DVS [35]

Soon, the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs and the voices of his guest could be heard.

“Well, Senia. I’m going to make some money.”

“Oh? How?”

“Wandering around had made me learn many things. Street performances, fortune telling, those kinds of things.”

“Then, don’t overdo it.” 

“Yes, and as I said earlier, I will know the schedule for tomorrow,” Tess waved his hand lightly and left the house first.

Senia and Carr soon followed down the stairs. He didn’t think that Tess would make money from doing street performances, but he couldn’t confirm the truth and for now, it wasn’t his problem.

“Saint, if you don’t mind…” Faber, who had been waiting for the two, called both Senia and Carr gently ready to ask her for help.

“Ah, Sir Faber. Can I ask you a favour?”

“Oh, y-yes… tell me anything,”

Senia smiled softly as she made her way to the living room intending to ask a favour just like what Faber was going to do.

“Can you please gather all the sick and injured in Serendipirel? I may not be able to treat all of them today at once due to my lack of divinity, so it will take me some time to make sure that there are no people left injured.”

“W-Will you really be able to do that?”

“Yes, if I am the one to gather them myself, it won’t work, so I ask Faber to do this.”

“Of course, I will handle your request in earnest.”

There were so many people injured due to the ‘test’ on the other hand there were those who were sick for quite some time because they couldn’t afford the medicines from the Lord.

Faber nodded his head eagerly before he asks about his appeal.

“Saint, I would like to ask Sir Carr to do a test-related request and I wonder if you can allow me to ask that? It would be of great help for us if he could reduce the dangerous monster even a little bit.”

Both Faber and Carr thought that Senia would accept it, after all, she had shown how much she is willing to help others without reserve. However, Senia smiled bitterly at the other man.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t allow that. I don’t think it would be wise to put Sir Carr in danger like that if those monsters are still under the Lord’s control.”

“Well, that’s…”

“If I have enough power, I can handle the monsters myself too. But for now, my focus is to treat the people in the city, so please wait a little longer.”

Senia’s face was kind and honest as she explained everything to Faber, but her voice was full of conviction. She knew that at the end of the day she would have to meet the Lord and take a test to get permission to be able to use the ship anyway.

Faber did not push any further or complain about the current situation, after all, Senia already set aside her original plan to cross the river right away to heal the people. That should be enough to make him feel grateful towards her.

“Then, I will build a temporary ward on a vacant lot and gather the patients. I’ll send someone once everything is ready, so please stay here and rest.”

Faber was a man with great influence in the city and have a close relationship with the previous Lord. He also was a successful trader who had to gain recognition because of his conduct and had spent his wealth on solving the villagers’ problems. Many of the villagers had relied on Faber when the new Lord decided to establish the examination system. Hence, why it was not hard for him to prepare everything for the saint.

Once Faber and Moz left the house to prepare the ward, Carr was alone with Senia for the first time since Tess had joined them. Senia, who noticed the situation, couldn’t help but let out a small giggle before she glanced at Carr.

“Shall we take a break just like what Faber suggested? Ah! Moz gave me some nice tea leaves earlier. I’ll change my clothes and make some tea for the two of us to enjoy.”

Carr nodded his head at the suggestion and watched as Senia went back upstairs while she hums happily. He did not follow her and calmly watched her back and noticed that the casual blue dress she was wearing fluttering like a fairy wing.

He felt a little disappointed that she’s going to change but he knew that the priest’s uniform was like armour for Senia. He had joked once to himself that the uniform was not just for identification but for Senia not to forget who she was and her goal.

“……she’s really stubborn,” Carr murmured as he sat down on the sofa. 

He tilted his head back slightly, thinking about Senia’s refusal to let him join the examination. At first, he was heartbroken because he thought that Senia didn’t trust his skills to come out of the test safely but now that he thought about it the more grateful, he felt. A soft chuckle came out of his mouth.

