CAM – 40

Huey saw her at her lowest when she was only doing laundry day and night, never speaking except for a few essential words a day—she tried not to even think of those times.

“No. How did you get there? I don’t remember at all.”

“Of course. You didn’t do anything. I just happened to see Miss Shada.”

How did she, who was nothing and did nothing special, become special to him?

As if reading the question lingering in her mind, Huey raised the corners of her lips and sniggered.

“Why did I watch you? I must have observed you because I thought you were beautiful. Human, noble, or commoner—it’s the same. In time you’ll know.”

“Well… I was only 16 at the time?”

“It’s fine. My Miss Shada was in a different state of development.”


Shada felt like she heard something dangerous. He smirked at Shada as he looked down at her with her mouth open.

As expected, there’s a lot you don’t know about me. [Huey]

“Whatever the reason, when I found Miss Shada, something inside of me changed from the first moment I saw you. I didn’t even know what it was for a while.”

You’d be surprised how many times I thought of you.

As he said that, he looked at Shada seriously, without a smile.

As their eyes intertwined, the things inside his deep eyes were so complicated that by looking at them, Shada couldn’t figure out what he was thinking. Shada was too inexperienced—just a maid, to notice or read his gaze, and this man was a man as skilled as a beast and in many ways unknown.

Considering the nobleman she was acquainted with, he repeatedly broke her expectations of him.

Could love really explain it all?

Shada was dumbfounded at the thought and suddenly woke up from her thoughts as a hand caressed her breast.

A moan erupted as the sticky tongue entered her ear.

“What are you thinking?”

“Nothing, that—oh!… Huh!”

Slowly, his hand crawled up and tickled her between her legs.

In an instant, she groaned and rasped as he touched her wet, squishy skin and gently rubbed it together.

Huey stared intently at Shada’s expressions, whose eyes fluttered and flushed with pleasure, as he poked his finger into her vagina and caressing her as if his fingertips could taste it.

Maybe it’s because she had been repeatedly tamed by him multiple days in a row, so she easily opened her legs, her entrance widening, and closing as liquid leaked out.

Shada’s eyes widened, surprised at the sensation that her body immediately heated up. Her body got weird.

Now, just by him touching her, a strange tickling, something sweet, thrillingly spread.

This man completely changed her body.

She squealed when his hand gripped her breast and kneaded it like dough.

Ah, it feels so good—So Good!

Her heart, mind, and body were held tightly in this man’s grip—feeling as if she were violated and possessed.

The firm genitals rubbed between her wet buttocks.

“If you lie, you can’t touch it.”

“Master! Oh!”

The man bit her ear while growling as the woman protested at the injustice.

“Were you thinking of me?”

“Hnnugh! Ye—Yes!”

A large hand slid between her thighs and lifted a leg up, flashing the skin of prey.

Shada lay on her side, her legs spread apart, and distracted by the phallus rubbing wildly on her crotch.

As if thirsty from below, her core spilled wetness lusciously.

“You were worrying again—weren’t you? Were you worrying for nothing again?”

“No! Master, please!”

Shada shook her head vigorously. She was hoping he would do something.

For example… what he always did.

It was something she could only admit to absentmindedly as she was passionately engrossed in this sexual thrill.

As if reading her mind, Huey asked with a smirk,

“Do you want me to hit it?”

She almost nodded my head involuntarily.

As she shook his head violently as if in denial, his thick cock poked her red-hot bottom again.

His big finders pinched her nipples and twirled them around again and again.

Shada’s torso bowed over, holding back shrieks and moans.

“Tell me you want me to fuck you.”

“No, no.”

“Hurry. Isn’t it hard to bear?”

Don’t you feel empty? Right now it’s not enough. Wouldn’t it be great if I hit it and fucked it full? Like a devil’s tempting whisper, lustful, lascivious words slid into her ears.

Meanwhile, the man with bulging veins on his blood-filled cock slowly taunted her by slightly penetrating her in and out, and while continuing indirect friction.

An unbearable sensation of lust grew in Shada, who was drunk with extreme shame, resentment, and pleasure, cast an imploring look.

Huey raised his eyebrows and smirked.

“I’ll taste you like this until you get sick of it. Up and down.”

The tip of his penis was tightly wrapped in the vaginal entrance.


Her pink eyes fluttered wide open. However, just as her thirst was about to be quenched, Huey bit her and kissed her on the nape of her neck, then grabbed her chin and kissed her more.


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