CAM – 6

His eyes smiled at her. ‘So there’s no reason to feel burdened, Miss Shada.’ 

Shady heated up a little, feverish at how he unspokenly commanded and comforted her.

The Count’s voice kept buzzing in my ears. 

You want to do it? What? Do you want to be nice to me? Why? 

As questions ran through my head, the Count took off my maid’s white lace cap. I tried to avoid flinching when he touched my hair, but I lost all my energy and tension when I met his eyes. 

Count Kirchner undid my braids. 

It was a strange feeling to have someone touch my hair. When his hard fingertips touched my scalp, he lightly but firmly massaged my scalp. 

When I was young, nobody touched my hair like this except my mother. It was unfamiliar and awkward, but I didn’t hate the gentle movements that seemed cautious. 

I felt a surge of sleepiness as the medicine went up. Shada slept under his hand and then repeatedly tried to keep herself awake.

Soon her black hair was scattered over the white pillowcase and sheet. 

Count Kirchner lowered his hand, looking at the tiny heart-shaped face and the heavily hooded sparkling peach-yellow eyes wrapped around his shiny black hair. He spoke a beat late. 

“Miss Shada.” 

“Yes, my master.” 


Shada opened her eyes round. It was the first time that the Count removed her ceremonial title and only called her name.

“Who named you?” 

“My father.” 

“He has a peculiar taste.” 

“Yes, I’ve heard several times that the name is unique.” 

“No, it’s like a dog’s name.” 

I was dumbfounded, not angry. It was amazing, and such an absurd remark said so casually with such a noble face. 

Besides, it was funny to think, I, a maid, could protest or be angry at my Master. 

The Count added a critique to my bewildered face.

“You look more like a cat than a dog.” 

Is that a compliment or a curse?

As Shada’s nose twitched amid her ill health, the Count raised his lips silently. 

He grabbed a handful of her hair and touched it with a smooth hand gesture. 

Shada was forced to say something else so she could distract herself from his contact.

“I guess you really like animals. You also enjoy horse riding.” 


The Count was pointlessly affirming. 

“I like…” 

“Is it because horses are beautiful animals?” 

“Yes, that’s one thing but….” He kept talking softly. “But I’m thrilled that I’m the only one that climbs on top and rides it.”

Shada stopped talking. 

The Count whispered drowsy, staring at her with her mouth open. 

“Pretty and beautiful are good, but if you can’t ride on top, nothing is as sad.” 

“… Yes… Yeah.” 

“Because I can’t enjoy it.” 

I couldn’t take my eyes off the man’s lips. She thought she was getting weird. Even though there was no sexual nuance in his monotonous tone… maybe I was the strange one who wants it to sound obscene. 

Shada faintly thought, hazy with a fever higher than before. 

No, but… Does it really mean anything? Would he look at me with those heavy eyes, saying such things casually? 

My mind was chaotic. 

Her red eyes reflected his peridot-colored ones. 

Slowly, as if there was a rising emotion, his calm expression changed completely. His eyes grew tight as if holding something in as his upper body leaned over her. 

His head bowed to the side of her face. 

In the blink of an eye, the man who got close to her locked her up in the shadows. 

“Mast—?” He did not answer the call. 

Her lips were swallowed like a bolt of lightning. 

Her reflexively struggling hands were interlocked and pressed into the mattress by his clenched fingers. 

Hot lips licked and spread lips apart. Then his hot tongue teased her red inner flesh and drank her saliva. 

It was an intense kiss that was as wild and harsh as swallowing a storm. 

Shada was so overwhelmed with his lust and mascline sensuality that she moaned.

Haa- He sighed with a low growl, a momentary pause. 

And with an even wilder spirit with a tougher momentum, he rushed into Shada’s barely breathing lips.

In the midst of being kissed insanely, Shada felt the bed tumbling as if something weighty had gotten on it.

Now his body was completely on top of her. 

His big hand intertwined with her black hair caressed and covered her heated cheeks. 

Every part he touched was hot. 

Struggling with unfamiliar excitement, Shada instinctively clung to him. 

Count Kirchner rubbed and massaged her thighs and lower back, then turned her head and mixed his tongue with her tongue and grabbed her breasts. Shady, stunned by the blatant sexual gesture, gasped, and he slowly lifted his lips. 

Chok- The saliva was drooping with a sound. 

The man with shiny lips was erotic. Even those longing eyes like a hungry beast. 

The exchange of gazes continued in the midst of silence. I closed my eyes deeply and then opened it. Green eyes were shining more intensely than ever. My head was dull and blank. Even in the midst of dizziness, the man was so clear that I was dizzy. 

Shada closed her eyes darkly as she watched him lower his head to kiss her quietly again.

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  1. “Chok- The saliva was drooping with a sound” Is “chok” the sound? I didn’t know drooping saliva made a sound. WHAT DOES CHOK SOUND LIKE!?!?!

  2. Hmmm; couldn’t he wait until she was healthy X’DD? How alluring can a sick woman be? If I’m sick I just wanna stay in bed all day and do nothing XD

  3. “Pretty and beautiful are good, but if you can’t ride on top, nothing is as sad.” OMG, hahahaha, I know we’re gonna have snu snu at some point but his words are a lot more provoking that his actions, idk what to say.

    I’m still kinda scared for Shada, idk lol.

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