HCM – 24

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Each night, the number and duration of their affairs were about the same. Finally, more than that was too much for Frisia’s body, so they agreed to break off.

So it could not be that the curse worsened because they neglected their sex life.

‘Do we have to keep doing it until it all disappears? That’s unreasonable!’

At first, it was just a curse of lust. If it had been a curse that would have been lifted after having a lot of trysts with women, it probably wouldn’t have been cast on him, to begin with.

‘… … is it because you are not satisfied?’

Aslei ejaculated numerous times, over and over again but perhaps it was only a biological response. She couldn’t say that it was a satisfying affair just because he had climaxed.

Frisia looked back over the conditions that she had set. Blindfold, no touching, no kissing… … etc.

Aslei asked her only the first few times, and after that, he did not express any dissatisfaction, only occasionally pestering her with impeded kisses from time to time.

In their liaison, he thought he was the one who was unfairly asking Frisia to sleep with him.

‘If it is done right, will the curse go away if you do it like you’re really love?’

Nothing was for certain. But Frisia knew that she had few options left.

❁ ❁ ❁

As he fled from the eagle’s chase, Jeremy thought about which wizard he should approach for help. His Master, the owner of the tower, must have warned all the magicians belonging to the tower by now.

‘Those who are sorcerers not associated with the tower will receive the news belatedly!’

A name came to Jeremy. A mage with excellent skills, to whom he had secretly blocked from coming to the tower because he thought she would become his rival.

Clarisse Belude.

She was a wizard who belonged to the Duke of Atreilles in the past.

She was an apprentice when he last saw her, but now she was a full-fledged magician. He knew that she had not renewed her contract with the Duke and had since become independent.

‘It’s annoying that she belonged to the Duke of Atreilles, but… … There is no way that the Dukes of Tintalion would have informed the Dukes of Atreilles about the curse.’

Moreover, it had been over a year since Clarisse had left the Duke of Atreilles. He probably wouldn’t have shared a secret story with the wizard there, even if she was acquainted with him.

Jeremy had occasionally checked in on her, reporting to the Master of the Tower, and lowered Clarisse’s abilities from time to time. So he knew where she lived.

Fortunately for him, Clarisse resided in the Duchy of Tintalion. Perhaps she intended to concentrate on her research in a secluded place, as she was living in a cabin on the city’s outskirts.


After dinner and brushing her teeth, Clarisse found a crow crying outside her window and frowned.

“What is that?”


The crow knocked on the window with its beak with a loud cry. Clarisse stared at it, then noticed that it was no ordinary crow.

It wasn’t even a demon; it was a transformed human with mana.

If this were their destination, they would have returned to their human form and knocked on the door. However, the fact that it did not change into a human form is… … .

‘Did you fall for someone else’s magic?’

Clarisse was worried and opened the window. The crow came in as if waiting and sat gently on her chest of drawers.

“Who are you?”

Caw! Jeremy wept bitterly, unable to speak human words. She cautiously approached the crow to check its magic.

If it were someone she had known before, she would recognize them through their powers.

He was aware of what she was doing and stared at Clarisse with black beaded eyes without avoiding her. She focused on the insignificant mana emanating from the crow’s body.

‘Who is this? Someone I’ve met somewhere. Who… … .’

Clarisse, who slowly looked back at her memories, was able to think of one person. He was a cheeky boy who had come to the Dukedom of Atreilles with the Master of the Tower.

A genius wizard with impressive mana that had overwhelmed and impressed her!

“Jeremy Wood?”

she asked, her voice rising with her astonishment. The crow nodded.

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