CAM – 49

According to common sense, yes.

So Shada looked into Huey’s eyes and gave a common-sense answer.

Either way, he didn’t seem to care much about whether her answer was correct or not. Huey flashed a bright smile. [t1v: ugh my heart hurtssss]

“I usually think so.”

“Am I wrong?”

“No, you’re right.”

“…… ?”

Shada tilted her head.

She looked even more innocent as her heart-shaped, mature, flawless face studied his countenance.

Huey gazed at her as if he were looking at a flower that he had nurtured preciously.

“Actually, there is no right answer. What you think is commonsense, some cannot take for granted. Depending on the child’s decision, his hometown will change according to the path he takes. It could be both.”

It seemed like he wasn’t sure of the answer himself. But to a certain extent, Shada got a whiff of a sense of what he was trying to say.

“However, wherever one is from, it must have had an impact on how the child grew up and became an adult. If he was a plant, it would be like growing on two soils. So, what I want to say is…….”

Huey caressed her cheek, as she concentrated on his words.

“That’s how important one’s environment is. It can turn people upside down.”

That was correct.

Originally, Shada hadn’t been this shy and self-conscious. Even when she was young, she wasn’t boisterous, but she trusted people and laughed plenty.

Being hurt in her first relationship had also been a terrible blow, but one of the most difficult things was a couple of scary, strange men who creepily lingered around her.

Whether it was Shada’s odd fate or their weird constitution, as she got older, occasionally the boys got more and more twisted. But a few of them were really good.

Most were scary and repulsive, many lacked character and others approached her with force.

Afterward, Shada thought that there was something wrong with her causing these men to be twisted.

That’s right. If she kept encountering strange people and everyone disliked her, maybe there is something wrong with her. Is it because she was vulgar and cheap like her ex-best friend shouted?

If the people around you repeat a lie often enough it is natural to start believing in it; brainwashed and tormented.

Shada’s self-esteem was utterly ravaged and she just kept shrinking.

There was one time when a knight fell in love with her and he chased after her. Shada was put in a difficult situation because he pursued her wherever she went, courting her and offering flowers.

Even a polite refusal was of no avail.

He was convinced that Shada was arrogant and that a maid like her could not resist the proposal of a well-off knight like himself.

On the surface, the circumstances of the knight were good. But Shada was overwhelmed by his reckless and blind emotions that were heavy and threatening.

Because he declared he loved her, but he didn’t care what Shada loathed or feared.

It was strange.

She was an innocent girl who knew nothing, but her innate vigilance spoke to her.

No matter how much the people urged her to take the advantageous match around her and whispered it was a marriage that a maid like her could never dream of, she hated it.

It was alarming… Yes, it was dreadful.

It had been extremely uncomfortable and painful to reject the other person’s feelings for her, but strangely, she couldn’t bring herself to like him, apart from feeling clumsy sympathy for him. But strangely he didn’t get better.

Sometimes, the job of a maid was tough, so she thought it would be okay if someone liked her through thick and thin but fortunately, she succeeded in rejecting the man in the end.

Considering Shada’s timid personality and environment surrounding her, accusing her of being arrogant, and witnessing such passionate love for her for the first time, it was really fortuitous.

There were many cases of marriages that were not wanted because circumstances trapped them or people pushed them.

Had that been the case, Shada’s life would have fallen into hell.

When she finally refused him, the knight couldn’t contain his anger and struck Shada.

She genuinely feared she might die.

Compared to Shada, he was an adult man, who had lost control and slapped a young girl on the cheek hard enough to make her bleed.

Her head had hummed, she could barely breathe and her legs lost their strength.

Luckily she had been rescued by the guards nearby.

If a lady passing by at the time hadn’t reported it, Shada didn’t want to imagine what worse thing would have happened… … .

It was terrible.

That was not the end, the knight’s stalking continued in earnest. Whether he sent creepy objects, threatening letters, or sensing she was being watched.

The blood in her veins shriveled up; she lived in anxiety and panic.

At that time she lost weight and didn’t live like a person.

But at some point, amid the haze of fear muddying her mind… she realized it had stopped.

Even afterward she had worried that he might appear again, but as the days, weeks and months passed it remained quiet and Shada finally regained her mental stability.

She wondered if that scary man had gone somewhere else, but she didn’t want to think about it, so she didn’t inquire.

Absent-mindedly, Shada had been enveloped by her memories of the past. Sullen

Sensing Huey’s intense, deep gaze she woke up from her stupor, and upon meeting his eyes she gave him a weak awkward smile.

Shada was relieved that his green eyes did not move away from her.

Standing next to such a strong and great person, strange men could not bother her. Huey had even saved her from the beastly Princess Julia.

“Miss Shada.”


“I think I will have to leave the mansion for a while.”


Because of her recent thoughts, she had asked a daring question without realizing it. As Huey’s expression darkened, Shada flinched and babbled an excuse.

“… No, I’m just, I mean, I was just surprised. Are you going far?”

“No. On the founding day, His Majesty the King gave an order from me to stay by his side. I’ll be his escort.”

As if he could clearly see Shada’s stomach twisting in a knot while trying to be unaffected, Huey smiled strangely and gently rubbed her cheek with his curled index finger.

It was like soothing a puppy who was sad about the owner’s outing.

Shada was embarrassed that she was a pet, but she didn’t feel bad about it. Actually, it was good. His loving eyes and affectionate hands were so warm.

“I will be right back,” Huey whispered and kissed Shada on the cheek.

I’ll be back soon, so don’t worry, I’m safeguarding the house.

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  1. “She wondered if that scary man had gone somewhere else, but she didn’t want to think about it, so she didn’t ask”.

    I’m thinking the disappearance has something to do with Huye…

    “I’ll be right back,” Huey whispered and kissed Shada on the cheek.

    Oh no. Now the princess will take the opportunity to do something bad for Shada.

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