HCM – 23

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‘When will this curse be lifted!’

It had already been four days, and even though she exerted all her strength, Aslei’s curse did not wholly disappear. Frisia became tearful and buried her face in her pillow.

Aslei returned to his room, looking at his chest in the light. Traces of the affliction, like the image of the black sun, had remained.

Thanks to being involved with Frisia, the agony halted. However, by the lurking aura that permeated his heart, he could tell that the curse had not completely disappeared.

‘… … If the curse doesn’t go away, won’t Frisia leave me?’

He couldn’t be sure, but it was a possibility. With the help of the Archmage, the spell transformed to only having lust for Frisia. Because she had a weak heart, he thought, she would not leave him.

The person behind the curse probably assumed that he would not be able to have his wits about him if he felt pain and desire at the same time, but it was the opposite. The pain was bearable. He might have been more likely to act indiscriminately if it had been only heat and desire.

‘I can bear any pain.’

Of course, he didn’t like being in pain. He still felt a cold shudder when he recalled the moments he was tortured by the person who killed his parents and kidnapped him.

Aslei was tortured for six months before his grandfather found him. It could have been years if he hadn’t been found in time.

It was then that Aslei learned it was foolish to trust anyone other than his grandfather as it was his father’s lieutenant who had tortured him himself.

But falling in love and trust were two different things. He didn’t trust anyone and thought he would never fall in love with someone–but here he was.

‘I don’t want to let Frisia go.’

He was more fearful of the passing of time than his curse. After the days passed, soon the duration he had promised her would end.

He knew that Frisia didn’t dare say it aloud, but she rejected his heart. There was no way he couldn’t have known. She never met his eyes, avoiding his ardent gaze, and never allowed him to kiss her.

‘I know that just because we get a divorce doesn’t mean I don’t have a chance.’

But the moment they got divorced, he knew that others had a chance too. Frisia was one of the most gorgeous women in the empire.

Her enormous dowry would be solely hers after the divorce, plus, Aslei was going to pay alimony.

Since she didn’t want to return to the Duke of Atreilles’ estate, she would be a free and powerful divorcee who could marry without the Duke’s meddling.

‘Since people are generally apathetic to divorce, many will be eager to seduce her.’

Even commoners, nobility of low status, and knights would enter the competition. Even high-ranked aristocrats would not mind her.

Especially with her character, beauty, family, and vast dowry. Prior to her marriage, many had been afraid of the Atreille’s name and could not approach her. But now, the fight would be a free-for-all. Aslei was displeased.

He held insuppressible jealousy and a childish heart. He did not want to let go of her, who was now trapped in his arms.

‘Many will see the Atreille’s name, her dowry and torment Frisia.’

Aslei himself wanted to say that he was different from those people. It is true that when he accepted Duke Atreille’s proposal, he had considered family, but now it was different.

Aslei now knew Frisia. He dared to think that no one could care for her as much as he did.

‘It’s not over yet.’

A week has passed since the last month of their contract commenced, but there are still three weeks and a few days left. Aslei was determined to do his best during this time.

❁ ❁ ❁

In the first place, Frisia was not a hard-hearted person. On the contrary, she was weak towards the weak and strong against the strong. But Aslei was weak against Frisia.

‘Don’t make that face—It’s forbidden!’

Seeing his dejected, forlorn, or sheepishly timid expression naturally weakened her heart. She might have been slightly bothered if he had only shown a melancholy manner, but he acted like a puppy, following her every action. As a result, her tenacity weakened against him each time.

Moreover, there was also the dilemma that every night she had to sleep with Aslei.

Frisia hardened her resolve and prevented him from taking off his blindfold all these nights, but now, they somehow ended up sleeping together without handcuffs or shackles.

Even if she firmly told him not to, Aslei hugged Frisia tightly when he came.

She didn’t allow touch, so that’s all she tolerated. Even so, she could acutely feel Aslei’s fluttering passions and pounding fervor.

‘I can’t do this… … .’

Additionally, she was anxious because his condition seemed to worsen little by little, far from breaking the curse. At this rate, it appeared that she would not be able to leave Aslei’s side even after the period of her contract was over.

As Aslei had deduced, Frisia never thought of leaving him while still under the spell.

‘Why? Why is it getting worse!’

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