HCM – 10

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Some called her arrogant, but most were in awe. She was the ducal princess of Atreille, and retained an elegant beauty.

It was common for high-ranking aristocrats to be overly pretentious and treat nobles of lower rank rudely.

But had never heard of such a rumor about Frisia. Jeremy harbored no ill will towards her; she just happened to be unlucky.

Because she was Aslei’s wife.

‘Well. She’s not very innocent. Her father is corrupt.’

Unlike his daughter, the Duke of Atreilles was not passive and quiet. On the contrary, although he was a member of the royal family, he resembled a wild dog and did not let go of those who harmed his children.

As there are many women chasing Aslei Tintalion, so as soon as news of their engagement spread, malicious gossip about Frisia had also just started to grow when it had suddenly stopped.

Duke Atreille was so vicious that those rumors disappeared within a day.

Jeremy vaguely wondered if she deserved it since she had a father like that. Because it seemed that there must have been one or two young children who suffered terrible things at the Duke of Atreille’s hands.

He was conscious of his insensibility and had an inkling of something that resembled shame, but that’s just how much regard Jeremy had for her.

For he had never thought about Frisia for so long before.

At first, he had only thought of putting Aslei together with another woman, but never thought of her.

He landed on the roof of the duke’s mansion as urged by the eagle. Jeremy could barely rest his wings. It was a tiresome flight.

‘Bloody duke! Why do you live so far away!’

If he wanted to see Marianne in the capital, he would have to fly that long journey again. Jeremy felt dizzy just thinking about having to go without magic and just flapping his wings.

‘Couldn’t I somehow get magic or hitch a ride on a carriage?’

These damn eagles watching him were also a problem. It wasn’t just one now but five. They kept tabs on Jeremy in case he caused trouble in his crow form.

Unlike Jeremy, the eagles were enchanted with veiling their existence. The spell made a spectator not register their presence even if they were spotted.

It was also magic that made one not think of their existence as strange unless they were attacked or came within a meter radius.

‘Bloody vultures!’

Jeremy was fed up with their threats, forced to fly back into the sky. The direction the eagles were directing him was the garden located to the south of the duke’s mansion.

In the middle of the garden, someone was sitting in a spot overlooking the fountain. He quickly recognized the beautiful woman with silver hair and blue eyes.

‘Frisia Atreille!’

She belonged to the Tintalion household now, but she was that to him.

Jeremy found her sitting on her bench, gazing blankly at the fountain, looking idle and lazy.

Look at this, when others were hard at work; the duchess was playing around happily.

In fact, Frisia was taking a break after finishing her work. But it didn’t look like that to Jeremy’s eyes.

He was an orphan of commoner stalk, and had to toil and struggle until he was noticed by the Master of the Tower and became his disciple. So, in his eyes, the children of aristocratic families like Aslei and Frisia, were nothing but contemptible.

A romance novel lay next to her. Frisia looked at the fountain with a blank face and then suddenly blinked and raised her head.

Her mind returned to her thoughtful eyes, and she picked up her book by her side. She seemed to open and read the bookmark, but she couldn’t manage to read a single page.

Snap. The book was closed and set aside.

Frisia shook her body back and forth in frustration, glancing around her. Jeremy thought it was curious, so he reproduced her behavior.

She was the Duchess, so he assumed there would be many people following her, but she was alone, and it was quiet. Perhaps she ordered the attendants not to follow her into the garden.

Jeremy turned his head to Frisia. She, too, was looking around her. Perhaps, checking to see if there was a maid approaching her without listening to her orders.

Taking off her shoes, Frisia put her legs up on the bench. Jeremy was at a loss for words as she brought up her knees and hugged her legs, looking like a little girl.

Her ankles, visible under the hem of her dress, looked slender and frail. He could see her well-maintained toenails but wasn’t as jealous as he was before.

Frisia did not shed any tears. She just stared blankly at the fountain’s steam. That was it but Jeremy felt uncomfortable for some reason, so she quickly turned his head and flew away.

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