CAM – 41

Shada clung to that kiss until she sighed. It wasn’t enough. She needed more.

She needed more of what he engraved on her body and scratched his hard arm like a cat with razor-sharp nails.

“Master… please. Oh.”

“Tell me.”

“… Please.”

She was about to cry.

Huey exhaled and his member made a squeaky sound between her legs.

Contrary to his relaxed expression, the blue veins stuck out ferociously on his neck.

Say it.

Shada finally burst into tears and enunciated like an ant crawling slowly.


Do it.

She could only see the straight, closed line of the man’s lips in her embarrassment.

“I can’t stand it, Master… … . please.”

Huey watched her silently sobbing for a moment.

Then he smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

This would be enough for today.

“Because I am ridiculously weak when it comes to you.”

A thick, ferocious organ immediately pierced her. He went all the way to the end in perfection.

His rough pubic hair sloppy clung to her ass.

Shada immediately felt her craving somewhat satisfied and opened her mouth.

Transparent saliva formed on the corner of his mouth and then dripped.

Her aching need kept filling up her strange lower abdomen.

The man’s ads were taunted, full of desire, and her sunken waist lengthened and rubbed against his strong abs and chest.

The man’s suppressed panting and groaning could be heard unfiltered in her ears.

Under the white morning light, it was even more explicit and therefore more arousing.

Shada shook as he thrusted into her, then turned and shook violently up and down with both hands pressed up. Huey held her tight with one hand and the other slapped her ass hard.

He was the one who saw her vulnerability as a maid with a nobleman but it was as if he was the one at a loss, who was more fond of the subject.

The bed creaked and shook. The moans of men and women and the sound of flesh clashing loudly mixed together.

Shada felt a pillar of fire piercing beneath her as she was engulfed in the sea of pleasure, her feet fluttering like stuffed butterfly wings spread apart, and intense green eyes staring into her.

And her back was shaking to the rhythm of his thrusts as if accustomed to it.

To think that she was able to touch and coveted this beautiful man who held her on both wrists. She was in a dull shock.

She liked having sex with him.

No, Shada knew it from before, but the more she slept with him, the more that ecstatic fullness filled her mind and broke down her reason.

She yearned for that touch that swept her body as if licking and caressing her tenderly in earnest.

“Ugh, *Gasp* Shada. Shada. Ah, ah!”

She loved the sorrowful voice calling for her, his desire to subdue, and her desire to squeeze in all his traces of love inside her.

As her pink eyes were slowly closing, Huey grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled out his member.

Shada let out a small pained sound at the shocking withdrawal.

He smiled softly at her.

“Call me Master.”


Complimenting that she did a great job, he slowly moved his waist.

He put his organ between her fluffy white breasts that he gathered with his two hands.

The tip of the long object stabbed the tip of her chin and brushed against her lips. Huey kept making her call him master.

Whenever Shada called him master as if by accident, his dark red genitals pressed against her soft pink lips.

“Ha, damn it. You are so sexy.”

Shada looked stupidly at the distorted face of the man who was playing around like a beast above her.

Her lower mouth that he had been in and out for a while was still hot. Her breasts tingled with his tight grip. Like a zookeeper wielding a stick and a carrot, the man who completely satisfies his desires was strangely erotic and lewd.

It’s like watching a male with overflowing sensualness going into heat on her.

His disheveled blonde hair was wet from sweat and shined in the sunlight, his blurred green eyes were full of lust, and his strong muscular thighs trapped her between his knees while he gripped her waist wildly.

Shada slowly lowered her eyes to see the man’s object passing through her white breasts. Her body caught on fire as if her whole body had been thrown into hot water. It was too obscene.

The firm and subtle texture of the thick erection was felt on her smooth skin.

At that moment, the tip of the penis touched her lips, and gently brushed against her tongue in her slightly open mouth.

Huey’s forehead lost composure and his brows twisted.

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