous for Jeremy to be in her debt she reached out to him. She intended to intervene in the magic placed on him and release his transformation.

As a wizard, she saw elements of the spell that were preventing Jeremy from returning to his human form.

As she unraveled it layer by layer, she suddenly felt a signature of mana that had left a deep impression on her, similar in a sense to Jeremy.

‘Is this the Master of the Tower’s… … ?’ [t1v: she’s realizing that it was his teacher that transformed him]

Startled for a moment, she released her hand, and attempted to discontinue her work but it was already too late. Jeremy was able to wield some of his own magic since she had just started releasing him from his restraints, and began to resist the magic of his teacher with his own power.

The wild magic whipped around in a rampage, wounding him but he didn’t care. He was determined, he couldn’t go back to being a crow after getting so far.


Screaming, Jeremy ricocheted off the magical fragments of the Tower Master’s power. Clarisse fell in the mana’s explosive fallout and gaped at Jeremy with astonishment. Covered in blood, he rejoiced with a shout and a laugh.


“… … Jeremy Wood, what the hell is going on?”

Upon her sharp interrogation, Jeremy laughed with a fishy smile. He had wanted to kill her so that the tower wouldn’t have noticed that he was here. [t1v: (ノ °益°)ノ 彡 ┻━┻]

However, Clarisse today was not the apprentice wizard he knew in the past. She had also joined the ranks of strong and formidable wizards.

Maybe if he was in his best condition it would have been possible, but with his current body after fighting against the Master’s magic it would be too burdensome.

“You lucked out, remember, you narrowly escaped death.”

After he said so, he instantly turned into a ball of light and flew out of hers window. Clarisse bit her lip as he turned into a monster and soared high in the sky.

Belatedly realizing that she had committed a grave mistake.

❁ ❁ ❁

Aslei had a complicated look when Frisia shared her thoughts with him. His countenance reflected his happy yet troubled feelings.

“To break the curse, um… … . You’ll allow everything?”

At his query, she nodded. She was embarrassed and trembling, but it had already been over ten days since she had been involved with him.

She couldn’t imagine being embraced by Aslei like this for months. No, if the curse persisted after several months it may extend for even longer.

“You can’t go on living like this.”

“… … .”

Aslei, who wanted to continue living like this even after the curse passed, was silent. But he also knew that the affliction was growing inside of me little by little. The curse had to be correlating with ‘something’.

‘I don’t know what it is… … .’

The wizard who first casted the hex must have prepared it so that it could not be lifted. In other words it would have established conditions that Aslei could not achieve.

At first he wondered what it was, but now he didn’t think it really  mattered.

If only he could keep Frisia by his side, he could endure the curse even if it got more severe than it was now. If there was one thing he was worried about, it was the desire he felt for her was growing greater and greater.

He was somehow managing to endure the agony imposed by the curse, but his lust for Frisia was truly unbearable.

‘So we should cooperate.’

It was frightening that the curse could be lifted, but on the other hand, it was good to see the ban on Frisia being lifted.

Seeing her while embracing her in his arms, and touching her …… . Aslei, who was staring blankly at her, took a step towards her. Frisia was nervous at the sight of him approaching her.

“Then can I kiss you?”

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