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As her blurred vision cleared up, Enya let out a sigh of relief.

‘I’m back.’

It was because she was in the nest of the dreamer under the red sky a little while ago.

After killing the incubus, the nest collapsed as well. She thought she was going to die, but she teleported and safely moved to the Crown Princess’s office. Her mind and body were worn out, so she wanted to collapse, but she couldn’t fall because someone’s arms were tightly wrapped around her waist.

She was only now conscious of the man wrapped around her.

Covered in the dream demon’s blood, a man was holding Enya’s waist like a hook.

Helios Defert.

He was an honorable man who abandoned the imperial family’s name to become a knight of God in order to subdue the demon king. A hero who earned the nickname “Knight of Radiance” after eventually slaying the demon king.

Now that he was covered with the blood of the dream demon, he looked like a monster himself. But he was originally a great person who lacked nothing, whether it concerned his appearance, achievements, or merits.

And he was also a man whom Enya, the owner of the Magic Tower of Morgendah, was not on very good terms with.

His hands wrapped around Enya’s waist felt desperate. Amidst rising displeasure, she was about to tell him to get off of her, but the crown princess got up from her chair and hurriedly approached.

“What the hell is this… … Ugh.”

The Crown Princess, who approached, abruptly stopped and grabbed her nose with her thumb and forefinger.

“You smell terrible.”

The blood all over them awfully reeked. There was so much blood tangled up on them their hair color was unrecognizable and instead looked like puddles of highly viscous blood.

Deciding to get away from him, Enya pushed the sturdy forearm wrapped around her waist. But it was like steel.

“What are you doing, let go.”

As she tapped it with her fingertips, the man’s gaze, who was blankly blinking in the air, slowly turned to her.

Large green eyes flashed through his dark red blood-stained hair. The moment his gaze met hers, he pushed Enya straight away as if he had been burned. Helios seemed to come to his senses as she staggered and glared at him.

They looked each other up and down and shouted at the Crown Princess simultaneously.

“Your Highness.”

“Your Highness!”
Their glares collided sharply again. The princess, who covered her nose, smiled heartily as she watched the great talents of the empire shooting pointed stares at each other.

“You’ve gotten along really well.”

“No, sire.”

“It’s not like that, ha.”

Helios and Enya spoke in turn and glared at each other again.

“Huh. If not, that’s fine. Did you safely kill the dream demon?”

the princess asked she casually gestured to the several guards who were about to enter. However, the conversation failed to continue as they opened their mouths at the same time, stared at each other, and fought a fierce battle and spoke again at the same time.

Eventually, the crown princess raised her hand, not blocking her nose, and pointed at Helios.

“Speak first, Helios.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Ah, forego formalities. First, explain the circumstances.”

Helios looked at Enya with his eyes half lowered. His green eyes, which were clearly suppressed, seemed to be black.

Enya gritted her teeth. Does the world know that the leader of the Holy Knights, called the Knight of Radiance, was actually narrower than a leech?

There was no one to trust even if she told him, and since it was better to be cautious, Enya bit her lip tightly. Helios’ gaze, which had held her eyes, slowly returned to the crown princess.

“Your Highness, the dreamer has been safely killed.”

His low voice quietly echoed through the room.

“The succubus while mating died, we destroyed her nest, and while I was blocking the rubble from collapsing on us, Morgenda’s Mage Master teleported us and came here.”

“Good teamwork.”

The princess frowned slightly.

“By the way, Helios, Enya has a name, and Valencia is a decent surname, so until when are you going to call her the Master of the Magic Tower?”

“… … the problem is… … .”


“… … The dream magic won’t disappear from my body… … .”

Quietly ignoring the princess’s words, Helios went on to the main topic. The generous princess decided to let it go.

“What magic? I can’t see any particular flow of mana. Do you have any symptoms?”

Helios shut his mouth as if he had lost his tongue. His gaze was shaking as he looked down at the ground. Enya was quick to seize her chance.

“Your Highness, may I speak for Sir Helios?”

When the princess nodded her head, she continued her words with her head bowed.

“He’s fine now, but sometimes hallucinations come with a pain that feels like your limbs are going to be torn apart, and when the pain disappears, one gets mild delirium. It’s a curse of dream magic that even a holy knight and the owner of a mage tower can’t break.”

The princess nodded solemnly.

“First of all, it’s not the monster’s magic that caught you. It is a kind of curse.”

If it’s a curse, it’s sorcery. It was extremely rare for monsters to use sorcery, but it wasn’t the time to discuss it. It was because it would be a long way to lift the curse on a continent where witchcraft was taboo. As Enya’s expression crumpled violently, the princess waved her hand.

“Don’t be so pathetic. There is a way.”

“If there is a way… … .”

“I’m quite knowledgeable about sorcery. There is no need to break the curse.”

As if recognizing her resentment, the princess came up with a simple solution.

