DVS [15]

Senia couldn’t face him properly after that soft kiss. Her face was burning with a mix of gratitude, apology, and embarrassment. She should have trusted Carr more that he wouldn’t think of her like that. She opened her mouth ready to apologize for doubting him but quickly closed her mouth tightly.

“Sir Carr,” She muttered quietly as her head rested comfortably against Carr’s chest.



Carr listened to her attentively his whole attention solely focus on her. He was looking down at the top of her head as she hid her face from him. The silver hair dazzles under the artificial light despite covered with a little dirt and dust. Carr had to hold back the urge to rest his chin at the top of her head and even stopping his hand from patting her head to comfort her.

“Actually, I…. I’m afraid of losing my ability.” 

After a long silence, Senia continued to speak again. 

“Every day I dreaded the time I would lose my divinity and won’t be able to recover it. It will not only cause me to lose my position as a saint, but I feel like I would lose my value as a person. I don’t know what to do if that happens. I… I know you are having a hard time too, but…. Can you hug me, please?”

It was Senia’s first selfish request and Carr readily accepted. He didn’t think twice as it was his secret longing to hold her in his arms. All this time he has to hold back so this moment was like a piece of heaven for him.

He wrapped his hand around her delicate neck and gently lifted Senia’s chin. He leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her lips. It startles Senia but she soon relaxed and closed her eyes. She let her body melted in his arms and submitted to what her body desires. Senia trembled slightly at the tender kiss that slowly became intense as Carr’s tongue invaded her mouth with so much urgency.

When she closes her eyes, her senses were focused on Carr’s caressing touches. It causes her body to become more sensitive. Her pleasantly violated mouth was so hot that it almost melted away. 

The stimulation that is building up was intoxicating both Senia and Carr. He had laid Senia down on the bed as they continue to make out and as he fondles her thighs, he lifted her skirt, revealing her pale milky skin.

Carr ran his callous hands from her knees to the curve of her hips. He continues to grope her smooth skin that he feels like having the urge to leave marks all over. His kisses trailed to her exquisite jaw down to her slender neck only to meet the scarf that obstructing his view. 

He quickly pulled the offending fabric away and immediately spotted the dark skin discoloration on the right side of her neck. It was placed to where the junction of her shoulder and neck meets and the kiss mark that he had left has turned darker.

Senia notices the glimmer in his eyes and quickly covers her neck in embarrassment. It is proof of Carr’s unrelenting desire and possession. It was done unconsciously but the way Senia trying to cover the mark was like a child getting caught her hands inside the cookie jar. Carr finds that everything she does was so lovely to the point that he wants to devour her whole.

“Ah……!” Senia let out a moan when Carr removed her hand and slowly licked the sensitive bruise. He continues to lick the sensitive skin sending shivers all over her body. He started to trail wet kisses down her collarbone and his impatient hand started to take off her saintly robe.

He had to hold back the groan that almost escaped the back of his throat when he saw her fleshy mounds that fit perfectly in his hands. Her porcelain white skin, curvy waist, bright pink nipples that are starting to get hard to his attention. He couldn’t help but admire this perfection. This small woman who can move his heart in ways he can’t understand.

“Don’t… please don’t stare too much…!”

Carr can’t help but let out a small groan at her loveliness. He leaned down to fondle her bosom and bit the rigid nub. Senia tried to stifle a gasp rising with her hands when she feels Carr’s tongue encircling the hardened nipple. Her whole body was shaking lewdly, something Carr had done to her many time. He always manages to send her body to the edge with uncontrollable desire and unquenchable heat. 

When Carr smiles, it sparks her arousal in heights she never knows before making her weak and needy for his attention. Everything he does send her to her orgasm. Perhaps, it’s her missing him for days or probably the feelings that she couldn’t hold back anymore.

Carr couldn’t stop playing with her nipples he can feel Senia’s reaction was stronger than usual. He groaned around the hard nub while he rolled the other one between his fingers. His left hand continues to caress her body slowly going along her curves. Each touch left a hot searing trail along her body. The moment he slipped his fingers along her navel, gently caressing her belly button, Senia moaned loudly.


