CAM – 44

He thought it was impressive that she had endured it for so long.

Certainly, she was pretty.

Was it because of her unusual eye color?

Indeed, she was memorable. Perhaps… ….



Cool green eyes startled him out of his thoughts.

Confronted with a gaze that resembled a wild beast at night, Jules stopped breathing and got goosebumps.

The Count was an odd person for an esteemed aristocrat, but Jules couldn’t put his finger on why—besides, now wasn’t the time to wonder— the Count watched him for an eerily long time.

Jules’ spine grew cold. Just when he was about to break down and asked why he was being glared at, the Count gave him a welcomed declaration.

He said he would go to the founding day in person.

Even after Jules bowed and said his farewell the Count’s eyes followed him.

Jules returned to the palace, rubbing the goosebumps on his arms.

However, Princess Julia, for some reason, was more concerned with something else other than the Count’s message.

It was that maid.

“That dark-haired girl. Is she still with him?”

Of course, she was talking about Shada.

Jules immediately responded that he had not seen any sign of her.

But the princess was not satisfied.

“Where would she be hiding? She must have snared him in.”

The princess, nervously arguing about what a lowly, ignorant girl might have done, stepped on the hand of the maid who was washing her feet and kicked the silver basin, saying the water temperature was unpleasant.

Jules watched the confused and drenched maids mopping the floor, looked around, and asked,

“How are you so sure? The Count is not interested in women…….”

Perhaps something else happened, but he had heard no talk or rumors about the Count being promiscuous or being amongst the group of men who flirted with maids.

Princess Julia, who was biting her nails, confessed something unexpected,

“His eyes.”


“I saw the eyes that Huey had for her. Is that the glaze you give a maid?”

She had never seen the Count look at her like that before.

She felt like she was going crazy with anger and jealousy.

The deep eyes that flickered subtly as if on fire profoundly below belonged to a man.

She didn’t see it erroneously.

After that, his subtle demeanor had been annoying.

In fact, it was nothing, but everything bothered her.

It happened after the black-haired foot maid followed him.

In addition, Princess Julia, by happenstance, recalled an old memory.

When they had been newly engaged, while the Count escorted her for a walk around the palace, he often watched the water flowing down the canal as they walked along the artificial stream.

At that time, she thought it was just because the palace’s striking waterways were beautiful, but that wasn’t the case.

If one wanted to see splendid scenery, the real view was upstream where there was an artificial island, there is no reason to be bewitched by downstream.

But every time he entered the palace, he took a walk there.

Downstream is where the maids did the laundry.

According to what the princess recently found out from a maid, it was around that time that the maid was working all day at the laundry. Unsurprisingly, after her work moved, the princess’ walks with the Count along the aqueduct were cut off.

Wasn’t that too coincidental?

She was only a maid.

Princess Julia gritted her teeth.

How could she completely trample it and destroy it?

The cruelest and brutal way—so it would be impossible to recover.

In particular, she wanted to thoroughly break that maid as a woman, so she couldn’t even appear in front of Huey.

Julia was very clever when it came to cruelty. She was very good at figuring out which torture would be the most painful for the other person.

Princess Julia smiled with compassion.

“Come to think of it, there were quite a few guys who were seduced by that girl, weren’t they?”

She was a girl who excelled at attracting men with her looks, so shouldn’t she give an appropriate gift that fits her character?

* * *

Huey had been in a terrible mood for a lengthy time.

There were intrusive visits to his manor, one after another since morning.

As a result, he could not enjoy the pleasure of holding Shada as soon as he opened his eyes.

He bit his inner cheek and licked his lips.

He wanted to sleep with his cock in her and hold her until he woke up.

As he imagined her sleeping and tightening around his member, his lower body heated up.

If Shada had been a little less shy, he’d be willing to embrace her every morning.

He hadn’t even sated half of his needs yet. And he was thinking of trying everything with Shada, slowly step by step and learning.

Shada was shy and cries well, but she was born physically gifted.

If he embraced her every day and did it again and again, wouldn’t it be possible to make her wet just by making eye contact?

If she clings and wails, saying she doesn’t know what to do, he thought it would be thrilling.

But alas, it couldn’t be this morning.

“Hello, it’s been a while, Mr. Kirchner.”

When the Count laughed silently, only then did the other party laugh happily, as if he had accomplished a feat.

“I’m sorry. Are you Count Kirchner? I’m so happy to see you I can’t believe my eyes.”

“It’s been a while, Marquis Baylem.”

The marquise nodded his head in an immaculate greeting.

They smiled at each other and looked like old friends that had not seen each other in a long time but the reality couldn’t have been further from the truth.

What was even worse, was the fact that both of them knew this very well. After spending some time over a cup of tea, without anyone speaking first, they put down their teacups and stared at each other.

“It’s hard to see your face these days. What’s going on?”

“I am not feeling well, so I am taking a break. I need to take care of myself.”

If having sex in a row was recuperation, of course, Huey was resting well.

He looked at his opponent with expressionless eyes. A sly elder, the Marquis of Baylem was an aristocrat that was an ardent worshiper of the kingship, insisting on the doctrine of the divine right of kingship from at least a century ago.

His father was the man who executed the last President of the old republic and placed his dead body on the wall, so the marquis passed on power to the current king.

And the Marquis was very displeased with the future groom of the princess, which was favored by the current king.

This is because the young Count was a war hero who was rumored to be an illegitimate child from his point of view of pedigree-ism, was a threat to the throne.

Kirchner’s overwhelming popularity and prestige, he argued, was not necessary when the war was over.

If one looked a little deeper, it was because he thought the Count was a threat to his position.

Once upon a time, the Marquis tried to make his son the royal groom but failed because of the Count.

In many ways, it was not surprising that the Marquis felt inferior to the young hero.

Having a child was useless.

The Marquis skillfully erased his displeasure and gave his political opponent a kind smile.

“The princess must be upset. She looked forward to the day the Count returned from the battlefield.”

“It is my disloyalty.” [t1v: also could translate to ‘my inadequacy/my fault’]

Huey smiled without blinking an eye.

The Marquis’ brows subtly frowned while staring at the Count’s smooth, flawless face, gently frowned.

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