DVS [36]

As planned, both Carr and Senia made their way to the Lord’s mansion the next day. Tess was already waiting for them at the main gate as he had too decided to meet the Lord.

Senia asked the gatekeeper to let them through to meet the Lord. At first, the guard was stunned but eventually let them pass. They walked past through the large garden and Senia glanced at Tess.

“Where did you end up sleep last night, Tess?” 

“Oh, I met a pretty good client and was offered a place to stay last night. I also made a lot of money,” Tess put his thumb and index finger together, making a coin shape, and laughed.

“I’m going to sleep over there from today. I didn’t manage to see Senia’s face this morning, but it seemed that your energy is running out.”

“Hahaha…” Senia let out a burst of faint laughter – embarrassed about the sudden deduction. 

She was worried about the future as today and tomorrow she would schedule sex with Carr after treating all the patients.

Senia and Carr thought at the same time they should pay more attention than usual to avoid being caught.

Their conversation ended there as they were guided to the parlour of the mansion and was able to meet the Lord.

“Pleasure to meet you, travellers. I’m Count Belmont, Lord of Serendipirel.”

Belmont was a middle-aged man with an unfathomable look. He had a pair of brown eyes and neatly combed brown hair. There were no wrinkles on his face which made him look quite young for his age. 

The three joined the lord to sit around the table and Carr explained their intention to meet the Lord. He didn’t hold back as he explained the situation of the patients that Senia treated yesterday. He said how half of them were injured because of the examination and the rest could have been cured if they could get the medicine from the Lord.

For those that knew about the circumstances, Carr’s words were no different from provocation and threat. However, Senia did not change her expression during the whole conversation.

“It’s only by God’s guidance that I ended up travelling to this place, at this time. I’m glad that I’m able to help people,” She said gently while looking at the Lord’s eyes.

“You’re as kind as your face. So, what’s your business here? If you need my help…?”

“Yes. I heard Serendipirel has a system called exam,” Senia continued to talk calmly which was very different to Carr. 

“I want you to show me the official documents related to the test. Since the possession of a large number of monsters is prohibited by law from the royal family. I would like to see the official seal permission and regulations.”

Carr raised his brow, surprised that Senia decided to ask for the official documentation. He thought that she would ask for the system to be abolished or that asked for the medicines to be released to the people.

“Umm…” Belmont frowned slightly at the request.

In this land, the royal family and the church were at odds. Despite that, the royal family did not violate the freedom of religion and the religion did not violate the rules that were established by the royal family. Everyone knew that the two had a delicate tug-of-war to protect their authority and power.

If Senia asserts her authority and Belmont had completed all the formal procedures, her request could be an attack on the royal family’s power. 

However, anyone could request to see the seal approval to see the legitimacy of the paper. It had nothing to do with her status as a saint, so there won’t be any backlash with her request.

“Fetch the paperwork for me,” Belmont groaned, a little bewildered as he ordered his aide behind him.

The aide, a middle-aged knight with blond air, nodded his head before moving to get the certificate. From the looks of it, the knight seems to be Belmont’s most trusted confidant as he was the only one that stayed by the lord’s side during the meeting.

Once the certification was presented, Senia started to read them. There was a very heavy silence lingered the room before it was finally broken by Belmont.

“If you had stopped by yesterday, I would have prepared a room for you. It’s quite unfortunate. Where did you sleep last night?”

“We were taken care of by Faber and Moz in their place.”

“Ah, you mean the noisy couple. I heard that his wounds have healed because of the saint, he might come back to take the test again then.”

“Right. In my position, I want to stop it,” Senia put down the papers lightly, “The use of mercenaries is allowed, and the exams already paid by the royal guarantees. I don’t think there’s anything for the church to do.”

“Yes, you’re quick to understand. Then, do you have other requests? I’ll gladly lend you a boat since you are a saint.”

“No, not a ship…. I would like you to allow the treatment that will be done until tomorrow.”

“The miracle? Do as you please,” Belmont smirked slightly as he opened his arms as if he were being generous.

With her request granted, Senia didn’t speak any more until the moment they left the Lord’s manor. Carr glanced at her curiously – wondering why she didn’t request other things but decided to trust her judgement and quietly followed her. He didn’t have the power to ask her directly anyway.

“What’s Senia going to do now?”

“Well… I’m going to take a little break before returning to the ward. What about you, Tess?”

“I will look around the city and can I borrow Carr?”