Her reaction triggered something inside Carr as he continued to touch her body. He lifted Senia’s left leg, pressing himself between her sweet spot. He put her legs on his shoulders as he trails soft wet kisses along her shin. Carr noted a small pattern on the inside of Senia’s left ankle, a mark of the sun god that he had seen often, was tattooed on her pale skin. It would be hard to take notice of it he is not looking at it closely.

When they had sex, he had never cared about her feet nor did they stay together after they were done. Carr frowned, couldn’t help but get angry at himself for not paying more attention toward her and so he leaned down and started to lick her feet, sucking her big toes.

“Hnnng… s-sir Carr… y-you don’t have to go that far…”

As if trying to memorize every part of her body under the faint light of the inn, he didn’t stop leaving kisses on Senia’s leg but continue with his journey religiously. He moves her legs wide open and he marvelled at how she able to accommodate him. Senia tried to stop him but he ignored her pleas as he started to run his tongue against her sensitive ball of nerves.

“Ahhnn… n-noo…” Senia moaned as her body quivered ecstatically and her body stiffened, forcing the tip of her toes to curl as pleasure washed over her body.

After days without his touch and added with how Carr’s tongue was currently licking and nipping her clit, it was only natural that she already reached her orgasm. It was her first time to come without any penetration.

Her ecstatic moans were muffled by both hands as her body quivered because of the strong orgasm. Her mind went blank as pleasure took over her entire being it makes her feel like drowning and only to be saved by his kisses. She is trying to catch her breath and feel all her strength has left her body.

“Haa… P-Please…. Hnnng…no more,”

Her eyes look like in a daze, her mouth opens as she catches her breath and Carr don’t know but he like her begging. It seemed that if he pushed her a little more, she would lose her sanity completely. Carr who pushed Senia to her limit raised his head slightly rubbed her labia with his fingers as he started to unbuckle his belt.

Just like Senia who was losing her mind, Carr could no longer able to hold back the unquenchable thirst he had for her. He quickly pulled out his erect cock and positioned himself against her lovely opening.

“P-Please…” Senia moaned, reaching out to wrap her arms around Carr’s shoulder. Her eyes were wet with tears and yet bright with so much affection and want. For the first time, Carr was surprised to see the love 

lingering in the sky-blue eyes.

Carr naturally leaned down to capture her lips against his. He notices Senia sticking her tongue inside his mouth. It was the first time she has taken an active role since they started this intimate physical relationship.

When they become one, sharing the air they breathe, their body entangled under the sheet, it feels like time stops between them. It made them forget what they are worried about as if they are in their own world. They didn’t need to think about their status nor others that might harm them. There’s only them at that moment baring their heart to each other.

It was scary, Carr knew that he should not feel like this and yet he couldn’t stop himself. He did not know he will offer his heart to her and for her to do the same. It makes him want her more and more. He wants to feel her, to engrave his mark in every part of her, she was perfect…always been and always are.

Senia sob as Carr keeps on thrusting inside her. He continues his assaults deeper and harder. For a moment she forgot to breathe he was reaching places deep within her that her body arched and pushed down against Carr to dance to his rhythm.

His engorged cock maintained its solid form and twitched excitedly inside her. Her hungry hole sucked his manhood greedily. When he thrust deep into her womb both of them stilled to feel the glorious feeling of their body connected. He started to move slowly out and pushed himself against her hard.

“Ah… Ah…”

The sound of moaning, groaning and skin slapping against each other echoed in the dimly lit room. They weren’t sure who was moaning and who was groaning as their lips were still pressed against each other. Their tongue twists and encircles one another until one of them suck that slippery meat.

Carr’s thrusts had become deeper, faster and more desperate in every passing moment. He has to reach something. At some point, he stops, and a low growl emanated from him together with Senia’s lewd cries were heard inside the room.


