CAM – 48

In fact, her master did most things on his own.

At first, she was surprised by the occasional task like making a light sandwich or toast.

None of the nobles Shada had seen would enjoy a one food meal that commoners would enjoy. Nevermind Princess Julia.

“Yes. He was a sincere and responsible person. Although he was a little blunt.”

Hmm. Huey picked up the sandwich she had made for him and took a bite, swallowing the food and rubbing his chin.

“Miss Shada must look like her father.”


Shada scratched her cheek. The thought had never occurred to her. Still, she must have resembled him.

“I heard a lot of people say that I resemble my mother. Personality as well as my nose and hair color.”

“Then, your mother was also a beauty?”

“Don’t say that.”

She blushed slightly and averted her eyes.

Huey was watching her happily.

“Why? If they resemble each other, it seems like a natural conclusion.”


Shada stretched his title in protest. Gazing at the seemingly troubled Shada he licked the sauce off his lips.

She was timid and stole glances at him often, but her expression was more varied the more he watched her.

And the number of words and Shada’s speaking skills improved by leaps and bounds. The more they talked and made eye contact, the more Shada felt at ease with him.

Huey, who put in a lot of effort without realizing it, was happy with her seemingly small changes.

Anything could be pretty, but honesty is the prettiest. For example, the honesty of enjoying sex.

Huey inquired while fiddling with her black hair.

“How was Miss Shada’s childhood?”

“My childhood?”


His green eyes gleamed with infinite interest.

My childhood? Shada’s eyes searched the floor and pondered, then said candidly.

“Uh… I don’t know what to say. It’s just an ordinary story with nothing worth mentioning.”

“It doesn’t matter though. I am interested because it’s about you.”

For example— He blurted out words and suddenly stared deeply into her eyes, searching them carefully.

Not knowing what his subtle expression meant, Shada was mystified.

When she looked back and their eyes met, Huey smiled.

“For example, how many people were in your family, what made you laugh and what made them scold you when you were young. Even small things like that are fine.”

He was a particular person.

But even though she thought him particular was she any different when her heart was pounding this intensely?

Shada looked away and murmured haphazardly:

“I was the only daughter. So, I grew up being the cute one. Ah, they had a second child, a younger brother after me…….”

Once she opened her mouth, more words flowed out than she had expected.

As she chatted, immersed in memories, Shada was smiling softly.

His dark green eyes did not fall from her face.

Shada, belatedly realizing that she was the only one talking, blinked and smiled sheepishly.

“They were good parents. To the point, I feel guilty for not being able to do more for them.”

“You were only 16 when they passed. Miss Shada has nothing to feel guilty about,”

Huey replied calmly but firmly.

He already wiped the water that had amassed around her eyes with longing.

“They must have been very proud of their young daughter trying to do her part in a rough place. In fact, I am certain of it.”

“… If anyone overheard you they would think the royal palace is a very dangerous place.”

“Because it is.”

He spoke very coldly. Although it was only a second, an icy expression filled with a cold flame passed over his face.

The mood and impression of when he was smiling to when he donned a numb, chilling expression was so incompatible that Shada couldn’t comprehend it, so she blinked blankly.

Huey, who quickly cleared his frosty aura, abruptly grinned.

“Can I tell you an interesting story?”

His index finger tapped the tabletop.

“There was a child. And he grew up in completely different, extreme environments. One was a dirty gutter, the other was an abundant, wealthy place that resembled paradise. So let me ask….”

Looking at her pink eyes that were wide open in ignorance, Huey clasped his chin and smiled crookedly.

“Where should this child consider his home?”

“Of course… shouldn’t it be the wealthy place?”


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