“You two can mate.”



It was so absurd that Enya couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Helios, whose situation was no different, also asked back blankly, turning white.

“Could you mean me and Morgenda’s Archmage?”

“Of course. Who else is there besides the two of you?”

The princess felt sorry for him, wondering if the dream demon’s blood had lowered his intelligence.

“The dreamer’s hallucinations disappear when the dreamer is full.”

What are you talking about?

“Since they were copulating right before they died, if you repeat copulation, the desire of the dead dreamer will be satisfied and the blood curse will naturally disappear.”

After coming up with a solution, the princess spoke indifferently.

“I don’t know how many days you stayed in the nest, but perhaps it would have been less painful if you had been attached. Maybe that’s why it’s fine now. You must have come close… … .”

The princess smiled brightly at the two who seemed to have lost their souls.

“Do it, mate. Teamwork. That’s enough.”

The princess, who said it was the easiest thing in the world, returned to her desk and sat down. And as if those words had solved all the problems, she started working.

“We should discuss post-processing and compensation. Finally!”

Between Helios and Enya, who were stiff like stone statues, Enya was the first to come to her senses.

“S-s- say, say, something that makes sense! Teamwork?”

“Yes, you just need to intersect your bottom without needlessly straining. Ah my mistake. You guys are not dreamers or beasts, but I keep saying mating. You can have sex.”

The princess frowned, not even looking at Enya. A blood vein rose up on her hard forehead.

“Why don’t you wash up a bit? The smell of blood is too strong.”

“Y-Y-Your Highness.”

“You are stuttering. Did your symptoms come back?”

“Your Highness!”

Enya flew like a butterfly and knelt at the princess’s feet. It wasn’t because she was exceptionally polite but because she lost all her strength.

“I-is there any other way? Huh?”

The golden eyes of the princess on the documents pulled away and looked at her as if it was a bother.

“There is a very simple way, so why look for another way? If it’s Helios’s appearance, there’s nothing to regret. You’re not bad either, Enya.”

“… … .”

“Don’t tell me you’re only interested in women, that’s my specialty too, but Helios is unfortunately a man.”

“That— that’s not it.”

“Then what is the problem?”

The crown princess, who was reputed to have a very light lower body, did not seem to understand Enya’s reaction at all. The corners of her eyes, which were raised fiercely, twitched, trying to guess her intentions.

“Ah, are you concerned about the rules of the temple? Our Helio is a paladin, but it has been a while since the temple lifted restrictions on physical activity.”

“Y—Your Highness.”

“Ah, if you’re worried about damaging your reputation, huh. Coordinate well with each other and set a date to meet so that rumors don’t spread. Then your honor won’t be troubled.”

You idiot, coordinating isn’t the problem.

“Of course I won’t say anything. You guys know that my lips are sealed and my mouth is heavy.”

It was a fact Enya knew, of course. The fact that the crown princess’s mouth was very heavy compared to her lower body, and that she was worthy of trust and loyality–But, but!

“It’s not possible!”

“Huh, Enya. What’s wrong with you? There are surprisingly few things that can’t be done in the world. If you let go of fear, a different world opens up. Were you such an unimaginative child?”

“Your Highness, please. Is there any other way? I-I already have a person in my heart!”

Enya blurted out whatever excuse came to mind first, conscious of the taste of the princess, who liked tragedy and comedy. However, her flimsy lie instead interested the princess.


“Yes, yes. It’s my first love that I’ve kept in my heart for a long time, and I was going to confess after this conquest.”

“Who is it?”

“… … It’s hard to say because it’s unrequited love. I’m afraid it would be disrespectful to him as well.”


Indeed, the corner of the princess’s mouth was stained with pity as she muttered that it was good news. After thinking for a while, the princess put her hand on Enya’s shoulder as if she had made up her mind.

“If you love someone, you should never penalize them for their past. I can’t tolerate such a small person.”

Enya felt as if she was about to rip her hair out. Who are you to talk about past or tolerate someone? That was not the problem in the first place.

“That—! I-is there any other way!”



Finally, Enya lay down and screamed in agony. Even so, the princess didn’t move and just said what she had to say.

“Look at Helios. Isn’t he so calm? You need to kill that temper. No, his disposition is also irascible, but your pitiful body is dismal. If you don’t gain some weight, you’ll collapse just by touching Helios.”

When the one and only crown princess of the empire started talking nonsense, Enya sent a rescue signal to Helios as if to say, “Hey do something!” Helios, however, reacted rather lukewarmly, perhaps intending to intermingle if necessary. Maybe it was because he was stained with blood, but the way he looked at her with his mouth closed seemed so sharp she felt her protest deflating.

Stunned, Enya sighed.

‘As foreseen, I never liked you from the beginning.’

Yes, looking back, it was a doomed relationship with Helios from the start.

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