As cum continues to flood inside her it pushes her to the brink of another orgasm. She arched her back, her hole tightened around Carr, milking him of his spunk before falling back to the bed weakly. The taste of orgasm was still lingering at the back of her mouth. She didn’t know how many times her whole body shuddered in ecstasy as if she had been hit by lightning repeatedly. Her body was overly sensitive and yet – Carr was already hard again inside her.

“Ahnn… p-please….” Senia moaned wantonly when a slight movement brought her extreme pleasure. 

Another round. Another moment. They let their bodies consumed in lust, forgetting reality, and just let their heart bask in the glow of the aftermath.


Senia was ready to return to her room once the afterglow vanished. However, it was difficult for her to stand on her own. That even her hands were shaking as she tried to button her robe. There was no strength left on her body after the uncountable number of sex.

Carr, who was watching her while only in his pants and shirt, moved to help but Senia sent a glare his way.

“…. That’s too much, Sir Carr.” She whined, “I’m quite sure I asked you to stop….! You’re so mean to pretend that you didn’t hear me! I mean, I don’t think licking me in that… place is needed, it is also unhygienic!”

Carr managed to button the robe properly and rubbing his neck slightly at Senia’s complaint. It was true that he pretended not to hear her pleas, but he did that because he knows both of them will enjoy it. He knew that Senia loves pleasure. After all, as they had sex for a while now, he had to learn how her body responded to his touch, finding her weakness and mostly to know the peak of her glory.

Well, Senia was more grumpy and embarrassed than angry. Usually, she was like an elegant flower, all proper and lady-like and yet at this moment she was complaining and nagging. She looked like any other ordinary woman, far from that saint persona she always presents to the world.

Carr pulled Senia into a hug and ignored her nagging which seems no end. He quickly pulled her up in his arms like a princess, intending to bring her back to her room after draining all her strength from sex.

“C-Carr… w-wait… S-Sir Carr?!” Senia screamed and hugged Carr’s neck reflexively.

Carr could feel her weight seemed to lighten up after three stressful days. Usually, it wouldn’t be a problem and yet his muscles were protesting quietly. After the fight earlier and sex, his stamina was reaching its end. However, he didn’t want to look weak, so he continued to carry Senia out of his room. He looked around the hallway, made sure that it was empty before he crossed over to Senia’s room.

“Ah… thank you,” Senia mumbled after Carr laid her down on her bed. She glanced out of the window to hide her embarrassed face and noticed that it was almost dawn. There was only a little time for her to sleep as she didn’t want to miss her morning prayer.

Senia coverer her tired eyelids with one hand, ready to fall asleep when something flashed in her mind.

“Sir Carr. I’ll bless you to disguise your eyes.”

Carr paused as he was leaving the room. Senia quickly gets out of bed forgetting her lack of stamina but before she could take more steps Carr walked silently toward her.

Senia wrapped her hands around her locket, taking a deep breath and slowly chanted a short prayer. Soon her refilled divinity entered Carr’s body.

“I like Sir Carr’s red eyes better,” Senia stated as she raised her head, smiling at Carr with a beautiful smile.


“Even if it’s a sign of a demon…. I like that warm colour,”

Carr thought that it was a ridiculous notion and yet Senia kept her gaze on him. She must be only one woman in the whole world who would say that she liked something that belongs to the demon. Not even Carr could like his own eyes, he always wanted to gauge his eyes out himself. 

He always told himself how he couldn’t reveal his eyes. How he had to hide it or else the whole world would hate him and the moment they knew about it he would be rejected by everyone. He had tried everything to change the colour of his eyes and none of them worked.

…It was like that until a few months ago. And now to know that there was someone in the entire world say that they liked his eyes. His cursed demon red eyes, his heart was beating faster, and the feeling of self-hatred slowly disappeared.

“I know that I should not make this mistake again to put Sir Carr in danger. From now on, I will make sure that my blessing would never be gone from you. I promise.”

The beautiful smile was now replaced by a serious expression. Carr, who now had brown eyes, looked at Senia’s face then her pinky finger that stretched toward him. He didn’t know what that meant and wondered if he should leave when Senia didn’t say anything more but in the end, he held out the same little finger and tangled them with her awkwardly.

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