HCM – 17

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Surprised and ashamed, Frisia’s face turned even redder.

Aslei did not regret his actions. But if he had not witnessed her first climax with him, he would have regretted it to his last days.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t keep my promise, madam.”


His still inserted penis moved. It was bigger than before, and she could feel it stirring her insides and savoring the taste of it. At the same time, Aslei’s freed arms hugged her.

“Frisia……. is prettier than I imagined.”

“Ah, ah… … Aslei, agh!”

Aslei’s bright blue eyes pierced her with an intense stare. Because of his blatant gaze, Frisia felt so self-conscious she wanted to disappear, but she never managed to get the words ‘put on the blindfold’ out of her mouth.

She had thought the blindfold and chains were unfair. She just wanted to rebuke Aslei for this situation.

“The look you had on your face.”

The rest of the chains broke while he had been shaking his back with a grunt. Frisia was perplexed that the steel restraints had snapped so easily.

“Yesterday, I missed seeing you… …. Oh, Frisia… … .”

His strong arms held her. Gently stroking her cheek with his fingertips, Frisia was in a daze.

Wasn’t this what I was afraid of?

She hadn’t let Aslei touch her because she was afraid.

She feared fate set by the incredible power of the original work, and that she would come to like Aslei. In the novel, her character became obsessed with him, turning her into that1villainess. She was afraid of being executed for a considerable crime.

‘I’m scared.’   

The original Frisia died horribly. For the offense of attempted murder on Aslei’s new Duchess.

Even so, Frisia knew much of the original plot had irrevocably been altered but– 

‘Can I like Aslei?’

For a long time, Frisia had imagined life after she divorced him. And she hadn’t just thought about it idly; she had actively planned and prepared for it.

She had even calculated various scenarios, including the possibility of Aslei betraying her and cooperating with the Duke of Atreille.

‘If Aslei gets better and I remain as the Duchess…….’ 

Can I do that?

She feared some horrifying conspiracy would unfold, and she would be discarded.

The original story had changed a lot, but it wasn’t out of touch. Everything Marianne, the heroine, obtained in the novel she collected in this world too. The only difference was that she got her hands on it ahead of time.

So Frisia was anxious. She feared that her own scheduled death would also be hastened.

‘I didn’t do anything to deserve such an end!’

She didn’t think she was out of the woods yet. Nor did she believe that Aslei had yet escaped the long-reaching hands of the novel’s plot. 

As some things had hastened, maybe other things–like the timing of him falling in love with Marianne– had been delayed.

So Frisia could not accept his heart. Even if all the book’s plotlines were over, Aslei was not a reliable entity.

But she couldn’t help but be thrilled at how Aslei’s hand caressed her flushed cheeks while his passionate gaze pierced through her. Frisia closed her eyes and tried to deny her rising excitement.

“Oh, ah, aha haa!”

Frisia reached her peak several times in Aslei’s arms, her efforts clearly amounting to nothing.

❁ ❁ ❁

Even if his master, the Lord of the Tower, had attached surveillance, a beast was a beast. When it was late, they had fallen asleep on a tree.

Jeremy scoffed at the eagles and crept down from the branch. Then, when he deemed himself far enough, he flapped his wings and flew into the night sky.

‘I want to go see Marianne right now, but… … .’

The Duchess’s expression earlier that day had disturbed him. To be precise, it had made him uncomfortable.

Jeremy still didn’t think he had done anything wrong. He shrugged off his doubt, reckoning that the duchess’ difficulties were those experienced by all married women.

That’s nothing to fret over! When I was a kid, I had to suffer even more!

Jeremy felt his suffering, and Frisia’s pain had no cause. He saw that Frisia was born into a good family and lived without troubles, so it was alright if she had to go through some difficult things.

It was only about sleeping with her husband. After all, they had to consummate their relationship; he had only hastened it.

Even if Frisia married and hated Aslei, he thought it had nothing to do with him.

Who told you to enter a marriage like that in the first place! 

In the end, it was her choice to become his wife. After getting married, it was natural to have marital relations, so it can’t even be classified as a hardship.

‘My teacher told me to check it out, so I should take a look at it myself!’

He didn’t have a hobby of peeping but he wanted to check to see if Aslei was properly cursed. So Jeremy flew to the Duke’s mansion and groaned:

Be miserable.

Jeremy was praying to god that Aslei would be unhappy. He wielded the goddess’ power for his curse to prevent it from breaking, but it hadn’t also hinted at a great revelation.

His master had come forward and was able to turn the spell of lust towards one person: his wife, the Duchess.

And if the Duchess did not truly love Aslei, the curse would never be lifted.

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