HCM – 19

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Caw… … .

It was a crow’s vocal cords, but Jeremy cleared his voice to cast a spell. The Master of the Tower sealed him in the form of a crow, but his magic did not disappear completely.

He had some magical powers, even if it was contained in a small creature. However, the amount of that mana left in his current form could not be compared to the amount he had had in his original body.

‘But this is my spell and my curse! No one knows this curse better than me!’

He was confident that he could change the jinx with just a little magic, even if his teacher had altered its shape.

Jeremy knew it was dangerous. But, if a catastrophe occurred while the two of them were together due to the spell and one of them died… … . even the goddess wouldn’t let him go.

He knew that the curse of God was crueler and merciless than that of man.

‘But… … .’

He couldn’t stand it when he saw that man look so happy. How dare you be happy with another woman while being loved by Marianne!

Even though he knew it was an antagonistic incongruity, Jeremy genuinely felt outraged. Although he wanted Aslei to marry a woman other than Marianne, he didn’t want him to be happy.

He simply wished that he would remain with his present wife and have children. Maybe then, Marianne would give up on him.

What Jeremy hoped was for Aslei to be tied to a woman he didn’t love and to have children, thus being reduced to a stereotype of what commoners had of aristocrats. Instead, Jeremy was positive that it was his nature to be a pretentious person, drunk on the authority and power of a nobleman he didn’t have.

He was the Duke of the Dukedom of Tintalion, the most powerful among the nobles!


Even though he had cleared his voice, it wasn’t easy. A crow’s voice rang out through the incantations that resembled a human voice.

That cry caught the eyes of a knight standing on the sentry.

‘What is that?’

He wasn’t the suspicious sort that thought crows brought bad luck, but he felt innately uneasy seeing the bird watching and clinging to the window sill.

Already, the Duke he served had been cursed.


It would be difficult to climb up to several floors above the Duke’s bedroom in a hurry from where he was. So… … .

Picking up a suitable stone from the floor, he infused mana into it. He was not up to the level of a Sword Master, but he was a magical-awakened man.

“Scram, you pest!”

With an extensive childhood career of chasing away birds that damaged crops under his belt, he threw the stone. Usually, he couldn’t hit quick-witted birds on the first try, but… … .


The bird was squarely hit, soundly beaten, and fell straight away.


It was a positive sign. He felt proud, thinking that he had repaid a favor as big as a fingernail to the Duke who saved his village in the past.

❁ ❁ ❁

Aslei, who had an ominous foreboding and looked at the window, then tilted his head. It was because the uncomfortable energy disappeared suddenly.

‘Didn’t I hear a crow?’

He knew that many considered corpse-eating birds to be ominous. He had seen plenty of crows on the battlefield, but it was an irrelevant creature to him.

“Ah… … .”

As he turned to Frisia and watched her trembling in his arms, that anxiety melted away like snow. Aslei gazed into her face, contemplating her expression as his arms encircled Frisia tightly.

She was so fascinatingly lovely that the dim light that barely illuminated her was regrettable. Now that he could finally hold her in his eyes, it would not be enough to stay up all night and make love.

“Frisia, may I kiss you?”

Aslei whispered. Frisia, tired of pleasure, shook her head helplessly. She had already peaked several times while enveloped in his arms.


She had never felt it yesterday. Tonight, she felt an enormous amount of elation over and over again. In Aslei’s embrace, in front of him, she had continued to be overwhelmed with the sensations of her climaxes. Although it was embarrassing and scary, her desires pried through her armour.

“We can’t?”

When Aslei asked, he poked Frisia’s insides with his penis as if he was upset. Wet syrupy insides that were already fluttering in the afterglow were now stirred and vigorously stabbed by his member, causing her to tremble wildly.

“Ah, ah, ah! Ungh… … .”

Using her moans as an excuse, Frisia did not answer. Instead, she could feel Aslei looking at her open, quivering lips with a greedy, avaricious gaze every time she made a sound.

‘I’m shy.’

She was glad that he lusted after her, even if it was only because of the curse. But she could not allow him to kiss her for fear that that joy would turn into love.

Despite the fact, they were doing far more lewd things right now, down there.

Aslei couldn’t have guessed her intentions that far and was only disappointed that Frisia didn’t accept his heart.

It was an emotion he was getting more familiar with as his love became more apparently unreciprocated.

“Will you allow me to kiss you on the cheek?”

Aslei’s pained face was too woeful for her to reject that appeal as well. But, even if she stood still, the barriers in her heart that she had painstakingly built up shuddered and crumbled; it was too much for him to make such an expression.

Weakened, eventually, Frisia nodded. As soon as her permission fell, Aslei’s lips touched her cheek.

It was hot. Enough to make her heart sink.

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  1. This Jeremy … a HATER through and through. Just because somebody has a supposedly better life than you, they shouldn’t be allowed to be happy?

    Also what kind of logic is this? Just because somevody likes me, I should be with them regardless of my feelings. That’s a slippery slope.
    Exact same excuse used in real life when people get harassed. “You should give him/her a chance, he/she likes you.” 😠 Disgusting

  2. eu concordo totalmente com a menina acima e além do mais que lógica mais sem sentido se Aslei estiver em um relacionamento sem amor, mesmo com filhos, não é provável q a tal de Marianne venha atrás dele e não desse Jeremy???

  3. Lol Jeremy so petty. Also, glad ML is a gentleman in terms of asking permission and trying his best to hold his end

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