30 minutes have passed and Senia still hadn’t returned from upstairs. There was no reason for her to take so long if she just planned to change her clothes. Feeling curious, Carr got up from the sofa and made his way to Senia’s room.

The door to her room was shut tightly and Carr lightly knocked on it. A few seconds later, Senia’s head was seen between the now opened door and he noticed that she was still wearing the blue dress from earlier.

“Oh…. I-I’m sorry. I took a long time, didn’t I?” She asked with a slight flush on her cheeks.

Carr shook his head in relief, satisfied that she was unharmed and turned around to leave Senia to finish changing when his shirt was hurriedly pulled back.

“S-Sir Carr!”


Carr turned around slightly looking at Senia who was bowing her head and avoiding his eyes.

“P-Please wait a minute…. Can you help me for a moment?” She asked – stammering as if she had committed a grave sin.

Carr raised his brow when he noticed that her blue eyes were glassy and somewhat looked desperate. He could never say no when she makes that face and as expected of Carr, he nodded without hesitation and entered the room.

“Actually, I have a problem with this….” Senia, who hesitated, turned around – showing her back and lifted her hair.

Carr flinched at the sight of the pale nape and shoulder before him. He tried to calm himself down before finally looking at what causes the problem – a tangled knot at the top button of the dress.

“I couldn’t mess with the dress as I borrowed it, so I tried to undo the knot myself… but it seems I can’t do it alone. My arm was about to go numb,” Senia said almost whining.

Carr looked at the tangled knot and deciding to cut it then sew it back later, but clearly, Senia didn’t want that to happen, so he reached out silently and began to unravel the knot carefully.

Senia shivered the moment Carr’s warm fingers brushed against her sensitive skin. She mumbled a quiet thank you as Carr started to work. It was neither easy nor fast and for the next few minutes, she could only hear their breathing and the sound of the thread being untangled.

Carr was able to untangle the thread smoothly, but for Senia, who could not see behind, was in constant suspense – not because it was hard for her to stand for a long time, but because having Carr’s fingers touch her neck skin was unbearable.

Every touch from Carr’s hot fingers threatened to stop her heart from beating against her wishes. They stood close to each other that she could feel Carr’s breathe fanning her back sending a shiver to her spine. Her face heats up with the unimaginable things her mind was starting to conjure. It was frustrating that she didn’t know why her body and heart were reacting like this.

Carr, who finally managed to untie the last thread, did not let go immediately. He let his eyes travelled along her spine and slowly trail up to her pale nape. He noticed how her shoulders were hunch stiffly. When he tilted his head to observe her, he could see how her face was flaming red and her eyes were closed tightly.


Carr, who was thinking about what he should do, continued to untangle the last button. Senia quickly realized that Carr was done with the thread noticed that something much hotter than his fingers had touched her nape.

A sudden wet kiss that followed with a slight lick along her delicate neck caused Senia to jump slightly. Carr carefully trails his tongue along the column of her milky nape to the shape lining her shoulder before going back up and gently nipping the skin behind her ear.

“S-Sir Carr…?!” Senia gasped as Carr’s fingers continue to undress her.

There was no answer from Carr instead, his hands slowly slipped underneath the dress and touch her bare skin. He was careful and gentle as he caresses Senia’s pale skin. It makes Senia delirious as she shut her mouth tight to stop a moan from escaping, she melted into his touches as she submitted to Carr’s continues to attempt to set the mood.

He wrapped his calloused hand around Senia’s fragile body as he cupped her dainty breast – squeezed them harder than usual which earned a lewd moan in contrast to the prim and proper priest she always portrays. His other hand trailed downward, pulling her waist against his hard erection that gingerly pressed against the swell of her bottoms. She can feel how hard he was that not even the trousers can hide.


Senia’s body heated up quickly as Carr’s fingers played with her nipple like a fiddle – making the sensitive hard bud twitches more with longing in response to her needs. She moans louder, arching her back more to feel his hard arousal. He pulls her nipple in an answer as his other hand rubbed her hips through the dress.

