HCM – 18

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Aslei would be tormented by his desire for the Duchess for the rest of his life. And the Duchess would be repulsed and come to hate him.

No matter how much men loved someone, if they were overwhelmed with lust, many men spent the night according to their own desires, without consideration. They figured if they had enjoyed it, the other party had enjoyed it and judged a woman’s mood according to their own.

Such was common among powerful and aristocratic men. They overlooked the fact that power, strength, handsome looks, and money could never buy a heart.

Moreover, Frisia Atreille was a ducal princess. She also had money, power, and beauty, so she would consider it well within her rights to demand to be treated well.

Their relationship was bound to collapse.

The Master of the Tower sincerely rebuked Jeremy, but he had no idea: That Jeremy hated Aslei much more than he could have imagined.

Jeremy hated nobility and hated those who had power and wealth. Even though he, himself, strived and gained wealth with his power. The suffering he experienced as a child still lingered.

It seemed his trauma would disappear, but it reared its ugly head whenever a noble stood in his way. So, he wondered what if Aslei and Frisia became unhappy as well.

The violence he suffered was due to his lack of strength. So Aslei had to suffer, too.

Likewise, as Aslei also had no power to escape his curse, he rightly deserved it.

The mansion on the Duke’s estate had large windows in each room. In particular, the Duke’s room had a lower window and an upper window.

The lower part had a curtain, but the upper window relied on the shadow of the eaves. Jeremy flew toward the upper window and sat on the window sill outside.

‘You left the lights on.’

It was midnight, so the lights were dim. But it wasn’t too difficult to see the situation in the bedroom.

‘What is that?’

Seeing the handcuffs and shackles hanging from Aslei’s arms and legs, Jeremy clicked his tongue. He could guess what they were for. It seemed that he had been tied up in case he became violent, but Aslei was already free.

Frisia’s expression was not visible from his view. She was wearing a pure white negligee, and her bare skin was exposed outside of her clothes.

It was Aslei who hugged Frisia naked and coveted her.

… … Oh, ah… … .

A suppressed moan as if withstanding some unbearable ache. The sound of the man’s heavy breathing overlapped her sob.

Aslei’s beautiful face was filled with pleasure. Blue eyes glinting with possessiveness as he watched his wife with a look that would not miss a single moment.

…… Ah!

A high-pitched cry rang, the woman in the man’s arms trembled and then collapsed. Aslei smiled contentedly as he hugged her like that.

What did you see? 

He couldn’t comprehend what was happening in front of him. There were neither the screams nor the pain Jeremy had anticipated were felt in their bedroom. He was outraged—

Even though I’m like this!

‘You motherfucker!’

He had heard that even when he was cursed, he never succumbed to the spell with great patience. Jeremy felt irritated and uneasy. His teacher was the one that had told him.

What’s special about you?

Aslei Tintalion, he thought, was just lucky enough to be born a duke. He was lucky to be born into a good family, lucky to have the qualities of a sword master, and lucky to have such a handsome face!

It didn’t matter that at a young age, his parents were murdered and that he had become a swordmaster through cut-throat training.

In this empire, it was not uncommon to lose one’s parents, and many trained to become swordmasters.

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