DVS [11]

It was only after the sun had set and the moon slowly climb up in the sky that Carr and Senia started to walk back to the temple. The full moon shone on their path casting a dreamlike ambience as they leisurely trot along. Carr stayed close to her, a step behind, as they ascended the hill. The comfortable silence between them was pleasant and satisfying.

A loud booming sound could be heard in the air and the two turned their head towards the center of the town. Fireworks had just been lit up and shot right up to the sky. The different bright lights that illuminate the dark night spread on the vast sky were something that everyone who attended the festival was looking forward to.


Senia, who saw the fireworks for the first time couldn’t help but admire the sight. She turned to Carr, smiling brightly. 

“Would you like to sit down and watch for a moment? What do you think Sir Carr?”

Despite him not settling in any village nor take part in many festivals, Carr had seen fireworks before, so it was nothing new to him. Nonetheless, Carr nodded his head and sat down on the ground just on the hillside and gesturing Senia to take a seat right next to him.

The brilliant lights continued to paint the heavens with the multitude of colours repeatedly, the deafening sound associated with fireworks were also ringing in their ears as they continue to watch the spectacle.

“It’s pretty…”

Carr turned his head to the side. The crystal blue like eyes was mysteriously shining with the mix of moonlight and the crimson glare of the fireworks. Just looking at her eyes, Carr could admire the beauty of the fireworks without having to face it directly.

Carr reached out absentmindedly toward the hood that was framing her face, startling Senia. His rough fingers gently touched her face and before he could move the hood himself, Senia removed it fully while smiling at him.

Her hair, which was revealed, seemed to glimmer underneath the glistening moonlight. Carr couldn’t take his eyes off her, especially at that demure smile. He had seen a lot of people smile but there was nothing like Senia’s. Even after seeing her smile many times today, he still couldn’t identify this foreign feeling consuming him every time he saw that lips curved beautifully.

“Thank you so much for accompanying me today because of Sir Carr, I now have a precious memory to treasure. Although, entering the temple like that was quite reckless of you.” 

Senia mumbled, still had that gentle smile on her face, “…. I don’t know your reason but… I was really happy today.”


Carr repeated her word in his mind as the firework burst forth in the sky again. The glimmer of lights, which shone for a moment in the dark sky, seemed to bury the hesitation that Carr carried deep in his heart.

‘…. Right.’

All this time, he kept doubting himself and his own feelings because he was sure it was because of the demon blood inside him that caused it. He kept buried the real reason every time he looked into those clear blue eyes. 

He thought there would be no one else besides her. Only Senia would look at him like that. He was no longer able to hold back his pent-up desire that is slowly taking over his body.

At one moment, it was his strong hand that is cupping her cheek and the next it was his lips kissing Senia’s softly. Her blue eyes widened at the sudden contact that momentarily took her breath away. It was only a short while because just as soon as his lips touched hers it pulled away all her doubts, giving in to these unnamed emotions bursting inside her.

Carr’s face was hovering close to hers and Senia who was still trying to process the act, gently touched her lips. The red light from the fireworks makes her blushing face even redder. At that sight, Carr leaned in again, taking Senia’s wrist away, and covered her lips with his. There was no hesitation this time.

Senia didn’t push him back as Carr continued to kiss her. It was her first kiss, and it was as sweet as cotton candy just like how she imagines it would be. Carr was cupping her face gently, looking at her with so much kindness and tenderness that she couldn’t look away to hide her face. 

As they continued to kiss, Senia closed her eyes slowly and as she submits her body, Carr’s hold became stronger and firmer. It wasn’t suffocating. Senia didn’t hate being held in his arms.

Once the second kiss ended, the third quickly began. There were only a few seconds for her to regain her breath. Her whole body shivered as pleasure course within her. Her small fists clung to Carr’s body as his hot tongue licks through her soft lips and ravaged the insides of her mouth turning her mind into a soggy mess.


Carr’s hot tongue feels like it will melt her’s away. Even if she wanted to escape from the unnerving feeling, she couldn’t do it because Carr was cupping the back of her head, holding her in place. 

Their kiss was a little clumsy at first, but it became passionate as their kiss deepened. They only parted for a moment to catch their breath before their lips were thoroughly connected again but enough to fuel her for another round of passionate kisses with Carr.

Senia was getting hot and aroused. It was just a kiss and yet her whole body was burning up, trembling in anticipation. She continued to follow Carr’s lead without hesitation. Every fibre of her being was focused on Carr, her mind could only think about all the stimulation that he was giving to her.

“Ha…. Ah….”

The moment Carr pulled back, Senia was panting hard and gasping as she catches her breath… and so did he. Their faces were still pressed against each other, sharing one steamy breath. Carr wondered if he had pushed her too far as he watched her struggling to swallow hard. 

He swallowed hard at the sight of her wanton expression, the excitement that he could be seen in her now hazy eyes, his self-control starting to break free.


Carr leaned forward, devouring Senia’s lips again and gently pushed her down to the grass with not much resistance. The kiss became deeper and more desperate as Carr’s hands started to fumble down around her chest and waist. 

Her small body trembled as if electrified by his touch. She couldn’t hold back a moan when Carr’s hand slipped between her legs. Senia clung tightly to Carr’s shirt as he started to undress her, revealing the flushed skin.

Carr couldn’t take his eyes away from Senia. Her rosy cheeks, her glassy eyes, the way her body shivered because of his touch. He never knew anything about love or affection, but he wanted to keep holding this woman for the rest of his life. He didn’t know the reason why, but at least he could understand what the merchant meant by saying that anyone would never want to let Senia go.

