CAM – 3

This chapter was sponsored by Sanchita. Thank you!  The work given to Shada was very simple.  She was the Count’s dedicated maid.  She serves him, waits on him, prepares meals, makes tea, and cleans.  It was much easier than working at the Princess’s Palace in the past.  Shada savored the fact that she could enjoyContinue reading “CAM – 3”

CAM – 1

Truly, life was unpredictable; Shada thought that described her current situation perfectly. Unpredictable. Unexpected. Nerve-racking.    Her hands and feet twisted in anxiety as she stood in a new maid uniform.  Heavy silence weighed down on her shoulders.  The man crossed his long legs and watched the distressed maid right in front of him.  His expensiveContinue reading “CAM – 1”