“Eunngh… Ah…!” Senia bucked her hips when Carr flicked the tip of his nails against her now sensitive nipple while she spread her legs slightly apart unbeknownst to her.

Her being melted against Carr’s strong arms. She watches how Carr lifted her skirt revealing more of her creamy skin free of blemish, she anticipated him to touch her more softly just like how he touches her every time they make love – all gently and light. 

Carr always does this; his hand gradually touch her inner thigh affectionately. His fingers edging close to her wet opening – that which only flimsy underwear was separating them.

“Y-Yess….aahhhnnn…” Senia moaned.

She tilted her head backwards as Carr played with her nipple like a pro as if he had been doing this all his life. The stimulation made her nether regions wet and her legs bucked to the sensation which eventually traps Carr’s hand in between to catch her from falling.

It wasn’t nearly satisfying. Carr’s touches were stimulating but it only made her craved for more. She wanted his finger to thrust deep inside where she needed it most. It’s as if he was not rubbing enough, not stimulating enough. She wants more. More. More. More.

He strung her sensitive clit like a musician playing his love instrument in his rhythm. It was torture for her as Carr did not touch her hard enough, it was so gentle and fleeting that she can’t help but push herself to his hands. She needed it. She is craving for it.

She turned her head to the side – looking at Carr with glassy doe eyes. At the sight, Carr couldn’t help but let out a low chuckle seeing how he had reduced her to this mess with just a few strokes of light caresses. She looked even more lovely in his eyes that he can’t help but tease her more driving her more to her carnal desires.

To Senia just looking at Carr’s face, she can’t help but notice her heartbeat thumping loudly against her chest. It beats so loudly as if it’s about to explode when she sees the faint smile on his face.


She wanted to whine and complained toward Carr. It was cruel of him to laugh while she was this desperate.


The moment Senia opened her mouth to complain, Carr, lean down and slide his slippery tongue inside her – as he entangled her into a deep-life-sucking kiss. The kiss was neither sweet nor soft, it was raw passion brimming to the edges of insanity. It didn’t help to ease the tension that she was feeling but to trigger something she was familiar with inside her.

She is getting lost. There is nowhere to hide, that much she is aware of. One more and she’ll fall to this abyss of emotion that she still cannot name. So, help me, Lord. 

Carr’s hands that had been rubbing her removed the flimsy wet underwear to the side and slide his long-calloused finger between her lovely petals – he finally touches her tender treasure inside. He has this pride that only he can touch this woman, that he is her first, that she submitted herself to him without any second thought.


Senia’s moan was easily swallowed by Carr’s ardent kisses. He maintains the constant rhythm of thrusting his finger slowly. Senia pulled back, gasping for air as Carr slides a second finger to stretch her more. The sensation is killing her as she breathlessly speaks to him in between their kisses.

“A-Ah…. S-Stop…. C-Carr…. Ahhh…!”

An obscene sound can be heard between her legs. A slopping sound from the rubbing of raw flesh and slippery fluids gushing out of her. He continued to thrust his fingers inside her. Her moans are getting louder. Head tilted back as she reaches the peak of her orgasm with his relentless ministrations.

He didn’t stop his assault. He continued to drag her orgasm to overstimulation. Her body was trembling. Carr watched the changing expression in her lovely face. He moves his thumb to rub it against the sensitive clit, adding more excitement, more provocation to the wanton woman.

“S-Stop…. C-Can’t….Ahhh!” Senia bucked her hips to press the sensitive nub, she pressed herself more to Carr’s fingers. Lewd sounds can be heard when he pulls in and out. 

Carr, however, didn’t stop no matter how much Senia begged him to. He thrust a third finger, stretching her more as he continues to fuck her with his thick fingers, her clit rubbing against the base of her palm. He can feel she was near. He can feel her move her hips trying to reach its endless pursuits.

When she reached her second orgasm, she can’t help but wonder if it was just as strong as her first time. Her body trembled against his body. Only then did Carr pull out – fingers which are fully covered with her slick juices. As if he also reaches his limit, he pulled down his pants with gusto.

