HCM – 16

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Last night, due to the rush, she didn’t realize that this intercourse was solely to extinguish his curse. What made him wait with all his clothes off…….

‘I think it would make me feel more miserable if we did it with both of our with clothes on…….’

Aslei’s body was more beautiful than Frisia had imagined. It was strange to see his clearly defined abs showing off their presence and twitching within her reach.



Frisia was trembling violently with his penis half accepted. Aslei groaned lowly and begged her:

“I know you don’t want me to touch you. But… … Can you touch me?”

Frisia was startled by his request as if he had looked into her heart. She wanted to touch him, but she didn’t expect to be asked.

“Haa, is……. is that alright with you?”

“I would be happy with whatever you touch.”

It was Aslei’s honest feelings. Yesterday, he had been disappointed that she didn’t want to touch his body during their affair. Frisia had not touched his chest or abs even when she rode him hard.

Frisia also wanted to touch Aslei. Having already been embraced against his chest, she thought she wanted to hug him.

‘Is this really okay?’

With her heart pounding, she reached out to his lower abdomen. Aslei flinched when she placed her hand on the firm stomach that rippled slightly.

“Are you ticklish?”

“A little. But it feels good.”

Encouraged by those words, Frisia moved her hand over his abs. Her gentle, light caress made him shiver with pleasure and gulp even though his mouth suddenly went dry.

“Please be rougher with me, Frisia……. it’s agonizing… … .”

He wanted to break the chains and embrace her. The impulse that tormented him last night still haunted him.

‘I can move today.’

Yesterday, in fear that Frisia might get hurt, he did not move while she rode him on the bed. The pleasure was so intense that he felt he was soaring to the sky from the ground.

It seemed that Frisia would suffer from him moving his big one.

But today, he could sense with his body that something was different. It felt as if he was welcomed by an unusually soft inner skin that wrapped itself around him.

“Ah, ha… … .”

She barely managed to sit on his core. It felt as if she had reached his roots and bent her legs as if readying herself to move, but Aslei was faster.

“Ah! Ah, Asl, lei…… ha!”

“You’ll be less tired this way,”

Aslei said, moving his waist. Just by shaking his back slightly, his inserted cock moved incredibly.

“Ahhh, oh, oh…… Wait— uhn!”

“Wife just… … just rest.”

I’ll do the rest, Aslei whispered as he listened intently to Frisia’s voice. She didn’t want to make a sound, but her suppressed moaning breath leaked out when he stroked where she felt the most sensitive and hit the spots she felt the best.

‘Here, here, and here, too…….’

“Hgnhh, uh…….”

Frisia moaned and pressed her hand against her mouth. She was sitting on Aslei’s waist, no different than yesterday but the stimulus she felt was completely different.

‘My insides…….’

It felt like she was melting helplessly. Then, as her pleasure-swelled flesh began to strongly contract on his cock, Aslei’s pleasure grew as well.

“Hot, unn……. Ha, Frisia… … .”

Her face lit up as he called her name with an erotic groan. She felt her already hot face catch on fire, and she lost control.

“Ah! Ah… … Aslei, ah… … Ooh!”

Her insides melted in sweetness. Her core swallowed and contracted on Aslei’s penis ecstatically, sensitizing and arousing her center further.

‘Something is…….’

He had been still concerned that Frisia would get hurt, so he hadn’t moved much. Rather, it seemed like Frisia had moved more on her own yesterday. Still, it was terrific.

“Ha! Oh! Ah, ah, ah!”

Something seemed to explode inside her. A dizzying rush of passion overcame her; her head tilted back, and then she fell over Aslei.

“Ah, ah… … . Uhnn.”

Aslei also climaxed around the same time, so a sticky liquid gushed inside of her. Her face flushed at the obscene sensation.

“Haa, ah…….”

Her face was red with shame, but she was not miserable. Yesterday, she felt sad even though Aslei had cummed.

‘I feel…… good,’

Frisia thought absentmindedly as she buried her face in Aslei’s chest. She thought it felt good. She felt like she could do it again.

“Frisia… … .”

She felt a hand stroking her hair, accompanied by the rattle of chains. Frisia raised her head in astonishment and her eyes met Aslei’s.

He smiled apologetically.

“I was so excited… … I broke the chain. And took off the blindfold because I wanted to see my wife’s face.”

To be exact, he didn’t want to miss when she felt her first climax with him. He hadn’t even gotten to see it when she first accepted him, so he just wanted to see this.

She was beautiful.

She was so immersed she didn’t seem to notice that his chains had been broken or that he had taken off the blindfold with the hand he had released …… She was so lovely that he wouldn’t get tired of looking at her all day long.

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