CAM – 37

The black horse that carried them flickered weakly.

The vividness of being on top of the living thing while her erogenous zones were being stimulated shocked her.

Shada shook her head as if crying.

Meanwhile, Huey’s fingers were harassing her pussy and her wet lips.


“Why? Do you want me to put it right away?”

The elegant Count uttered vulgar words.

His voice cracked from excitement.

Shada was again stimulated by his husky voice. He was such a sensual man.

“It’s dangerous. I’m scared.”

Shada shook her head while her bottom got steadily wetter.

This was a very, very unusual act. With Shada’s common sense, she could have never imagined it.

Is this possible or not?

He swallowed her red ears as if soothing them.

Huey laughed loudly as she pulled her back into his arms.

“Dangerous, scary… … .”

He caressed her with all five fingers into her panties and roughly rubbed up and down, and aroused her. The sound of wetness moving became loud.

“Why are there so many things that scare my Miss Shada? Is it because you are too timid?”

“Ah! Master, please!”

It seemed like there was a fire in her abdomen. Shada struggled with both legs. It was a pathetic movement like a helpless child, but her squirming increased from above her legs as the stimulus increased.

After putting her nails on Huey’s hard forearm, she leaned back and whined and rubbed her head on her master’s chest.

It was throbbing and hot, and Shada felt she was going crazy. I’m going to get out of my mind.

Huey’s fresh green eyes were frighteningly single-mindedly focused on Shada while holding her in his arms and while riding on a horse.

He was staring intensely at the maid squirming with a man’s hand—his own— in there. It was a superb view.

It seemed like his fingers would melt in the heat of the inside of her entrance.

Huey kissed Shada on her sweaty crown, who was now starting to flutter weakly.

“Haaa [sigh], you’re so pretty.”

“Huh! Oh! No… … .”

“It’s okay. What are you afraid of? It doesn’t bother me when I do it.” [referring to being on top of a horse?]

It was like jumping off a wall when you were a kid. After jumping, you realize that you were afraid of nothing.

He kept whispering and moving his fingers like a devil. She rubbed her limp black hair on Huey, and at one point, she shook her head wildly while groaning. Ah, ah! Her short nails were deeply lodged in his forearm.

Huey felt electrified by her full climax, her eyes growing dark and languid. Her previously rigid female body was now like a baby beast floating in the sea in the afterglow. Satisfaction ran all over his body.

He whispered, kissing her head, earlobe, and back. Well done. Pretty. He pressed the back of Shada, who was no longer willing to rebel and made her hug his neck.

‘Shada’ [t1v:the horse] shook her head as if grumpy such things were happening above her, only occasionally grazing and moving little by little. She was quiet.

Huey pulled the buckle of the pants while smirking. Grasping Shada’s hand, he told her to slowly sweep the horse’s mane as if teaching her horseback riding. Contrary to his nice words, his face was full of lust. Miss Shada.

“Do you want me to teach you how to ride a horse?”

Shada couldn’t answer. She could feel a rough man’s hand tearing her underwear. A cheap, thin undergarment was soaked with body fluids and fell onto the grass under the horse. It was somehow obscene.

While she was fascinated by the sight, something hot and familiar came between her white buttocks.

As he was attempting to sooth her, he growled. Maybe she was the target, not the horse, when it came to teaching her how to ride.


His cock slowly but surely dug in.

Shada, the black horse, fluttered blue. When Shada, who was scared by the movement of the horse, tried to move, Huey gave quick, gentle advice.

“Stay still. Because horses can go wild.”

“Oh, oh! master… … .”

As he said it was dangerous, he rammed his pillar in deep.

He sighed deftly and stroked the tearful Shady’s hair. She had a strange feeling that she had become his beloved Rottweiler.

After completely burrowing himself in her, he pulled out a bit several times, clasping her ass cheeks apart. Her inner walls, which were overly tense by this strange sex, were tight. Huey groaned in pain.

“Shada. Unless you’re trying to kill your master… Whooo… Relax.”

“Huh, uh. Please take it out. Take it out.”

Shada was in tears, so she moaned and fell on the horse’s back. The smooth hair of the black horse rubbed against her cheek.

While riding, she was desperate to receive the goods of a man —her master. It was obviously weird, a disgrace. The biggest problem was her body pouring out sweetness in the midst of this. Shada was embarrassed. How did this happen?

Huey chuckled, caressing the red earlobes of a woman whining for help with tears. It was a bad laugh mixed with sadism and a twisted affection.

“Haaa [sigh], you’re cute. I’m turning you around.”


A big hand grabbed her waist and changed it back to the equestrian, mounted position while he was still in her.

They both groaned at the stimulus of their connected areas and their bodies overlapping. Huey smirked and then moved the reins to make ‘Shada’ [the horse] saunter. As the horse began to stroll slowly, Huey’s member within her poked her vaginal wall, and made Shada gasped.

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