DVS – 1

“Now, please violate me.”

The man remained silent when the woman walked into the room and asked for sex. He couldn’t speak, but even if he could, the situation was so ridiculous he had no idea how to respond.

Once he looked into the woman’s eyes in an attempt to grasp her intention, he couldn’t move. Rather, he sensed a dignity paired with a confident look that didn’t match her words.


Brows furrowed, he frowned with his bottom lip jutting out in a small pout. He slowly traced his current situation back to the start, trying to find where he had lost his judgment. If he were asked where it went wrong, the story would be a long one. Precisely from the time a man was born.

There were creatures that should not exist in this continent. Their ‘exact’ ace was The Devil. The problem was that they were races on this earth that had to live without sunlight on the underground continent.

As soon as he was born, his parents had suddenly disappeared and his red eyes did not allow him to pretend to be human. That’s when his hell started.

He was ostracized, despised, abhorred, and tortured, so he fled, again and again.

Eventually, he was caught and brought here to the Holy Capital. A city that possessed the greatest power to punish the devil and more power than the royal family to combating evil and unclean things. When they brought him to the capital, he thought he had neared the end of his life. It had been 25 years since he started running away.

The man was born a demon, but he had no devil’s ability to perform magic or necromancy. The only thing he had was the demon’s blood that coursed through his powerful and strong body.

This kind of ending might seem unfair, but the man accepted it quite calmly. He might have been a little tired of running away.

However, for some reason, he was led underground into a solitary cell that could only be said to be luxurious. The walls were lined with jewels and in the middle of the room sat a king-sized bed. A silver silk canopy above the bed gently and fell down like the morning sun. Glittering with chandeliers plastered with gold hung from the ceiling.

A man who was born a demon and had been treated as one since birth, he had never seen such sight. He wondered for a moment if all the prisons in the holy city were like this.

“Hmm. Sooner or later, the saint will be here.” The old priest who brought him to the luxurious room said gently.


‘Did I mishear him?’

Turning his head, the priest glared at him with eyes full of vigilance and disgust.

“You have neither the right to ask nor the right to choose. Do you understand? Do as I say and if you refuse, death will be all that left for you.”

‘Since you’re just going to kill me quickly, why do you have to act like such a jerk.’ The man scratched the back of his head.

Before leaving in the solitary cell and closing the door, the priest gave one last warning, “Do you remember the ceremony before you came to this room?”

“You mean sitting in the middle of pentagram painted with holy water and having my back sliced into?”

Compared the torture he’d faced in the past which left his where his insides feeling like they were being baked in an oven while his blood was sucked out of his body, last night was a almost a pleasant experience.

The priest nodded slowly and made an unpleasant expression.

“You have one rule on you. if you break it, the pain will return to your body and you will end up dying horribly.”

“I’d rather not. I’d rather die with a single stroke. So, what’s the rule?”

“Don’t talk to the saint.”

“—-That’s it?”

“Yes. Isn’t one of the demon’s ability is to mislead people by using their words?”

“I don’t have that kind of talent, but…”

It occurred to him that it was not a difficult constraint. Rather, if that would cause his life to be spared, he would be grateful.

And that’s where the story ended. Perhaps because people were afraid of devil, his meals came through a small hole in the door. He hadn’t seen anyone else for three days since he first arrived.

The woman appeared in front of him at the end of the fourth night.

‘You’re kidding, aren’t you?’

The woman watched hm in a haughty manner. The man, who wasn’t allowed to speak, only looked at her. He tried to swallow, but his mouth was dry. She had Ice-cold sky-blue eyes and silver hair that was as white as the first snow in winter.

The saint of the sun. Even he had heard rumors of a girl blessed by God. It was obvious who she was.

“Why are you staying still? Wasn’t the devil faithful to pleasure?”

Whether she was trying to deceive or test him, all kinds of delusions flashed through the man’s mind, but he could not come to a concrete conclusion. Then there was only one choice left. To unconditionally obey the words of the holy saint.

Even if it wasn’t her, there could not be another woman who told him to violate her as a demon. Resignation, gratitude and a little bit of lust warred within the man as he stretched out his hand.

The saint was not completely childish. Could she maybe be twenty years old?

While that young freshness remained, her face was enough to attract his interest.

No, it wasn’t really just an interest. From the moment he first made eye contact, he couldn’t tear his gaze away. The woman in front of him, apart from her position as saint, was no doubt a beautiful woman.

Her eyes, reddish lips, white skin, slender shoulders, and a slim figure under the robe. He felt like he would be punished by heaven if he laid his hand on her. Even if the god of beauty came, it seemed that they couldn’t be compared to her.