He wanted to have not just her body but her everything. As their body got entangled together, their tongue swirled together in a lascivious kiss, his desire seemed to never end. How could it end when her eyes which were focused on him drive him mad to the edge? How? When it barely scratches to fill his need?

Carr trailed wet kisses down her pale neck, nipping gently at her skin. A lewd moan escaped Senia’s mouth which only fueled Carr to do more. He groaned and started to lick her exposed collarbone, tasting the milky skin. 

However, as much as he wanted to prolong the fondling, inwardly his mind is telling him that they couldn’t stay long, so he ran his hand along her smooth thigh and touched her underwear, Carr’s eyes widened and look up at Senia in surprise. She was dripping wet, enough that he didn’t need to prepare her anymore.


Senia closed her legs, trapping Carr’s hand between them. She covered her face with one hand, eyes tightly closed, embarrassed at the fact that she’s wet and needy just from all his kisses. She couldn’t control how her body reacted despite it being her first kiss.

Carr slowly slides her underwear aside, pressing his fingers against her slippery opening. Her slickness quickly covered his fingers. Senia arched her back, a hand quickly moved to cover her mouth when a moan was about to escape. Carr didn’t stop kissing her bare skin, giving extra pleasure to her already sensitive body as his finger slowly pushed inside.

Senia was delighted with the fact that this time, it was Carr that initiated their intimacy. It wasn’t because she needed his seed to empower her divinity, but because he desired her as a woman. Carr never asked Senia for sex, but the kiss earlier was something she believed happened because he wanted more than just fulfilling his duty.

It was not just her body that he wanted this time. His kisses were sweet and rough that it melted her whole body to submission, holding her heart in the palms of his hand. It didn’t matter if her trail of thoughts was just mere delusions she created to satisfy her need to feel wanted by someone. Senia, for once, wanted to cling on to that sweetness. She wanted to be selfish. She wanted him and it is more than she could bear.

“S-Sir…. Carr…” Senia moaned, her pupils dilated darkening her sky-blue eyes. 

“T-That is enough…. please…. Please give it to me…”

Her inside was twitching crazily in need and anticipation to have him buried deep inside her. Carr’s finger only made her greedy for him and the only thing that she could do was to moan in frustration. 

For a moment, Senia wondered if she looked far too desperate, too clingy, and too begging for Carr to fuck her. Carr who sensed her worries and agitation, kissed her forehead lightly, calming her nerves down. Senia whimpered at the gesture and her hands scrambled with opening Carr’s pants when a loud voice could be heard approaching their location.

Lady Saint! Sir Carr! Where are you?! — The bishop will be back soon!”

Dan, who called for them, startled the two. It was like a bucket of ice-cold water dumped on them. They pulled on their their disheveled clothes in hurry. Carr scratched is head in embarrassment once dressed and turned to check on Senia. The tips of her ears were red. Without asking, he knew what she was feeling.

He had become carried away by the atmosphere and now the air between them was heavy and thick. He could still taste the lust and desire in the air.

Carr rose from the ground, berating himself for losing control. A little bit longer and he would have taken Senia on the ground like a beast. Although it was regrettable that they’d been interrupted, he couldn’t risk putting Senia in a jeopardizing situation like this.

Senia accepted his hand when offered, and slowly stood up. A slight frown marred her face. Whether it was because she was thinking the same thing as him or something else entirely, he didn’t know.

“I-I’m sorry. I keep forgetting the place and situation….”

‘I think I should be the one apologizing.’

“But…. I-I’m thinking of staying at the inn tomorrow, not at the temple. People who visit for the festival will also be gone by tomorrow. So….”


Senia, who hesitated in embarrassment, could not continue speaking. Carr, who could only speculate, decided to wait until tomorrow to continue the talk and nodded his head. A promise that she would come tomorrow night was enough for him.

Senia smiled shyly, her blue eyes focused on Carr. In his opinion, somehow the smile was even more adorable than before. He couldn’t help but be disappointed that they had to separate for now.

“Anyway, Deacon Dan must be worried. I should head back now.”

Carr, who didn’t really want to let go of her, felt something in his pocket and quickly tapped her shoulder just before she walked away. As Senia turned, he stretched out his hand and handed the small silver ring to Senia.

“Oh?” Senia looked at the ring, then at Carr, and back at the ring again as if trying to figure out what was happening. “Ah, is it lost? Shall I leave it to the temple?”

Carr shook his head wanting to explain that it was the thing he’d bought from the merchant in return for receiving information.

He pointed at the ring then at Senia, ‘Just have it’, he thought trying to make her understand.

“For me?”

Carr nodded his head and watched as Senia stared at the ring in silence. A range of feelings flashed across her face, pleasure, embarrassment, happiness, but there was a hint of sadness.

“T-Thank you very much…” Senia said in a small voice as she held the ring in her hands, “I will think of it as a souvenir of the festival. But… the thing is… Saints are forbidden to wear jewelry…”

‘That old man.’

Carr clicked his tongue, cursing the merchant, but he raised his brow seeing the bright smile on Senia’s face.

‘Why are you smiling so big?’

“But… I’m very happy because I’ve never received such a gift. I will cherish it forever.” Her hands, that still held the ring, were pressed to her chest.

For Carr, the price of the ring was worth it to see her smile. His eyes travelled down from her face, down to her neck and fixed on the pendant around her neck. Senia noticed his gaze and gently touched the necklace and smiled.

“This is something that Arte specifically allowed. If you’re curious about it, I will tell you tomorrow.”

He wanted to hear about it, if it possible, so Carr nodded his head. At the same time, Dan’s voice rang out in the air again and the two rushed up to the temple.

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