HCM – 1

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1 Curse of lust

“How could you do something so stupid?!”

When his teacher, the Master of the Tower, sternly rebuked him, he bowed his head. He knew very well that despite his scolding, his Master would not abandon him.

“I’m sorry.”

“Why did you put such a curse on the duke! If I hadn’t been by his side, neither you nor the tower would have been safe!”

“It’s not a curse that will kill you.”

It would have been better if he kept his mouth shut and quietly nodded his head. His teacher opened his mouth and sighed. It was clear he did it because he had no awareness that he had done something terrible.

“Then, you can curse yourself and go to the streets.”

Hearing the chilly voice of his master, he fell flat on the floor. His teacher did not raise his voice when he was truly angry. Rather it would sink into calmness.

Many people didn’t know this and argued harder, but he was different. It wasn’t for a day or two that the Master of the Tower was his teacher.

“I made a mistake. Forgive your foolish disciple.”

“You idiot, you couldn’t have done this in the spur of the moment……. I don’t understand you this time. Why? Do you have a personal grievance against the duke?”

The curse his disciple cast on Duke Aslei was of lust, making the cursed one crazy with desire.

Aslei was a swordmaster and the most powerful in the empire. If he had been an ordinary man, he would have been reduced to a rapist.

As soon as he was cursed, the duke realized something was strange and suppressed it with his mental strength. And just in time, he called the Master of the Tower, who was nearby.

“…..If it’s a grievance, it’s a grudge.”

At the sight of his student muttering bitterly, the Master of the Tower clicked his tongue.

He was full of desire to whack the back of this cheeky bastard’s head until his skull was broken, but he was still his disciple. He was a child he had raised with his own hands.

“Why the hell did you do this? Then, I will judge how to punish you according to your answer.”

This was not something that could be overlooked. It is true that Aslei suppressed his curse because he was a strong man, but if he hadn’t, not only himself but also the women around him could have suffered terrible damage.

Contrary to his calm inquiry, the Master of the Tower was even thinking of taking all the magic away from his disciple.

Because he had done such a thing.

“I thought he could repress the curse because it was Duke Aslei. In addition, teacher was nearby, so you fixed the curse.”


The Master of the Tower also expected his student to have calculated to that extent because he was too smart.

He thought his student had made a plausible plan. It was natural to deal with “that” Aslei.

Aslei, the Duke, inspected the land around this time to subdue monsters. Originally, the subjugation of demons was the job of knights, but these beasts were difficult for ordinary knights to deal with.

Such opponents could be dealt with, with squadrons of knights, but there was often the problem of the loss of lives.

Not one to overlook the loss of one or two knights, Aslei fought directly because he was strong enough.

However, there was a trap among the monsters slaughtered this time.

A curse fell upon Aslei when he cut down a beast, and it exploded. He could have avoided it himself, but he couldn’t because his men were behind him.

Since he was a swordmaster, he could defend against most attacks by casting mana over his body. But this time, he couldn’t defend himself against the spell.

“Master must have not been able to completely solve the jinx. Because that curse won’t perish even if you summon a High Priest.”

It was because he crafted this spell using the power of a god. Due to this, if Aslei had committed a crime because of the spell, the goddess could have burned him to death, but he had endured it.

Because he trusted the bloody Aslei’s patience and the teacher’s ability.

“So you would have changed the focus of the jinx. The Duke of Tintalion has a wife!”

He said, looking at the teacher with burning eyes. He was still lying flat on the ground, but his gaze was like a torch.

“Yes, I adjusted the curse so that the Duke could only feel lust for his wife.”

“Making a married person desire his wife. What’s wrong with that?”

the Master of the Tower clicked his tongue in his voice, which contained his anger.

“Is the relationship between people so simple?”

At the words of the Master of the Tower, the foolish disciple shut up. the Master of the Tower recalled the flustered expression of the Duke, who was embarrassed by his words that he could not lift the curse, but he could make him only lust after one person.

He looked awkward and rather troubled. That alone told him that his relationship with his wife was not smooth.

While the Duke was unable to reply, his vassals urged him. Duchess Tintalion had no children yet, and if Aslei died because he could not overcome the curse, the dukedom would be over.

It was clear that there wasn’t anyone worthy of being his heir, so they would be divided and eventually eaten by the imperial family.

His wife’s help was needed to adjust the curse, so the Master of the Tower also had to face his wife, Frisia Tintalion.

‘The pale expression of the woman I saw then!’

Even the cold the Master of the Tower had no choice but to feel sorry for them. It was all the more so because at the time he was convinced that the person who casted the spell was his disciple.

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