DVS [2]

She whimpered quietly. The man checked the bloodstain and quickly raised his head.

The saint held back her tears and closed her eyes tightly. The silver hair that was disheveled in the bed was sweaty to the point that it glistened like a halo. The light felt like a blade that about to guillotine a man.

‘Wait, is this…. Is this real?’

Why on earth did a saint give her virginity to a man who is evil?

Although he had been through all kinds of hardships and lost a lot of his shame, he could not hide his embarrassment this time. But it was a feeling that he kept to himself.

The saint’s body, which had accepted him, was extremely exhilarating to the man’s pleasure. Her tightness felt like a cave that one should not trespass. After tangled their body together, he only thrust once, but it made him frowned as he felt the stimulation turning him on.

Oh, my god! Such a beautiful and fascinating body. If he looked away for a moment, it seemed all his reasoning would be broken.

‘Are all women’s bodies like this?’

Of course, it couldn’t be true. The man started to move his lower body as he watched the saint who could not hide her wantonness by covering her face with her hands.


Every time their flesh hit, a sexy voice echoed in the room. The seductive moans that slipped from her mouth made his lust even hotter.

“Ahh.. hhnn..”

Clear sweat trickled down from the man’s forehead and formed on the tip of his chin. Every time the movement sped up, drops of sweat fell one by one onto the woman’s navel and mingled with her sweat. The scene, which came into view at a glance, gave the man another satisfaction.

When he hugged her white, porcelain-like waist and thrust his cock as deep as possible, he could hear her plead with him between breathy moans.

“Ahnn… ah… no..m-more…”


The man bit his own lips as he felt his body trembled. A pure white liquid spilled out of him and his breathing became heavier. The man paused for a moment and savored the lingering sensation of his first climax.

Even though he had orgasmed, he was still hard. His hot shaft still filled the woman’s inside and twitched as it if were his second heart. There were no words between them but both felt it.

It wouldn’t be hard to keep moving his hips and satisfy his desire, but before that, the man lifted his head and made eye contact with the woman. The moment his red eyes met hers, the sky-blue eyes flinched.

“Continue, please.” in a voice that smaller than a mosquito, the woman pleaded. The blush, full of shame, looked even redder against her white, jade-like skin.

For the rest of the night, the two bodies remained intertwined. The act of chasing after pleasure, in an underground solitary cell for an unknown time, seemed as long and as short as a flash for both.

The next day when the man opened his eyes, the woman was not in bed. He didn’t know when she went out. As soon as the sex was over, the man had run out of energy and closed his eyes like he’d fainted. It was an unforgettable first experience for him who had never been even been able to go to a whorehouse because of his birth as a demon. It would be a lie to say that he wasn’t satisfied, but he was feeling a little guilty at the same time.

“Was it a little too much?”

It was in his heart that he could release his greed to a woman who looked young, innocent and seemed to have no time for the world. Besides, she was a virgin—it was something that he still didn’t understand.

“I’ve heard rumors about wizards and priests being a virgin but…”

He didn’t know that a saint would do that.

“Then what’s left for me is the death penalty?” He murmured quietly and scratched his head.

It was a reasonable assumption after having intercourse with the saint that the devil would not be allowed to be alive under any circumstances. It was very easy to handle the existence of demons and keep their mouth shut.

The man sighed loudly. He wanted to live, if possible, but his life here was not in his hands. The old priest, who’d brought him directly to the solitary cell and warned him, was clearly the archbishop.

Since he could not speak, he was not able to beg for his life and get sympathy. The man shook off the complicated thoughts and got off the bed.

It was already mealtime and it was more important to satisfy the current hunger than later.

Today, he expected for the meal to drive through a small hole at the foot of the iron door, but his long-standing expectations was broken when the iron door opened.

“Hey… I brought you lunch.”

The saint whom he slept with last night came in with a plate. It was the first time someone had personally brought a meal for him. He looked surprised.

However, the woman looked at the man’s condition and turned to face the iron gate. The tips of her ears were flushed red.

“I-I’m sorry for the sudden visit! But, even if you’re alone please wear your clothes!”


He’d only just woken up and hadn’t gotten dressed yet.  Their nighttime activities had lasted until dawn. He pulled on his pants in a cool, unashamed manner. As he was about to open his mouth, he remembered the archbishop’s warning and hesitated.

Don’t talk to her.

His voice was normal and held no supernatural powers and his lips had no scars, but he wasn’t allowed to speak.

‘It’s annoying…’

He moved closer toward the woman’s back causing her to flinch. She turned her head like a cat when he tapped her shoulder, which looked like it would break with one hand. The moment she faced the man’s solid upper body, she stared at him in silence.

Brown-skinned with well-proportioned muscles, his chest was covered in scars apparently from being cut, stabbed and living roughly. The sight was too much of a stimulus for her who had lived a pure life away from men. Even if though this man had repeatedly been inside her last night, her whole body still burned in embarrassment.

Again, her cheeks turned red and the woman looked like she was about to cry.

“Please wear them properly, the top too.”

The man frowned in annoyance. He couldn’t understand what there was to be ashamed of when she had seen everything last night.

