CAM – 38

“Riding a horse, haaa, is easier than you think. If you can communicate, you can ride horses.” [t1v: this is a horribly corny ‘word’ play joke in Korean]

Every time the horse walked, Shada’s body trembled, and from time to time, Huey thrusted into her.

Shada panted and stuck her nails in his arm around her waist.

“‘Shada’ is a horse I’ve been raising myself from when I was a baby,”

whispered Huey as he skillfully grabbed the reins and driving the horse.

Shada held back a moan as his voice entered her red ears.

There was nothing in her mind other than the hot flesh that pierced her, twitching and penetrating her incessantly. It was like a foal running –looking ahead and being chased by a red iron.

“From one to ten… Everything, I taught, aah, and tamed her.”

A small hill appeared.

As they went uphill, Shada sobbed in a cold sweat. Master. Master. There were no gaps in their sticky wet union. They fit perfectly together, stuck to each other.

As the horse climbed up the path, Huey’s hard penis stabbed deeper and deeper.

Shada’s belly grew hot, and something overwhelming started to well up deep inside of her.

As she cried, Huey grasped her breasts tenderly over her clothes.

Judging from his subdued intense breathing, he was also struggling.

He nuzzled and buried his sharp nose in the roots of her sweaty black hair.

“I wish my Shada, and I had done the same. I wish I had seen you in your childhood. I am greedy.”

“Master… please. Please stop…….”

Her short, frayed nails scratched his hard forearms and back of his hands like a small beast. No matter how hard she struggled, it didn’t hurt him. Those gentle and mildly worn hands resembled Shada herself.

Those weak and scarred hands couldn’t defend herself, let alone attack others. He didn’t praise her hands for nothing.

When the uphill road ended, and they strolled on a short flat surface, Huey thrusted his waist once and bit Shada’s ear, whispering:

“Let yourself cling and depend on me more. If you had been tamed from the beginning…….”

‘Shada’ carrying them went downhill.

“You wouldn’t even have thought of running away.”


Every time the horse ambled down, his muscular member in her core ravaged her insides without mercy.

Shada rubbed her head against Huey’s chest as if losing her mind and trying to hold on to something. She was going crazy.

It was awfully raunchy and erotic.

He grabbed her writhing form as if the top of his horse was his bedroom and held her unsteady state together. That short downhill trot was too long.

Shada’s shoulders trembled, and she peaked when there was an expected sway, and his genitals were roughly buried into her wildly.

Overflowing love liquid saturated his pants and saddle. At that shameful sense of sodden, squishy dampness, she burst into tears.

Huey gently soothed and wiped her tears. In the meantime, his pillar started to swell up even more considerably in Shada.

Shada repeatedly cried, moaned, hung off of, and fluttered at his mean and affectionate touch.

What was amazing was that this man continued to embrace her without a break. Without removing himself from within her, she moaned helplessly at him.

Huey said, biting Shada’s cheek, tired of continued pleasure.

Now with excessive excitement, his voice also lost his composure. “Haaa. I haven’t even thought about horseback sex, but it’s awesome. Fuck!”


“N-no. I have thought about it.”

Huey laughed low. He suddenly made the horse speed up.

Even if she wasn’t sprinting, Shada felt as if she would die because her body was jostling even more. She bounced on his cock wildly, squeezing and tightening on him irregularly like a rutting animal.

Huey’s beastly groan growled above her head.

His chin was rigid with intensity and his brows furrowed—his entire focus on riding the horse straight ahead.

Indeed if he relaxed too much while doing something so crazy, there could have been an accident.

But Shada wasn’t a rider, so she literally lost her mind and went crazy with pleasure, screaming out exclamations. Every time the horse’s elastic muscles shook, its mane fluttered, and strong hooves hit the ground, Shada was fucked recklessly.

Shada moaned, wept, and drooled.

She felt like she was going to die. In some ways, she was communicating with this beast of a horse, alert of its every movement.

Even though ‘Shada’ slowed down, Shada still teared up. This is because, although the movements were slower, the penetration continued.

Huey’s rough hands held her pelvis and struck her waist rapidly and with force. Shada procured the man’s harsh groaning as she squeezed the leather saddle. His hand that squeezed her breasts, and his hard penis struck her like a knife.

Now ‘Shada,’ the horse, stopped and chopped on the ripped green grass beneath her feet.

Shada’s body swayed with her back arched, and she heard his climax. She felt something hot spray in her inner walls and saw the tendons standing up on his fists.

After ejaculating, Huey breathed in deeply and kissed her white nape, where her black hair started.


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  1. As soon as I read this line, “I haven’t even thought about horseback sex, …” I shouted at my phone, “LIES!!”

    (´⊙ω⊙`)→ Glad he admitted it.

  2. It’s my expression or so far I haven’t seen Shada come to a climax. Huey is always coming, and always ejaculating inside, but so far she hasn’t seen him coming to climax.

    P.S: At this rate it is quite possible that she will get pregnant.

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