“Pardon?” Senia opened her eyes and looked between the two men shocked. She knew that the two were not on good terms and she could tell that even Carr was surprised by the question. And from his expression, she could tell that he didn’t like it one bit.

“I refuse.”

“Wow, you don’t even pretend to think about the question, do you?”

Carr just pulled Tess’s hand off his shoulder, not even answering Tess verbally. However, the other man wasn’t deterred and wrapped his hand around Carr’s shoulder and leaned in.

“If you refuse again, I will tell Senia that you decided to go to a brothel with me,” Tess whispered.

Carr frowned at the sudden threat and knew that Senia would believe him if he shook his head, but he didn’t want to make any room for misunderstanding between them. And as if reading Carr’s mind, Tess smiled joyfully and patted Carr’s back.

“I’m joking! Hahahaha, anyway, I need to talk to him, so I will need to borrow him for a second, Senia.”

“Yes…. I don’t mind if Sir Carr is not troubled with it.”

Carr gave a small nod to Senia and only then did she leave the two alone. And as soon as the pure white robe disappeared, Carr kicked Tess’s shin.


“Just tell me what it is and don’t pretend that we are close.”

“Geez…. Seriously… how could be like this. Wouldn’t it be better for Senia to see you as a sociable man than a recluse loner?”

“There no such thing as sociable in my book when I always been chased around by people even before I was old enough to understand about the world. Whatever is your reason, I don’t want to get involved with you.”

“Hahahaha. You’re so cold-hearted, geez. You know, I’m pretty soft-hearted to loner nomads like you,” Tess stretched his legs – all relaxed before he looked around making sure they were alone.

“Well, you see – you will have to take part in the test.”

For a moment, Carr doubted his ears but looked at Tess’s expression and groaned.

“You see, my specialty is brainwashing and necromancy, but I can’t use necromancy in a place where there is a saint. Brainwashing monsters is a not difficult task unlike when used against humans. So, I want to use the lord’s monster to clean you up.”

“….then did you think I will just nod my head and do it?”

“Ah, no way.” Tess shook his hand. 

“If you don’t participate in the test, you won’t be able to beat the most dangerous monster the lord owns. Someone else might be able to do that but it will certainly cause a lot of damage.”

“W-What… What do you mean by defeating the most dangerous monster? What are you talking about?”

“I slept at his manor last night. I sold information about Senia, coaxed the lord a little bit, and got to see his collection of monsters in the basement.”

As he continued to talk, Tess’s eyes sparkled happily. 

“I managed to brainwash the most dangerous one down there. Do you want to know what it is?”

Carr hesitated as he looked at Tess. He didn’t want to hear it, but he felt like he needed to. Tess’s confident expression seemed to be related to the monster and for a moment he could tell what it was.

“It’s Drake. Isn’t that amazing?”

“….the monster of a monster.”

Drake was a different breed from a dragon, as it was a subspecies of a dragon. They don’t have strong magical power or higher intelligence like dragons, even the drake’s magic was only focused on turning their mana to fire or poison. On top of that, drake prayed on humans. That was also the distinction between monsters and magical beasts, like dragons and unicorns. The monster had lived to anger the Gods that they couldn’t perform any miracle.

“Hahaha. When I first saw it, I doubted my own eyes. I think there was a hunter as capable as you are among the lord’s men. Oh, have you ever fought with a drake before?”

“….yes, only once.”

Even after that fight was over, he had wandered around on his own – unable to forget the memory of the fight. A dangerous monster with a flying ability that has wide range magic If that kind of monster was to be released in the middle of the city….He can only imagine the disaster it can bring forth.

Even if Senia able to handle the monster as quickly as possible, it would have caused too much damage.

“Don’t make such a face. I don’t mean to use the Darke against you. It is the lord’s last meant of defence.”

“So, in short, if I don’t want to see the Drake release, you are telling me to take the test and die?”

“Yes! That’s right! Well… it will be the best if you die, but that depends on your skill so I can’t help it. If you were ordered to die, you would rather choose to release the Drake, right?”

Carr gave a nod at the question. He didn’t want to burden Senia but at the same time, he wanted to refrain from dying himself. He let out a frustrated sigh and scratched his head.

“Let me ask you two questions.”


“Why are you making me do this? If you already brainwashed the drake, you could get him out there and kill me.”

“Of course, I don’t want to make Senia doubt me,” Tess answered smiling, “I still want to be seen as a good person, so isn’t the best scenario to send you there and let you die by yourself?”

