CAM – 43

Who else is there besides himself coming in the early morning?

Somehow, it seemed like an excuse, so Jules licked his lips and eventually followed her without saying a word.

The Count’s mansion had a minimal and frugal appearance compared to the fame of Count Kirchner.

It was famous as a luxurious villa from the previous generation.

After all, as soon as the current count received the title, he put it up for sale, so there was a lot of talk.

The maid took him and took him to a simple second-floor drawing-room.

As soon as the maid saw the man in the purple robe, she bowed her head politely, Jules came to his senses and stood up straight.

“I brought the guest.”

“Good job, Molly.”

Wearing a light robe with his slightly damp golden hair, the Count glanced at Jules, sipping his tea leisurely.

As the cold green eyes pierced through him, a strange chill swept through Jules.


He slowly crossed his legs. It was a movement that made Jules think of a male lion raising its head.

“What are you doing at this hour, vassal?”

Jules, possessed by the count’s elegant and cold atmosphere, barely regained consciousness and coughed trying to recuperate his composure.

Oddly enough, this count was more difficult to deal with than royalty in some ways.

His motto was being polite to whoever he was faced with. The Count’s demeanor did not bring to mind his notoriety on the battlefield.

“This is Princess Julia’s message.”

He bowed his head and handed over the letter.

The maid, unphased, put it on a silver tray and carefully delivered it to the Count.

Jules peaked up and saw a long finger picking up a letter in my severed field of vision.

The Count was silent for a moment. In the meantime, Jules stood by with his back straight and politely clasped her hands as he waited.

The sharp shaved jawline of the man reading a letter with his eyes downcast looked as elegant as a work of art.

It was as if he had been raised a Duke or high noble from birth without a single hair out of place.

He understood why the princess, who was the only royal child, was enthralled and fallen in love. He really was the perfect groom. No, wait—perfect?

Now he recalled a rumor about the Count’s origin, almost forgotten by the public.

Strictly speaking, he was not born of a pure, blue-blooded bloodline. Count Jeon’s children all died prematurely, so he adopted his younger brother’s son born out of wedlock and raised him as an heir.

Of course, it was a rumor, and only the Count, his biological parents, and the dead count knew the truth. After all, the young Count Kirchner was extremely noble.

Jules’ thoughts were shattered with a languid sigh.

“I think the princess is angry because I am absent.”

he murmured, tapping the armrest with the envelope. Contrary to his tone of regret, the expression on his face was languid and calm like the flowing afternoon river.

White sunlight glimmered on his handsome forehead and slender lips.

Truly, his mysterious atmosphere disappeared like a ghost.

Jules tilted her head. It had been several years since Count Kirchner became engaged to Princess Julia, and the man he always saw in the palace and the man he was seeing today seemed different.

Somehow, the indescribable minute expressions and the air… … . Jules glanced at the purple robe wrapped around his slender, masculine neckline, neckline, and collarbone, and suddenly he remembered the dark-haired maid, the subject on which the princess had committed evil.

No way? But the beautiful neat appearance of the maid faded from his thoughts.

In addition, the Count had not the nature to indulge in women.

There must be another reason to take the maid perhaps… … .

But it wouldn’t matter to Princess Julia whether they really slept or not, would it?

At times, it seemed that she was looking for a reason just because she wanted to kill a maid named Shada.

Because that maid easily bought the malice of the women around her to the point of it being strange.

Even a small mistake committed by that maid seemed like such a big deal and made her stand out even more.

In order to justify the hostility, everyone around her was relentless and cold, as if they had been looking for a chance to fault her. Sometimes, such subtle bullying is more frightening.

Jules had actually told the others that Shada had quit her job.

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