DVS [30]

Senia laughed lightly which was cruel in Carr’s opinion but at the same time, it made her beautiful, especially with the smile gracing her face.

Even before he could speak his wish that he had told Ellard, the recipient had already denied his wish. However, he knew why Senia had said that. The moment they resurrected the Holy Lady, she could break Senia’s curse.

Carr groaned inwardly noticing how their time together was numbered. He couldn’t stand by her side because he was a demon, but if he wasn’t a demon, he didn’t have any reason to have a relationship with Senia. It was the ending that he had in mind, but he was surprised that he took time contemplating it

While Carr was mourning about the future, Senia’s smile distorted at the sight of his gloomy face. She had heard what Carr said to Ellard earlier and she knew that Carr would refuse to leave her side which was why she thought that she needed to be the person that turned Carr down. Although she felt as sad as Carr about the decision.

“You know, you can spend the winter indoor this year.” 

Senia quickly changed the topic. Carr swore that Senia must have the power to read his mind at this point. He looked at her smiling face and tried to return it, but his chest hurt, and she could tell that she, too, was forcing herself.

For Carr who only ever worried one day at a time, he was grateful that he could worry about his future, but he didn’t like what the future held for him.

Carr sighed and threw the rest of his cigarette into the campfire, taking a deep breath when Senia sneezed next to him.


Carr titled his head, surprised at the cute sneeze that for a moment, he might have heard it wrong but Senia had her face buried in her hands, the tips of her ears turning red. He didn’t hear it wrong, Senia did sneeze earlier and he couldn’t help but smile bigger when Senia sneezed again.


Senia pulled the blanket more tightly around herself, trying to hide her embarrassment but it didn’t stop her sneezing.

“Oh, don’t laugh! I can’t stop it… Arte always warned me because sneezing lowers my dignity of a saint because it sounds weird.” 

Senia whined slightly. Carr could tell that Arte, who was called an overly protective old man by Lu, probably told Senia to control her facial expression because he was worried about her adorableness. Carr shared the sentiment with Arte at that. Senia looked far too lovely.

He moved to cover Senia’s shaking shoulder with a thick blanket and patted her head gently which only caused her to be more embarrassed.

“….Carr is such a nice person.”

Am I?’

He just stared at Senia, looking at her clear sky-blue eyes. She is a special woman for him and the knowledge that Senia thought of him as a good person made him a little happy about himself.

He watched her a minute longer before he reached out and pulled up the blanket that was slipping down from Senia’s shoulder. It was brief, but Senia was startled by the almost hug-like gesture. Her heart was pounding against her chest at the little act and continued to pound faster when Carr didn’t immediately move.

Carr, who was about to withdraw, noticed the sudden tension on Senia’s shoulder and how she tried to avoid his gaze. He just stared silently at her. A few more seconds and he could easily deduce what had caused her reaction. He hesitated for a few seconds before he leaned and gave a feathery kiss on Senia’s forehead.

As expected, the kiss made Senia’s cheeks turned redder however she didn’t try to push Carr away.

“Well, t-today…. The purification of the poison and giving mercy to brother Ellard drained a lot of my energy… I-it will be good if we can fill it up as soon as possible, but if you’re in a compromising position you don’t have to… I can wait.”

Carr knew that her jumbled words were true, but he couldn’t help but feel like it was just an excuse.

‘I don’t think I’m in any compromising position.’

It was only yesterday that he had attack Senia because of the drug that Lu gave him. Although, even without the effect of the drug he has always wanted to hug her like this. He always patiently waited for Senia’s permission to touch or do things further, so even if they were on the side of the road like this – he would have fulfilled Senia’s wish if she asked.

Carr pulled her closer by her waist, pressing their bodies together. Their faces were inches apart, breathing the same air but Senia turned her head embarrassingly at the intense gaze of Carr’s brown eyes.

However, just as Carr about to lean down to kiss her bare neckline, he frowned and stretched his left hand toward his waist pocket, retrieving a dagger. He glanced over the campfire.

“….Sir Carr?”

Instead of responding to Senia, Carr pulled her closer to his arm and threw the dagger across the dark forest. In a moment, the sharp noise of the dagger penetrating something was heard and Senia flinched slightly.


The dagger was stuck in a bush, but there was no rustling sound that followed. Carr changed his posture, still holding Senia protectively against his body as he knelt and grabbed the end of his sword with his left hand. His expression was grim, not happy that he was disturbed.

“Hey, if you don’t want to be misunderstood, you’d better come out now or I’ll cut you the moment I laid my eyes on you.” 

Carr called out toward the intruder when nothing happened.

“What?! Did I get caught?! Right, right… I’m going out now. Just calm down! Hold your horses!”

A frivolous and refreshing voice was heard in the dark. Senia, who had clenched her locket automatically following Carr’s tension, was relieved that it was the sound of a person, not a monster.

However, Carr remained vigilant and wary about the person who just responded to his word. After all, it was a suspicious person who hid himself in the shadow something that made Carr wary.

“Right, this is enough, right?”

The intruder walked out from his hiding place making the fire lightened his feature. He was a handsome man with a tall height and leaned body – at first glance, he could be mistaken as a woman. His short navy looked darker because of the shadow but his clear green eyes shone, reflecting the fire in front of him.

He was a beautiful person that even Senia, who had met many people before, was captivated by his appearance. The man approached them with both his hands raised, showing no intention of fighting, and smiled lightly as he glanced at the two.

“Since you have seen me, why don’t you let go of that dangerous weapon you have?”

“….What were you doing in hiding?”

“Ah, that’s what you’re asking. That’s a good question, you know. My name is Tess. I’m a wandering wizard and I got robbed while I was taking a nap earlier. I was thinking about how to spend the night when I noticed a light coming from this way.”

“You talked like you aren’t bothered about the situation.”

“Hahaha, well I came all the way here anyway.” 

Tess smiled with a shrug, 

“…but I couldn’t go directly because of the odd atmosphere. Should I explain it like that?”

“Oh! W-Well….!” 

Senia interrupted with a blushed cheek, she was trying to explain herself but didn’t able to find anything to say as an excuse.

“No, it’s okay. I know it’s a misunderstanding. After all, there is no way that a famous saint would do such a thing, right? I guess my timing was just bad.”


Senia couldn’t be able to deny nor confirm the statement but instead, she turned to Carr, asking for him to take his weapon back. Carr, who was still not happy, listened to Senia’s request and Tess also lowered his hand, relaxing slightly.

“I haven’t introduced myself, but I am Senia, a saint blessed by the sun god.” 

Senia turned toward Tess, 

“…but you already know me?”

“Of course, I’ve seen the miracles in the capital city.”

“I see. In the capital city….”

“Even if that’s not the case, I would never forget a lady with a beautiful face.”


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