HCM – 15

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It was night. The only difference from yesterday was that she drank potions before going to bed. She painstakingly washed her body, brought the aphrodisiac and applied it between her legs.

Aslei was also lying in bed waiting. The handcuffs and shackles on his wrists and ankles were the same as last night. Even the eyepatch that would go over his eyes.

‘No need to be nervous.’

Frisia entered the bedroom with a throbbing heart. Although, the people and the external environment had not changed, it felt like everything had changed. It was because of the confession she heard from Aslei during the day.

He was also waiting for Frisia in bed with his heart pounding and his face fluttering with an intense blush.

‘Calm down! She’s going to notice!’

His face seemed to heat up even more, even though it was only in reaction to feeling her gaze on him. Even more so when he thought about what they would do next.

How did he manage to get through yesterday? He was trembling like this!

‘I’m so nervous!’

“Do I have to wear a blindfold today? I want to see my wife.”

asked Aslei as he looked at Frisia approaching. She flinched and shook her head. He was now watching her. She was so mortified that she couldn’t even breathe deeply.


“Then, please allow me to speak.”


She thought it was too much to insist that he stay silent during the act. So Frisia couldn’t refuse, nodded, and conceded:

“Al-alright. Then…… then we’ll do it that way.”

“Thank you, madam.”

Aslei beamed at her permission. Frisia felt her face heat up, and she put the blindfold over his eyes.

It was a pity that she couldn’t see his beautiful eyes, but it would be impossible for her to move on her own and on top of him under his gaze.

‘This curse is exceptionally grave.’

It wasn’t like last night, but she could see the veins popping up on his neck and dyed a dark red. Aslei had not conveyed any signs of pain or burden to Frisia even though he must have been undergoing an incredible amount of agony. He had a great deal of patience.

‘I wish I could break the spell tonight.’

She couldn’t do this every evening. But, aside from the burden it put on her body, she was concerned about Aslei’s pain. Even if he endured with grace, it didn’t mean he wasn’t suffering.

She didn’t want a good man to be tortured.

“I will do it.”

Even if Aslei couldn’t see her through the clothe, she didn’t want to masturbate in front of him. So she had dismissed her maids, applied lube and readied herself before in the Duchess’s bedroom.

With her insides fully warmed up and loosened enough, she thought it would be okay to do it right away.

‘I can do it.’

It didn’t finish with one or two orgasms last night. Unfortunately, the curse didn’t seem to ebb, so Frisia could only do as much as she could muster. It was also apparent because Aslei’s penis did not sink.

‘Even though he had ejaculated so much.’

At the time, she had been preoccupied with her melancholy, but looking back, she thought his stamina was remarkable.


Frisia straddled Aslei, hovering over his core. She lifted her negligee, and slowly lowered herself as the unfamiliar feeling of his penis opened her narrow opening.

‘It’s still—’

It was too big and thick. Something hot, stiff and elastically buoyant penetrated her wet skin and went inside. Frisia felt more heat gathering in her face.

‘I feel weird.’

Aslei in front of her, also had his mouth slightly parted with his cheeks stained. Even though part of his face was covered with a blindfold, she noticed his flush.

She turned her eyes away from the erotic sight in shame, but then she noticed that Aslei’s chest and abdominal muscles flexed and pulled tautly. She could see his muscles twitching and his small nipples standing up.

“Haa, ahhh…… .”

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