Senia raised one of her legs, which was quickly supported by Carr. He rubbed the tip of his hard manhood between her wet labia several times. And every time, the bulbous head rubbed against her hypersensitive clit, he can’t help but feel her labia opened more to welcome him. Senia moaned loudly and her body trembled into anticipation.

The slippery hole was perpetually coating their raw flesh with unreserve wetness. It twitches excitedly as it covers Carr’s slick rod with ceaseless juices. It only made Carr rubbed unto her more smoothly. However, the act only made her ache even more. She wanted him to thrust deep inside her, to fill her to the brim.

“Ah…. C-Car…. Please… n-no more…. Teasing…” She whimpered as her waist shook lightly, pushing down against the mushroom cockhead, eagerly wanting him to slip inside her.

Fortunately for her, Carr too was at the end of his limit. He growled as he wrapped his other hand around Senia’s waist, holding her still as he thrust his cock fully deep inside her.

“Aaahhhhhh……!” Senia moaned loudly, but it sounded more like a scream, as her toe curled to satisfaction because of the fullness she felt.

Her vaginal walls tightened around his cock, strangling him. All she could focus on was how Carr’s cock twitched inside her as if making known its presence. She was stretched to the limit just so she can fit him fully.

Senia bowed her head slightly, inhaling deeply as if the air was knocked out of her lungs. She basked and got dizzy at the unfathomable sensation that she would never get used to. EVER. She liked this moment of bliss when Carr was buried deep inside her. 

She knew that sex itself was just a way for her to restore her divinity, but she can’t help but think that it is more than just the act of becoming one. When Carr started to move – fucking her relentlessly, her head became giddy with pleasure. It was intoxicating and overwhelming that she couldn’t think straight.

Carr’s unyielding thrust was getting deeper and harder. It was when Senia feel more connected with Carr in more ways than one. It was perfect and Senia didn’t want it to stop.

“Yesss…… Ahhh…!” Senia moaned loudly as Carr started to move faster.

Perhaps it was because Carr had known her body so well. That every time Carr thrust deep inside, his tip always managed to lodge itself to that pleasure spot deep inside her crevices. 

Senia moans and moans to her newfound glory. Every time he found the sweet spot, her body trembled in pleasure. It was not a surprise that she reached another frenzied state in the short amount of time as he thrust into her. And just like earlier, Carr didn’t stop his movement nor give her any room to breathe and bask in the afterglow. He pursues the relentless assault watching as her face morphed to a salacious expression that only he knows.

Every time he pulled out; obscene sounds could be heard repeatedly. The room was filled with the echoes of their moans, the raw skin slapping against each other was racy and vulgar. Carr leaned down, trailing wet kisses along Senia’s pale neck, biting lightly that pushed her to another orgasm. Her walls tightened choking his cock. It causes him to groan in pleasure as he continued to screw her ferociously.

Even though he was chasing his pleasure, Carr made sure that Senia’s desires were fulfilled. He tried to hold back his orgasm as much as he can. He wants to make sure that Senia was contented. He pressed his lips against her neck as his hand that wrapped around her waist, edged down to touch her sensitive clit.

She moaned out loudly; her narrow walls squeezing Carr to the edge. He groaned into her skin his movements became more erratic and desperate. He is closeAlmost there…His violent ejaculation sends him to this piece of heaven in his arms. He held her close as he came deep inside her – pushing her to the brink of another orgasm. 

Carr trailed his kisses to Senia’s jaw and neck as he slowly pulled out, leaving her empty except for his seeds that slowly trickle out of her. He had come so much that she couldn’t contain it. She whimpered and trembled slightly as the lingering feeling from her last orgasm could still be felt that had her legs buckled up. Carr slowly put her legs down to aid her stand but still had his hand banded around her waist to support her as she leaned against the wall in front of her.

