CAM – 47

Even if it’s rough and coercive in bed… pretending to be someone else… she didn’t hate it… at all. It was shameful and embarrassing that she couldn’t help but cry out loud due to the sheer pleasure she felt.

Sometimes she felt irritation and resentful but as soon as her eyes met his sweet ones she would automatically grow limp and helpless; yielding and vulnerable to him, as if she were seeing the most beautiful thing in the world, and automatically getting wet…….

Shada rubbed her blushing face and climbed the ladder to put a book away on a high shelf. Let’s think about something different. She had to work.

While inserting the books one by one, she tilted his head when he saw a leather-bound book. Was this the wrong book?

“Put it in the compartment to your right.”


Shada jumped in surprise by the sudden voice. As a result, the ladder she was on wobbled.

Fuck! Shada staggered and fell, closing her eyes tightly. But there was no pain or the sound of her falling.

As her pink eyes flashed open, startled— Huey who had caught her, burst into laughter.

“Was I too frightening? I was trying to be suave and helpful.”

Embraced by his firm and warm arms, Shada, still holding her pounding chest, had tears in her eyes.

“My apologies. I really surprised you.”

“It’s true I jump at the smallest noise.”

Originally Shada’s mother was like that, but now in her adulthood she was like that too. She was like a small startled animal, there were some people who teased her because of it, and indeed it may have been amusing but Shada was seriously surprised.

“Because I’m so small-chested [t1v: she’s saying her heart is timid and she is easily startled] … … .”

“Hmm? That’s not true.”

Yes? Shada blinked, but as his eyes moved to her breasts, her white face turned red instantaneously.

She shouted in a small voice: “Master!”

“Yes, Miss Shada.”

He gently replied with a friendly smile.

Shada was blushing and so flustered she had no choice but to keep her mouth shut.

He pretended to be neat and wholesome but when she least expected it he made lewd jests, but unfortunately, in most cases, Shada did not know what to do with herself and only suffered steadily. And he seemed to enjoy her expressions.

He was a bad master.

“Working is good, but take it easy. You haven’t eaten lunch yet, have you?”

Huey kissed Shada’s flushed cheek, as he walked to the table and sat down on a chair and hugged her.

She felt like a little girl or a pretty doll. Shada had never been treated like this except by her father, who died when she was young.

As her pink eyes stared at him, Huey tilted his head while taking out the sandwich and fruit juice she had brought from the kitchen.

“Why are you staring at me like that?”

“Err. It’s just… … .” you remind me of my father. It was a soft murmur she had spoken to herself, but it was clearly audible to Huey’s ears. He looked at Shada with his head bowed.

The sound of a chair being pushed back and sitting on it was heard.

As Shada lifted her head, Huey opened her mouth, ripping off the familiar sandwich wrapper and pushing it towards her.

“Shada’s father must have been a good man.”

As one of many unexpected things about him, Huey had a very easygoing attitude, unlike his appearance, was also surprisingly tidy and wore basic clothes and shoes.

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  1. i had this purchsed long time but really busy at work that i cannot continue reading…. but bruh, i am now super curious about his identity and posibilities of shada or how are they gna progress these love story knowing they are against King and princess… Shada, its ok to be greedy sometimes sweetiee

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