“….I see.”

From Tess’s point of view, the whole situation was no different from a practical joke at this point. If it worked out that’s good, but if it didn’t work then he wouldn’t push it anymore. He just saw it as if the universe were on his side – there was already a well-equipped stage, so it would be a loss if he didn’t use it to the fullest.

“And your second question?”

“Was it you who sent the monsters to the northern city?”

“Ah! Yes, that was me!” Tess gave a loud exclamation as if he had just recalled about the incident that he had forgotten, “That’s where I found out about you two. You don’t have any mana, so Senia changes your eyes, right?”

“Yes,” Carr let out a sigh, giving in to the situation, “….I will participate in the exam. Apply as you please.”

“As expected of a friend!”

“I’m warning you…” Carr growled, kicking Tess down to the ground, “You’d better not act all friendly with me when she is not around. I have no reason to tolerate you.”

Tess groaned in pain as he laid down on the ground – this time feeling Carr’s warning with his body instead of just listening to them.

The rest of the day passed peacefully enough. Tess only returned to find Carr in the evening to inform him about the test scheduled the next day before he left the mercenary alone. Other than that, everything went smoothly with the patients’ treatment and as scheduled around dawn Senia joined Carr in her bed to restore her power.

“Euuunnmph….” Senia bit her lower lips, trying to stop her moans from escaping as her body was being handled by Carr expertly. Her body jolted – following the stimulation that Carr gave, as she clung to Carr’s shoulder.

The sun was about to rise and yet they didn’t have any intention of letting go of each other. Carr had thrust his cock as fast as he could – even though he had pushed Senia to the edge many times and had reached his orgasm, he was still hard and wanting more. Carr groaned – running his fingers along her sensitive body, raking his nail on her back.

“Aaahhhhhh….!” Senia moaned loudly when she reached her climax again and this time Carr followed suit. He thrust his cock as deep as he could, spilling himself deep inside her – filling her with his spunk all over again.

“S-Sir Carr….” Senia’s voice was hoarse from hours of moaning, “…it’s okay to let go now…?!”

Senia let out an embarrassing yelp as she watched Carr’s hand, which had been caressing her backside, carefully lifted her silver hair and placed a soft kiss at the tip of her nose. Her face heated up at the gesture and she buried her face in her hands.

‘Why am I so embarrassed?’


Carr looked at Senia curiously while still holding the strands of her hair delicately. He enjoyed caressing her back when his fingers got tangled with the silver hair. Somehow the colour looked pure and seem transparent when struck by the morning light – almost like dew. He thought they were very lovely and amazing.

“I-It’s…. nothing…”

Carr gently pushed Senia against the pillow before he untangled himself from her, taking extra care as he pulled out of her slowly. He got off from the bed and picked up his clothes from the chair while his mind drifted to other things – amongst them was Tess’s words from earlier.

‘Tomorrow at 3:00 pm. You can check the opponent yourself.’

He couldn’t help but sigh as he remembered what was waiting for him that day. He had no intention of dying but he was determined to lose something. He could lose his eyes like Faber which meant he wouldn’t be able to see Senia’s face or smile ever again.

“Sir Carr? Do you have any concerns?” Senia, who finished dressing, spoke to him when she noticed his conflicting expression.

Carr looked back at her, finding her face tilted to the side while her blue eyes filled with questions. He pondered for a moment and shook his head.

“Then….” Senia hesitated for a moment before she looked at Carr properly, “…this is only my guess. If I’m wrong, I will be relieved, so please answer honestly, Sir Carr.”

However, before Carr could react, Senia already continued.

“Are you taking the test?”

His expression immediately froze. He wanted to ask how she could know about the situation – she didn’t overhear his conversation with Tess because she did say this was her guest. His confusion and refusal to immediately deny it was enough of an answer for Senia.

“Is sir Carr confident with the test?” Senia asked calmly, keeping her gaze on Carr.

He didn’t expect that question and for a moment he hesitated. Staring at her blue eyes that visibly clearer than rest was enough to make him honest with his answer. He shook his head.

If it’s not because of the curse and contract, he would have told her everything if only. He didn’t want to lie toward her for no reason.

Senia smiled a little embarrassed when she saw his answer. He didn’t know what to take her expression meant.

“Right. I’d like for Sir Carr to trust on your skills…” Senia said quietly, her expression turned into something sombre.


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