They had spent more than an hour having pure unadulterated sex. Senia was going to stay up for the rest of the night without complaining. Actually, it had been a long time since they managed to have sex and alone time for themselves – and perhaps it was because of Tess that Carr had lost control and kept his desires in check. He had been frustrated for not being able to touch Senia.

Carr was just glad that Senia didn’t seem angry, after all, she had tried to stop him at first but had begged for him to continue and not to tease her anymore afterwards. He breathed out a relieved sigh and started to arrange his clothes before he went to Senia, who was still standing blankly and silently against the wall.

With her dress still half-peeled and her eyes hazy, Carr wasn’t sure if she still basking at the taste of the afterglow or her mind was busy wandering somewhere else. He carefully cupped her chin, tilted her head backward and waved his other hand slowly in front of her.

“Ah…” Senia blinked few times, her blue eyes slowly cleared up as she focused on him, “…Sir Carr… I know this is very rude of me to ask …. But…”


“In…. the middle of the… act… can you…” Senia looked down to the floor, embarrassed about what she was about to ask of him, and her voice had trailed off that Carr would have a hard time listening in if there were other people in the room.

“….can you kiss me?”


Carr titled his head, not sure why Senia asked him that. It was a favour that he didn’t expect Senia to ask from him and she just wanted to hide inside a hole or let the ground swallow her up when Carr didn’t respond to her request immediately.

However, contrary to what Senia thought, Carr didn’t mind her selfish request. He lightly raised Senia’s chin again and leaned down – capturing Senia’s lips into a more languid soft kiss.

“Oh…” Senia, who was surprised by the kiss, soon closed her eyes, and savoured every moment of it.

It was different from earlier; this kiss was gentle and deep. It was like being lost and coming back home. It was deep like the silent lake that knows no bounds. The kiss washes Senia’s doubts and concerns like snowflakes melting in her palms. Carr pulled back slowly, caressing her chin with his thumb, smiling gently at Senia’s soft expression. The sight of his face was enough to make Senia let out a small chuckle.

“Thank you.” She mumbled quietly, “I have recovered my power and I’m sure it will last from evening until dawn.”

‘….you going to treat the patients until dawn?’

“I’m also planning to treat people until tomorrow, so at dawn…. If you are willing…”

Carr let out a low groan noticing what she was asking of him. It was good that he would have another opportunity to have Senia in his arms again, but he hated that Senia was going to tire herself out just to treat people. In a sense, she just going from having sex, to heal people, then sex and then heal people again without rest. That was too much, and he wanted to tell her she was overdoing it.

However, there was no way for him to convey it.

‘I should say no.’

As much as he loved and enjoyed having sex with Senia, he didn’t want to work her body to its limit. Her health was and always is Carr’s priority. So, this would be the first time that Carr must refuse her offer to have sex, but he needed to find a way to convey his reasoning to her.

Carr heaves out a sigh, leaving Senia to finally change her clothes, and made his way back to the first floor. He couldn’t help but remembered what had happened today one by one. Senia wearing a blue dress. Senia, who was very embarrassed, asking him to kiss her. Her lovely smile seemed to steal his breath away. If he could see more of those precious moments with hers, he would easily do anything that she liked in a heartbeat.

The very thought of her name was enough to make his heart skipped a beat as Carr stood still. Carr rubbed his face frustratedly, covering his bright red face. He realized that he couldn’t do this anymore. He is so much into this that he doesn’t know what to do moving forward.

“Is this…. Is this what it called embarrassed?”

He had no choice but to admit that Tess was right with his assessment. This was the first time in his life that he felt like this. He felt trapped but at the same time freedom from finally realizing something that he keeps denying at the back of his mind.


By the time the sun had set, an errand boy came to pick Senia. The temporary ward had finished being set up and there were already a dozen people gathered with various wounds – expecting to be healed and treated.

At first, the villagers were full of skepticism at the sight of a priest, after all, they didn’t believe in miracles. However, as Senia started to treat one after another, their disbelief soon vanished in thin air and everything went smoothly thereafter.

