DDLL – Prologue

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The light of the early night* was bright. (the word also doubles as ‘first night’)

The dark interior was adored and covered in red fabrics. The red cloth was even across the ceiling, fluttering, and red candles were emitting a soft glow.

Adele was sitting in a slip on the edge of the bed; she grabbed the hem of her dress with trembling hands. The maid who had tied her slip’s breast straps noticed her disquietude.

“My Lady… … . Are you okay?”

“It’s hard to breathe.”

Adele, breathing heavily, raised her head.

The mirror a maid had put up for dressing up her madame– Adele– her appearance and uneasy figure was reflected in it.

Her fine light brown hair, her face turning white from tension. Neat, straight features and light brown eyes shaking anxiously.

Cute pink lips that were currently being bitten and turning red.

Adele sighed deeply, turning the mirror face down.

“Madame, shall I loosen your slip?”

“I’m not talking about that.”

The maid knew. That Adele was having her first night at the age of 32. And that this was also her second wedding.

It was when the maid tried to give her words of comfort and consolation that the din of footsteps and the clattering of striking joints of armor rubbing against itself interrupted her train of thought.

Adele raised his head at the unusual sound.

Noah, her husband from now on—in fact from this very day, was standing at the bedroom entrance.

Dressed in dark red armor, he stepped on a white cloth bedecking the floor with muddy shoes.

Adele fluttered at the overbearing appearance of Noah.

After a moment, he took off his helmet, revealing dark hair and nicely tanned skin. Noah watched Adele with sharp golden eyes, then raised his red lips.

“*Smirk*… … .”

Adele chewed her lips.

The maids who were anxious around Noah blushed at his smile.

They started to move to remove his armor for the first night, but Noah shook his hand.

“Get out.”

His low bass voice reverberated, and the maids quickly left the room.

When she was left alone with Noah in the room, Adele clasped the bedsheet.

As he slowly sauntered, approaching her and the bed, Adele bowed her head.

Noah, who she thought would climb straight into the bed, entered the bathroom attached to the bedroom instead.

He didn’t even look at Adele. Shoot. When she heard the splash of water in the bathroom, Adele trembled and crawled to the corner of the bed, hugging her knees with her arms, hoping the time would stop.

She didn’t want him to come out of the bathroom.

But, to her dismay, the door to the bathroom where Noah was staying opened with a smooth creek.

Adele raised her head at the sound, and the scene of a clean and wet Noah entered her sight.

Noah was wearing an indigo robe that clearly showed his chest and wiping his dark hair with a towel.

The water droplets from his wet hair passed past the golden eyes with long lashes, descended to the side of his straight nose, and touched his red lips.

*Tuek* Noah unfastened the belt that tied and held his robe together and let it drop to the floor.

Then his body with wide, broad shoulders and taut muscles shined in the moonlight.

As the cloth around his lower body fell, it was delayed in its journey to the floor by an object before it completely fell—Adele saw the reason—a massive penis between his thick legs. She was looking at Noah’s body as if she had been possessed, blushing at the huge object and turning her head–greatly flustered when she realized what she had been doing.

Undaunted, a completely nude Noah walked over to the bed while Adele retreated, trying to create distance by scooting back.

Seeing her apprehensive behavior, he smirked with those bloody, red lips.

Adele turned her head, wanting to disappear at his blatant ridicule. Again, she ran into his fiery golden gaze.

His eyes were full of passion to devour her as a woman.

Shocked at the prospect of facing a hungry beast, Adele’s body stiffened, feeling suddenly exposed and susceptible.

“It’s the beginning of our first night.”

Perplexed, Noah looked at Adele hunching.

“You shouldn’t be squatting like that, or maybe we could use it.”

“…… How about rethinking this again?”


Noah asked softly as he moved closer to her, sitting at the end of the bed. But Adele flinched. However, he continued with his informal speech.

“I am your brother’s wife.”

“Not anymore. Because my brother is dead.”

Noah was calm without any feelings even though his brother was dead.

To him, it was okay to reach out to her, who was his sister-in-law only just a few days ago.

Adele shook his head in trembling as he touched her white ankles.

“Who obeys the law these days?”

“I do.”

“Everyone marries and puts each other on their family registry and lives separately. Who is even getting married, ahhhk!”

Instead of answering, Noah grabbed her thin ankle, pulling and dragging Adele down. Suddenly, she was in the middle of the bed. Struggling, she shifted her legs to escape.

As she did that, the less the slip stayed on her and the more clearly her legs were exposed.

“L-let go…….”

Noah, who ignored Adele’s words, caressed her white legs with his big hand.

With a satisfied smile, he lifted one leg slightly and licked it very slowly, as if savoring it.


As the surprised Adele moaned, Noah licked her inner thigh at a faster rate. This time, he bit her chubby flesh and sucked it.

Slurp– the cold, delicate, tickling sensation, made Adele shiver as if she were trying to escape, but he did not let go.

“Open up.”


“Sister-in-law, spread your legs.”

When Adele didn’t, instead of answering, Noah spread her legs wide with his hands.

Before she could even be surprised or stop him, he took his hot mouth to her labia, licking the mouth of her vagina, and pressed the clitoris with the tip of his tongue. After that, he sucked intensely.

Slurp, chuw!

Adele’s mouth fell agape to the thrilling sensation that flashed through her and caught her unawares.

“Oh, oooh!”

His tongue focused and sucked her clitoris for a long time.

It then rubbed against the entrance of her vagina and entered in.

Overwhelmed and not entirely in her right mind, Adele’s legs shuddered, and she grabbed Noah’s head. “No, ooooh, ah, haa d-don’t do it, uhhgnn…….”

Noah, who opened his mouth, put his thick finger this time through the damp hole. It was very narrow because it was her first time, but it was wet.

Smiling, he gently stroked her clitoris with his thumb.

Then, the more he did, the more Adele’s waist squirmed, her breasts jiggling and her nipples growing erect.


“Sister-in-law, you’re going to break my fingers.”

“Oh oh, d-do… it uh… … .”

“How will mine enter when you’ve tightened it like this?”

A hard, hot thing touched Adele’s feet. Between Noah’s legs, it was the size of his forearm. Noah rubbed his penis against her before she hurriedly moved her feet.

At the same time, the finger poking Adele inner circle moved quickly.

“Ahhhh, huh…….”

The wetter she got down there, the more cloudy Adele’s eyes became.

“No, no, ah ahhh, I feel good…….”

She felt the pleasure wriggling with his fingers savagely moving.

“Ah— no, ooh!”

Adele continued to hold back the sensation that something was about to pour out of her—it terrifyingly felt like she was about to pee! But just when she thought she was about to stop flinching, Noah’s thumb pressed her clitoris firmly.


Spray! There was a flood of transparent liquid fluid that came out of Adele’s vagina.

She was unwittingly drooling and breathing wildly, and Noah pulled out his finger.

“*Panting*… … .”

“Oh, you go too fast.”

Noah stared at Adele, sticking out his tongue, and licked his wet fingers soaked from her squirting.

His overly obscene appearance made her whole body hot.

“H- how on earth…….”

How did this all happen? It was just a brother-in-law relationship. It was a family, but one with proper distance—that kind of formal relationship.

It was from that day that the relationship went off.

Adele looked at Noah, closed her eyes, and remembered the day.

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