CAM – 36

Shada was even more conscious of his firm hands holding her waist.

In fact, she had never forgotten his existence. A calm voice spoke to her first. As always.

“Do you like it?”

“Yes. It’s beautiful,”

Shada said honestly.

Even those who hated Count Kirchner would not be able to find fault with the magnificent landscape of his manor. Only the soft hooves of the horse and the occasional chirping of birds rang in the vast open fields and forest.

Drunk off the refreshing air and serene greenery naturally made Shada quiet. Even her usually panicked mind and heart seemed to grow silent. However, it would never be that way.

She fiddled with his hand around her waist and adjusted herself. Shada could understand now why this man went off on horseback every day.

It would feel wonderful to ride a horse through such beautiful scenery.

The horse entered the mouth of the forest, and there was an aura of comfortable tranquility.

Although it was difficult, Shada managed to open her mouth,

“Ma— Master.”


It was a gentle response as if he had been waiting for her words.

“Thank you. for… Showing me such a beautiful place.”

For a moment, he was silent.

He muttered with a smirk.

“You felt burdened with me applying medicine or nursing you, but you like this.”

“No, that’s!”

“Then will you come every day?”


Shada wished she could stop asking questions, but she was too perplexed.

The horse slowly entered.

It was a quiet place with thick trees and a cooler wind.

He swept her hair down and felt the man’s hand rubbing her neck and back.

Shada’s relaxed nerves were now sparkling with anticipation with that simple touch.

He was able to joke, harass, and move Shada’s senses very easily, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

For example, right now, he was only touching her waist with his index finger; it tickled her, made her feel weird and shake.


Unintentionally, Shada had exclaimed. She blinked and was stunned at herself. Before she knew it, the horse she was on stopped.

She saw a swelling of a blood vein on the back of the man’s hand holding the reins. He was holding it tight.

Soon after, a loose hand rested on Shada’s thigh.

She felt strange anxiety.

The sound of birds had also stopped.

In the wild greenry, they heard each other’s breath.

“I like to ride horses.”


answering in a whisper, Shada was coy.

“Horses are beautifully… delicate. Yet they are strong creatures.”

Huey’s body clung closely to hers. His arms wrapped around her waist were subtly pulling her towards him.

Shada moved away like a butterfly caught by a spider but was paralyzed by his strength, and after a whiff of his intensely seductive scent, she could not refuse him.

Inevitably, Shada, who was against the solid man’s riding pants, felt something and gasped.

“I think I said it before.”

He was erect. He whispered as his voice licked her ears, making her breathless.

“What’s better is when only I can ride them. Some of the precious horses don’t let me ride unless I’m their owner.”


“My Shada is so sensitive that she only allows me.”

His fingertips rolled up her one-piece skirt and were coming up into her thighs. It was as if vines had wrapped around her tightly, and she felt helplessly inflexible.

Shada’s face turned red, and she was trembling.

Oh, she moaned.

He slowly moved his waist and rubbed between her asscheeks with his hard member.

Shada grunted like a whipped horse.

Her head was dizzy with embarrassment, shame, and excitement in this bizarre sexual situation.

“Haaaa… … . Isn’t it wonderful? Don’t you think so?”

“Ye-yes! Of course! That, please… … .”

No way. This couldn’t be happening.

However, the Count, who was openly in heat with her, seemed to have the ability to do everything —including the very lewd— with a graceful and tender smile.

At this rate, they would really do the unmentionable while on horseback.

His words coxed and praised as he barbarically conquered.

Secretly and wildly stimulating. His fingers entered her excitedly trembling lips as he licked her neck.

“Will our Shada like to do that, too?”

“Huh… … . Ye-Yes.”

Shada nodded her head.

Like a kid with candy, she bit his finger and kept affirming. The overbearing and sensual pressure drove Shada up in a haze.

He was entirely in control of her. That guy like this was hurt by her? Could she be mistaken?

Once again, Huey’s firm tip rubbed against her butt. Although it was over his pants, it felt like they were naked.

Hiccup, his wet fingers came out of Shada’s cute moaning lips.

That lustful wet pillar went straight between her thighs.

Shada was shocked as he entered into her already soaked underwear so smoothly as he stroked her horse mane around her entrance.


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