Anyway, after he returned to bed and put on his shirt that he threw off yesterday, the lady handed him the plate. He thought it was the only thing she would do, but throughout his meal, the woman stood in the corner watching him.


The stabbing gaze on his back irritated him. When he made eye contact, she said nothing. She just gave a bitter and yet affectionate smile. Her elegant and beautiful face was something he could lose his soul for and never grow tired of. The man sometimes forgot to eat and stared at her face instead. Unaware of his thoughts, the woman kept her position with the exact expression all the time.

Once he finished his meal and pushed the place aside, she opened her mouth. With her hands clasped together politely, she lowered her head slightly.

“It’s late but I’ll give you proper introduction. I’m Senia, a newly priest who serves the sun god Acronix. I’m not good enough, but I’m a saint by the grace of god.”

The man was clearly unimpressed with her words. Senia smiled awkwardly and continued.

“Your name is… Carr? Archbishop Arte told me about it. He said you have been cursed and that you couldn’t talk to me. I’m going to ask you questions and it’s enough for you to give me a nod or a shake.”

He nodded.

The man—Carr sat on the bed and moved his head in a calm manner. Only Senia’s clear voice filled the chamber.

“Well, to the main point… would you like to know what happened yesterday?”

Carr examined Senia who stood in front of him. He nodded honestly. He didn’t think he would lose anything by agreeing.  She had acted last night without any word explanation and her desire to now speak with him left him feeling suspicious.

When she seen Carr’s doubts, Senia explained quietly.

“It’s just me and Arte who know about this arrangement and he was against letting you know what was going on. He thought there was no need or reason to tell the devil.”

The start of her explanation made Carr even more curious. Senia couldn’t face him and dropped her gaze to her feet.

“I used to agree with that at first… but not now. I’ve decided it’s right to let you know if you wanted to.”


Just as the questioned popped in his mind the answer came right after that.

“Because last night you treated me like a person and not a tool.” Senia had been certain about the situation in her heart until she’d met Carr in person. It was because her opponent wasn’t a man but a demon. Their nature was to treat saints as a tool and crush them roughly. If Carr had been an ordinary demon, she wouldn’t be having doubts now.

She reconciled herself to the fact that she needed to have sex with the demon on a regular basis. However, Carr didn’t need her,  yet he had made eye contact and bothered with foreplay before he thrust himself into her. Senia was grateful for the fact. It was her first-time having sex. The experience had been forced onto her, but by some miracle losing her virginity would not be a terrible memory.

As he watched Senia who trying hard to hide her embarrassment, Carr believed all her reactions from last night were honest. The expression on her face that he had interpreted as hateful might instead be something else.  Maybe she was shy and it was shame, not fear that caused her body to tremble.

‘If she wasn’t a priest, she would tell me more, but for now I’m not going to refuse it.’

Eventually, Carr nodded his head. Senia sighed with relief at his gesture. She wanted to believe that Carr was different from an ordinary demon. It was because this meeting with him that last night would not be a one-time occurrence.

“Then where should I begin? Do you know about the Wizard and Divine power?”

Carr shook his head slightly.

“Then, do you know what’s the difference between mana and divinity?”

He shook again.

“Well… you don’t know about the requirement of priest’s rank, do you?”

This time, he nodded but the meaning was still negative. Senia smiled generously, perhaps as expected, without embarrassment.

“Then, I’ll explain from the beginning.”

She began to explain things one by one, just like Senia would teach a child. The story was as followed.

There were two big differences between wizard and the priest. The sorcerer used magic to practice theory but priest used divinity to create miracles. It may seem similar at first glance, but when looked closely, the difference was huge.

Wizards could not do anything theoretically impossible or unexplained. Even if a person’s illness was treated by magic, it was only possible to treat it after knowing the details of the disease and analyzing it. But divine power did not work like that. Even if they knew nothing about the disease, as long as they relied on the miracle of God they could cure it.

From simple colds and scratches to incurable diseases and unknown diseases, the act was called ‘miracle’, which literally mean the power of God. The role of the priests was to pray to better channel the holy power.

Of course, there was a corresponding downside. As god’s worshippers, the priest apprentices were always bound by discipline. Unlike sorcerers who used mana, preist’s power was not restored naturally. When one’s power dropped below a certain level one had no choice but to rrenew it again through prayer or good deeds. And there were types of miracles that could only be performed by certain level of priesthood.

Senia was among the highest level.

“I was born as a saint and I can perform all miracles available under the name of Acronix.”

That was the privilege of human beings that called saints in each religion. In particular, she was able to perform the miracle that would allow the dead to be brought back to live.

After to her explanation, Carr realized how powerful Senia was. He opened his eyes in surprise. Senia continued with a nice smile.

“Even so, I can’t remove the curse of someone who’s stronger than me.”

There were only two curses of men that were mightier than a saint that Senia was aware of.

“One is Arte’s silent spell he placed on you and the other one is.”

There was silence as Senia shut her mouth for a moment and dropped her gaze. Then she looked up again and there were unidentified feelings in her eyes.

“The curse of the Great Devil is on my body. Because of the curse, my divine power cannot be restored unless I receive the power of the devil.”

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