It started with a patient who had a painful and life-threatening wound. Then followed with a second patient who had lost a part of his body, just like Faber. The third patient had a small wound, and it continues. Senia had ordered them to decide among themselves who would be healed next, and they followed her without complaint.

There was no quarrel and with every few lines of prayer, a patient that almost lost their lives and hope was cured and brought so much joy to their family, friends, and neighbours. Senia continued to pray and perform miracles for each one of them even until the full moon glistened flirtatiously high upon the sky. The ward continues to have more patients after rumours had spread. However, Senia barely able to get some rest after exhausting almost all her divine energy.

“Get some rest, Saint. All the patients with critical injuries were already healed,” Moz approached Senia, who was sitting tiredly on the chair, and put warm cocoa on the table next to her, “I may not know much about a miracle, but I can see how tired you are.”

“Ah yes. I was going to take a break myself. Thank you for your concern,” Senia wrapped her hand around the cup of cocoa and sipped it slowly. Her fatigue seemed to ease away as the warm sweet drink entered her body.

Moz also handed a cup of cocoa to Carr, who had been sitting next to Senia all the time, before she too joined them.

“I’m ashamed for doubting the existence of God. Thank you for your kindness once again.”

“No. It is my duty to help as I am a saint,” Senia smiled shyly before asking about the number of remaining patients she needed to heal.

“…We only have those that can be cured with the medicines that the Lord has,” Moz explained after answering Senia’s question, sighing slightly.

“I see. It is not good to rely on the medicine alone, so I will treat them as soon as possible.”

“Yes, but this is unexpected,” Moz titled her head as she put her cup down, “The rumour that the saint is performing a miracle had spread faster than we anticipated. At this rate, I’m sure the news would reach the Lord’s ear…. I was expecting that he would send his guard here or even coming down here himself.”

“Is he someone that will come by himself for this matter?”

“Yes, and he will stay to oversee things.”

“I see…” Senia frowned lightly before she smiled as if she wasn’t bothered by the information anymore, “Anyway, today’s treatment went well. No matter the reason, I’m glad.”

“That’s true… but if this continues, I’m sure it….”

“Tomorrow, I planned to visit the lord myself. I don’t know how well things will go, but at least I will try to talk to him so there won’t be any interruption for the treatment.”

Moz was grateful that Senia was willing to do it, but she couldn’t help but look anxiously at Senia. After all, her opponent was the Lord who has captured the monsters for his entertainment and had denied miracles to his people. She was very nervous about whether the man would cooperate with Senia or will try to harm her.

“Are you going to be all right?”

“Yes, I have Sir Carr by my side.”

Carr, whose name was called out of nowhere, received the look from the two women and he tried to avoid their gaze albeit awkwardly. He was grateful that Senia believed in him but at the same time it was quite burdensome – after all, he didn’t know much about the Lord’s power.

Moz ran her eyes from the top of Carr’s head then down before she nodded. Carr was a lean muscular person and with wound scars covering his entire skin, she knew that he was a strong person. Besides, he had a large sword resting at his back and from the way he carried himself, he must have years of experience fighting monsters.

“Then, I too believe in Sir Carr.”

“….I will try my best. If it’s a monster, I would be able to handle it.”

“Is it only monster-related? If the test is like that, I’m sure….” Senia let her words trailed off as she got up from the seat first. “Anyway, thank you for the cocoa drink. I will go back and rest a bit.”

“Oh, I have been holding you back. Please go inside and relax. I will stay here and cleared up the ward.”

After politely saying their goodbyes, Senia and Carr left the temporary ward together. It was already well past midnight, the dawn soon approaching. Senia suddenly pulled Carr’s sleeve as they walked side by side on the empty alleyway and leaned closer to his side.

“Sir Carr…. As soon as we get inside… can you….”

Carr wished he could say no to that blushing face, but as always one look and he fell hook line and sinker. He nodded his head which causes Senia to laugh. The same laugh that she effortlessly always gave to him.


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