CAM – 42

He grabbed Shada’s dark hair and gave an expressionless order. Contrary to his calm face, his voice was unstable.

“Ha—open your mouth. Open your mouth.”

Shada did as she was told. It didn’t matter if she was possessed or tamed. It just seemed like she had to do what he wanted, and she wanted to.

His savory penis slid through her open mouth.

Huey grabbed Shada’s head and shook his waist several times.

Shada was mesmerized by the sight of him completely dissatisfied, even as she frowned as a huge thing came in and gave her a sore mouth with a strange taste.

The man’s appearance as if he was ruined and tortured by himself had a strange charm.

She had a strange satisfaction, a subtle ecstasy lit her eyes.

She felt really strange and warm.

Rather than disgust, tears welled up in the corners of his eyes with excitement and arousal.

Huey, who was gasping, frowned for a moment as a drop of tears fell across her cheeks, and then slowed her hips down.

Shada saw his expression as he wiped away her tears and knew he was going to stop.

A face mixed with sadistic excitement and tender consideration.

Even Shada was getting a glimpse of the fact that sometimes he pushed her hard, but was careful not to cross a line.

A man who always cares for you even without you knowing it.

Unwittingly Shada sucked his penis, which was about to back off.

She hadn’t known what to do, it was an instinctive move. But she had done something right. Huey just let out a groan.

She licked him with her tongue. like sucking candy.

“Shit. you… … .”

He grabbed her cheek again. and their eyes met.

He was like a mad horse— unbridled. Saliva dripped and drooling where groans and moans broke out.

Suddenly, Huey pulled mine out and ejaculated on her face.

A white liquid was smeared on his distraught facial features and the pink eyes he loved.

Huey gasped as if he ran the length of the world, panting, grabbed and lifted Shada’s chin, and kissed her.


Princess Julia’s hysteria was at its peak.

She seemed to shrink dozens of times a day.

It was difficult to keep up with the more demanding and vicious owner, but just yesterday, the princess nearly killed a maid while beating her.

As always, the maid’s crime was that she was dark-haired as opposed to doing anything special.

Recently, Princess Julia hated black hair so much that the maid who accidentally caught her eye was also very unlucky.

In fact, Jules felt his position was more pitiful than the maid.

How many maids were dying these days? Had he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have let the maid named Shada run away then.

Everything was messed up when Count Kirchner took her away. The restless Jules ran to the Count like the wind as soon as the princess threw the teacup over his head.

His request to visit had already been rejected a few times, but shouldn’t he persist?

So he was sitting in the Count’s drawing room today. Noticing the impeccable smile of the butler who politely served tea.

“You are here again.”

His eyes looked tired and troubled. Or maybe it’s because Jules himself felt that way.

Jules coughed.

“Is the Count inside?”

“You know, it’s early in the morning, so he’s still sleeping.”

This time he couldn’t pretend to know; it was a gentle rebuke for arriving at the Count’s doorstep in the early hours of the morning.

Jules knew well enough that his actions were against the manners of aristocratic society, but he was so desperate.

Jules skillfully avoided the butler’s gaze and bowed his head.

“Because the princess suffers from loneliness a lot… … .”

He omitted how many people died because of her ‘loneliness’.

Nobility or royalty had different ways of dealing with anger, and at least the princess only touched commoners at a level she could handle.

So, this man, whose own safety was paramount, surprisingly saw Princess Julia as not good, but not too bad either.

First, by serving her, he had a lot of responsibilities.

He felt pity for those who were abused, but that didn’t mean he didn’t believe they shouldn’t get whipped.

The butler, who had been silently watching the servant’s groveling, got up and said he would notify the master of his arrival.

As butler Franc moved away, Jules’ expression, which had a faint smile, faded away.

Damn it, this was too much! He accepted his reality of having to bow down to nobles. They had a clear status, but wasn’t that butler—at best—a middle-class commoner like himself?

As his master was royalty he should have been on the top, but instead, it ended up like this every time.

It was ridiculous.

As he grumbled inwardly, he was startled out of his thoughts by a voice he heard from behind.

“The master is asking you to come up.”

This time, it was a maid, not a butler.

She looked quite ordinary, but he could tell she was from a background of no status, so Jules gently wrinkled his brows.

“What about the butler?”

“Another guest arrived, so he went to meet them.”


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