The man had made up his mind. It was clear that the saint was not an innocent woman and had come to comfort him since he would soon die. Then, this uselessly decedent room’s existence would be explained. It was prepared not for him, but for the saint. In any case, the man pulled the saint’s arm, deciding not to refuse.

The woman’s body flinched when he only touched her fingertips. The man laid her on the bed regardless. Unbuttoning his top and climbed top of her and her face quickly turned red. Her stiff face was evidence of her nervousness. She looked completely different from when she screamed for him to violate her, but he didn’t care much. It was natural to hate the devil.

This man had been born as a devil, but he was not a devil in his bones. Rather, he just a half-demon that had lost all of the important abilities. Not knowing how to entrust his body to pleasure, he faithfully followed his human instinct.

When he rolled up her thin robe, her white underwear and clean skin were revealed fully. There were no blemishes, let alone any scars, on the fine skin. It was different from his body that bore the marks of someone who had suffered from torture and worked hard. Feeling an unreasonable sense of immorality, the man ripped off his shirt.

The man lifted his head at her exclamation. The saint closed her eyes tightly, covering her face with her hands.

‘If you’re going to be so scared, why did you come…’

The man’s hand touched her slender waist and slowly moved up. Her chest was not big, but her waist was so thin that it looked relatively small. The man, who was carefully caressing her chest with one hand, at one point touched the one nipple.


At the same time a weak groan flowed from the woman’s mouth. Her nipples, which stood up in clear pink color, were hardened even by his clumsy caresses. In all truthfulness, this was his first time embracing a woman, but he was relieved that she seemed to be aroused.

The man leaned down slightly for more contact. The woman’s body flinched and reached when a warm tongue touched the pink nub. Every time he rolled his tongue, the tremor became clearer. Her reaction to every stimulus of his was lovely. As a man he couldn’t help but want to touch her more.

Every time their skin met, it became heated and their breathing got heavier. The woman wrung the sheet with one hand and her body twisted all over. The moans that leaked through the fingers that covered her face sounded like a song of a small bird to him. Was a woman coquettishness always so sweet? Everything was fresh and new to him.

That freshness of touching another’s bare skin amazed him. As someone who took a light handshake as a luxury, he never thought that one day he would lie naked in the same bed with such beautiful woman. From his fingers, arms, chests, collarbone, and neck, everywhere he touched the woman was very hot and cozy.

Loneliness was familiar. He’d never wanted to sleep with someone under a blanket either. But he felt so good that he wanted to go a little bit more, a bit stronger than the warmth that he had now.

Leaning into the primitive instinct, the man’s hand slipped inside her white underwear. When his finger touched her most secret part, the woman drew in a breath and arched her waist.


The soft two petals were already wet beyond measure. As soon as he checked her condition, he pushed his finger into her center. His middle finger glided inside as a transparent liquid wrapped around him.

‘W-What are you d—! Akh?!’

‘Now that we’re here you don’t tell me to quit now.’

He was already excited. Although he wanted to be buried inside the woman’s body right away, he tried hard to resist his desire. It’s too early. But he could not help his harsh breathing. He tried to slowly breath as he caressed the inside of the woman’s body with his fingers.


Every time he moved his finger, an uncontrollable moan broke out.

The woman eventually bit her lip, covering her mouth. Her hand that clenched up the sheet was a little more strained.

Licking her chest, biting her, and persistently stirring her inside, soon the tingling sound began to be heard in the woman’s ears. It was hard for her to believe what was happening to her body. She could no longer afford to hide her face.  Red-hot with her arousal, she felt like she’d been struck by lightning.

She felt smooth and tight, so the man slowly pushed his index finger inside. As the healthy man’s fingers filled her body, the woman’s face turned white.

“Ah, now, wait a minute…! I’m afraid my head is getting light. Heung?!”

A finger rubbed her clitoris without warning before it slipped back into her hole. At the same time, the woman curled her shoulders and shivered from the sudden stimulation.

It was her first orgasm.


Seeing her reaction, the man breathed hot breath, too. Then, his hands move in hurry to undo his belt. He was deaf to any objections and would be unable to stop now.

The moment she saw his large shaft, the woman’s expression hardened. The man understood her expression as disgust. It’s a familiar expression to him so he didn’t feel the need to care. Even the saint in front of him knew who he was and still did this.

However, the saint surprised him and spoke in a very cautious voice, “Go… as slowly as possible… please.”


He paused had not ordered him, but instead had made a request.

Even laughter did not come out. He didn’t want to go against the constraint and calmly suppressed his desire. Though at heart he wanted to rush like a beast, he slowly pushed his tip of his cock through her opening.

“Ah… out…!”

Pain mingled with the woman’s moaning. That’s when the man noticed something strange. However, there was no turning back. Pressing through the tight entrance, the moment his manhood thrusted deep inside, blood trickled from her hole and dyed the white sheet red.


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