CAM – 46

Huey, Count Kirchner was well-read and read a lot of books even though he was a military officer.

It was a bit different from Shada’s impression of usual knights, but it seemed to fit Huey well.

Sometimes he gave the impression of an elite handling papers rather than a knight with blood on his hands.

In any case, the Count’s library had an enormous collection of books. Shada, who was mopping in the place filled with the scent of paper, massaged her back and stared at the long, gigantic bookshelves.

Shada wasn’t particularly interested in books and didn’t like cleaning spacious areas, but she liked this place. Because It was enjoyable to see Huey sitting in the study or reading a book.

A man who is immersed in something has a soothing calm charm.

Gentle, elegant and intelligent.

It was surprising to see such a person change at night. Of course, not only at night.

Shada slapped her red cheeks and hurriedly busied herself with the mop.

Although Huey was disgruntled with Shada, who tried to get up in the morning to work even after rolling around all night, she was proud and optimistic that she was faithful to her job.

Although he never said it outloud, the way he admired Shada’s rough hands, and the way she stared at her determined chin at work was warmer than any other time.

Unless she was sick and her body was alright, she was set on working. In his eyes, the work of a maid wasn’t insignificant.

As if she had completed a great and arduous duty, his face as he kissed Shada’s tired hand after a day’s work was not only friendly, but even reverent.

At that, Shada felt like she had been possessed again.

He was really a bizarre man.

A knight who was loved by the whole kingdom and accomplished and competent— but also kind and caring to a maid—even if his feelings were left out, to look at Shada without looking at the noble Princess, was ridiculous.

Except for the fact that he was in a relationship, he respected and cared for her from start to finish. Even though he didn’t have to at all.

To put it bluntly, if Huey wanted Shada, she wouldn’t be in a position to refuse.

Shada’s refusal, even indirectly, was proof that Huey cared for her.

Had it been for the other nobles, Shada would have to sit and obey being a mistress, trembling and timid.

So, now you are not a mistress? An inner voice whispered.

Shada’s slightly excited heart calmed down.

Now their relationship was ambiguous. They mixed their bodies every day, have sex all day and night, and communicate deep emotions, but to the outside they were simply the master and the maid.

She knew Huey wanted her. Maybe even a romantic relationship. No, he did want one—probably. But—Yes, the problem was herself, who was still hesitating mentally and mumbling, ‘But.’

But, that’s the way it is.

Shada murmured like a foolish girl trying to rebuild a pillar that had already collapsed.

Again, she resented her depressing situation.

Why am I a maid?

Had she been born as a noble at the very least, there would have been no sense of shame, guilt and fear of coveting things above her station.

No, even amongst nobles, there were different ranks.

Ah. Why was he Count Kirchner?

If someone was too out of one’s league, it was a burden.

Haaaaa, sighing, Shada grabbed the books and stood up.

What was the point of thinking about it? She pushed herself to do  some work and busied herself until her complicated situation left her mind for the time being.

It almost worked. But the man named Hugh who drove her worried and timid to this point was too much of a great man.

Shada’s mind went into a vortex remembering how she went blank because of him drawing pleasure from her in all sorts of bizarre ways, making her cry, and eventually making her clinging to him as he made her twitch without skipping a day.

She felt like a bird in a cage perfectly tamed by him.

For a moment, she was terrified.

Wouldn’t this mean that she wouldn’t be able to sleep a day without him? Wasn’t it concerning that it was not unusual for her to feel strange emotions just by subtly touching his body.


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  1. Oh girl I should be worrying on the fact that he is still engaged to the psycho….. she should make a run before pompeii explodes for real…..

  2. She is the typical white lotus FL in transmigrated villain novel … The one that look pure and even believe she herself is kind n pure while having affair with the villain’s fiance. Look how she already thinking why she is not from aristocrat family and in the chapter before, she was excited thinking that she could having sex with the villain’s fiance. And the ML is just a scumbag that using the princess while having affair with his maid. . .the princess had a bad personality just to justify their affair. to make them less guilty. The plot is rubbish and I come here just for the smut but I can’t stand this adulterer…so I just said it here to those who support the protagonist relationship. Cheater is just cheater. Don’t insult the word love.

    1. I really like this story, but I totally agree with you there. As much as I enjoy reading the ML & FL’s scenes together, fact of the matter is the ML is a cheater and the FL is a 3rd wheel. I know she’s forced to do so in the beginning, but in recent chapters it feels like the author is trying to whitewash this fact, and it’s unfortunate. What the ML is doing is cheating. It doesn’t matter if the Princess is a psycho or not.

  3. I don’t like the earl, I don’t like him having sex with Shada while he has a bride. I know the princess is terrible, but this earl is not a flower that smells either. And Shada, my god, even her thoughts are changing, before she wanted to leave, now she feels inside for not being noble, and no longer thinks it’s “wrong” to be with the earl.

    I’m following the story because I’m really curious to see where this is going.

  4. I love this story so much. I don’t mind he has a bride or not in this case as certainly he is being forced to engage. Just waiting to see how he and Shads love can continue

  5. When will there be more chapters?

    I’m really looking forward to reading the next few chapters, I hope the princess can’t seem to carry out her evil plans.

  6. I get why shes afraid, and on his side he cannot let go of her bcs he loves her and he cannot part ways that easily with the princess too. The only thing i am seeing this wrong is its like hes taking advantage of her and coveting her without assurance of her safety and the morals. What can we say tho? this is smut…. imagine tahging this as smut and they arent doing any sht until the last pages of the book 🤷

    In any case, i believe in you Huey… as much as i am seeing hes character having a secret identity that he cannot reveal yet im taking that as a card for a 360 degrees turn… remember when he says its not yet the time to reveal and make their relationship known, he has it but he is waiting for something. But pls make sure to protect her. I am trusting the ML.

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