SV – Prologue

Before dawn, early in the morning when everyone was asleep.

The sound of heavy shoes echoed in the luxurious gallery hall. From outside the arched window, the blue light of dawn started to flood in, illuminating the red bloodstain trail spreading from under the man’s feet.

It was a brutal trace that didn’t fit the place displaying the masterpieces of great artists.

The blood belonged to the monsters that were slain earlier at a gate. The man calmly climbed the stairs and stood in front of the master bedroom on the second floor. His dark red eyes staring at the doorknob slowly lost focus. Standing in front of the bedroom was more arduous and painful than standing in front of a gate full of demons.

Just before opening the door, he took off his blood-soaked leather gloves and dropped them to the floor.

He opened the door and ruffled his sweat-drenched hair with a weary expression. After just one step. The scent that filled the bedroom drove him crazy.

He’s at his limit.

As his berserk frenzy started from the amount of energy he had used up from before, his body began to heat up and he started to suffocate. The wave of energy that rippled from his feet was unusual.

Perhaps this time he was going to die of madness, but he smiled contentedly.

He took off his jacket and dropped it on the floor, staggering towards the bed. There was a woman in the bed who had fallen asleep defenselessly without knowing that he had arrived.

Jurgen looked down at the sleeping woman’s gentle face and took off all the rest of his clothes. The cool air hit his feverish skin. But even the icy air of midwinter could not cool him down.


He climbed onto the bed, calling her girl’s name affectionately. Then, as if talking about her sleep, she tossed and turned her body in his direction.

Lying down, Jurgen clasped Dahlia’s chin and called her name once more.

“Dahlia Axel Edelred.”

Her eyelashes, which had been heavily closed, were lifted slowly.

“Jurgen… ?”

He grinned and gently stroked her cheek with the surface of his fingernails.

“I need guiding.”

“… Did you go to the gate again?”

“Yes. Just arrived through the portal.”

The man’s voice began to crack harshly. As if the runaway was about to start, his head was slowly turning white.

Dahlia glared at him as he smiled slyly and placed her hand on his firm shoulder. Hot. It was much hotter than usual. Moreover, just by touching her hand, her power was absorbed into him and began to escape.

Did he drain his energy that much?

Knowing the dangers of falling into a frenzied runaway and exploding?

“I told you if you are going to overwork yourself like this, that I would never guide you again. Go somewhere else. You have enough power for it.”

Jurgen licked his dry lips at the cold rejection, descending and kneeling at her feet.

“You are my guide.”

Contrary to his relaxed tone, his eyes were watching her like a starving predator.

He was a man who captured attention everywhere he went. He was bewitchingly handsome in spite of the state of being drenched in madness.

Red-ruby eyes with black shiny hair that proved the ancestry of Archduke Edelred. 

His disrobed, defined cleaved muscular body was beneath her feet. Narrowing into an inverted triangle below his broad shoulders.

Such a respected man under me.

Biting her lip, Dahlia rose and violently pressed her foot against his genitals, which had been shiny with precum fluid. Then he narrowed his fine brow and let out a murky groan.

“Dahlia, please.”

“I don’t want to.”

“I need some guiding, Dahlia.”

After a painful plea, she tore her feet off his cock. Then he grabbed her ankle and pressed his lips against her white instep.

Leaving a tooth mark on her pale pink ankle, he came up kissing her shin and licked her knee.

Every time his hot lips pressed against her skin, her toes curled. It had only been a few touches of his lips, but the speed at which her power drained was unusual. But she still didn’t guide him. Because their matching is perfect, she couldn’t stop the natural transmission of power.

He stuck out his tongue and gnawed at the white flesh on the inside of her thigh. Surprised, her heart pounded and fluttered rapidly.

“Don’t be cruel.”

A low voice echoed from the inside of her thigh. Dahlia took a deep shaky breath.

Jurgen untied the silk robe she was wearing. Then, he pressed his lips to her thin underwear. Her soft skin could be felt through the fabric because she had little hair.

As he moved his tongue along the thick crevice, a sweet scent quickly rose from her body.

It was a seductive scent that only the greatest of guides, “Liberty,” could give off. He grabbed the wet underwear with both hands and tore it apart.

Her eyes flinched and startled, piercing precisely into his eyes.

The terribly beautiful Dahlia Axel Edelred.

Her skin glowed like pearl powder, and her rosy, honey-colored hair. Her ears are red with transparent eyes resembling a forest lake. Was she embarrassed? She grew red as paint.

“Then, let’s get a divorce. You promised.”

Jurgen’s lips curled up languidly at her rebellious words. 

Fortunately, he was recovering from his dangerous state by just touching her, and his focus was slowly returning.

“It’s a pity, I lost my family seal.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“So I authorized the craving for a new one, so wait.”

After his nonchalant reply, he bent forward and bit her pale breasts with his lips. Then he opened her knees and put his hand into the gap that had been wet before. His hand slid into the slippery crevice soaked with love juice. He caressed her chubby clitoris as if to tickle it, then gently lowered his hand and pushed it deep into the vaginal opening.


Dahlia’s waist trembled, startled by the foreign body. Then he rolled her nipples with his tongue. She gripped the nape of his neck, and wrapped his body around with her legs.

His genitals moistened with his erotic fluid rubbed against the waist, and the finger squeezing in her vaginal opening suddenly increased to two.

Reluctantly, Dahlia rubbed the sheet with her toes, and eventually grabbed his hair as hard as she could. His unresolved desires boiled over into his eyes, and flowed into her.

“Really… . I’m so annoyed at you.”

Dahlia shut her eyes tightly and swallowed his lips. Hot tongues intertwined with lips that cling to each other as if waiting, and a remarkably high-purity energy surged into him.

It was terribly sweet and powerful.

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