CAM – 4

“Has she ever raised her hand on you before?” 

Shada looked at her master, who was sitting in a chair of authority and hesitated.

She stilled her head, wondering if she should nod or shake. 

Indeed, her master is not the Princess anymore, but this strange Count. She wasn’t sure how to answer.

He sighed with difficulty. “She’s a nasty-tempered fiancé….. and she’s a pain in the neck.”

He didn’t seem to be comforting her but rather venting.

Shada blinked blankly. 

‘So you knew that your fiancee was a donkey.’ 

I thought to myself. Well, if you didn’t know it, you’ll either have been an idiot or an outcast—wholly divorced from society.

It was hard for there not to be rumors when the Princess was so violent. Shada had often wondered if the pretty Princess had a mental illness that didn’t allow her to control her anger. 

Then suddenly, I felt a burning sensation on my cheek. It was sore, and soon it was cool. 

Shada was flustered because her master was applying the medicine himself, by hand. 

“Uh, I’ll take care of… … .” 

Dark green eyes and pink eyes met. Unconsciously, she groaned from the hot and cold sensations on her cheeks, and he quickly lowered his hand that had been put on her back.

It’s okay, I’ll do it. If you keep doing this, I’ll die of a heart attack. My heart has been pounding since a while ago. 

“Okay, Miss Shada, go ahead.”

But surprisingly, the Count retired without her having to say another word or any fanfare. 

To the point of it being anticlimactic. 

Just a moment ago, he insistent as if the act of him tending to her personally could prevent disease. 

Shada, taking the ointment he handed over nonchalantly, she applied it to her sore cheeks. 

It stung like fire, so I frowned. Because of the lack of a mirror, I was concentrating so hard on my senses and applying the ointment, my toes curled. 

I felt his gaze with his arms folded as I was in the middle of applying the salve. 

What? Why are you staring at me like that? Am I weird? 

Shada tried hard to think of something else. 

By the way, aristocrats seem to have a different way of thinking. He knew that the Princess, who is his fiancee, was so abnormally cruel and vicious. 

If I were him, I’d run off to the outskirts right away.

Yes, Princess Julia was the only child of the King—she may not have personality but she has power, title, wealth, face and figure. Even though it wasn’t worth it to her, Shada could see why a noble would want to marry her.

If you get married in the future, you’ll be given a vast land and a Duke’s title, and if it goes well, you may even succeed the throne. 

Shada didn’t know much about politics, but she knew that the conditions for Count Kirchner to abandon the Princess weren’t good. When the Count first came back with a big banquet and ball, the King couldn’t engage the war hero and his daughter right away, but he had been persistent in pushing for the ceremony. 

Of course, Princess Julia was pleased. She had a crush on the Count. 

Wait, was it unrequited love? It seemed like one side had affection one-sidedly. Does the Count have any feelings for the Princess?

“That’s terrible too.” 

Suddenly a cold palm wound around my wrist. He smiled at my fit of surprise. 

I don’t know anything else but he is handsome, handsome enough to make me understand how the Princess feels. 

You have charms. Overflowing charms. 

I peeped at the man who lowered his eyelashes and gently spread the clumped ointment meticulously. 

He is a handsome, capable knight, and has the honor of being praised by the people of the entire kingdom—a young and proud count. 

How does it feel to promise to marry a man like this? 

A scene came to mind—Shada never envied nor admired the devilish Princess, but suddenly, in a moment, she changed her position with the Princess’s fiancee. 

With that scene in mind, my mouth opened with a bow. 

Wow… my God. 

Aren’t you going to die laughing at how happy and ridiculous that image was? I tried to hold in my laughter. 

“Why are you laughing?

“Yeah? That’s… hic -hip.” 

Green eyes filled my vision and were so startlingly close that I started hiccuping. Our noses were almost touching. 

It was too close. His breath tickled my lips, and my neck began to throb. Having instinctively stepped back, he simply touched the back of my chair. Even though we didn’t have any contact… My breath became rough. 

With a simple gaze, close distance, posture, and space alone, I never imagined that my head would turn white like this. 

An unfamiliar, secret air slowly licks my ears. 

Why is it so loud when I swallow? 

The Count, who noticed her embarrassment, grinned openly, chuckled lightly, and slowly moved away. 

Even after he stood perfectly upright, Shady was stunned and hardened on the spot. 

I couldn’t see his expression as I looked up blankly. Shadows covered his face.

He unbuttoned his collar. *Tok, tok* the sound of the black onyx button peeling off was ringing in my ears. 

“Miss Shada. You can leave now.” 


I said, gulped down, and stood up with a strength in my legs that I didn’t know I had. 

I feel like I’m being watched every step of the way. I bowed and walked to the door, careful not to go against decorum. 

“You may rest today. Take care of yourself.” 

As I turned my head, a man leaning against the sofa was propping his chin. I couldn’t help but wonder at his tranquil and indifferent face.

Maybe… Shada couldn’t see him beating her for one question. 

I was convinced. 

So I asked with a big heart. 

“Why are you so good to me?” 

Shada felt his analytical green eyes gaze at her down from head to toe. Her eyes fixed to the hem of her white lace underskirt contrasted with the black maid’s chimadan. Her pink eyes, flickering anxiously.

“Because I want to …?” 

It was concise but insignificant and half-hearted. He laughed at her dumbfounded countenance. 

“It’s because I want to. Go and rest.” 

I’ve never felt so grateful in my life, thought Shada, whose head had otherwise turned blank.


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  1. I don’t think he’s marrying her for the perps. He seems like a smart man surely he knows no amount of land or title is worth being married to that witch

  2. Thank you so much for picking this story up! It’s really interesting so far and you’re doing a great job with the translation!

  3. Ya in this type of stories reincarnation mostly occurs.
    Where the villian was reincarnated by some korean girl. And started to live her own ignoring the ML which perks up the ML interest. And which makes the original FL as villian character.
    Most typical thinking of authors🙄🙄

  4. When he said in “they still have time” i think he’s meaning time to do stuff to avoid his marriage bcs hes now confirmed that his fiance is smthn and he fell in love with Shada. I have a haunch!

  5. some ‘transmigration into villainess’ novels that i read usually start with these type of stories cause usually the villainess(princess julia) is usually mislead/misunderstood😳

    1. the princess was cruel, if that’s not a villain I don’t know what it would be, of course after the transmigration she “changes” but it is the person who is in the body and not the “original” soul

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