CAM – 34

“I can’t abandon you, even if Shada sees my feelings as trivial and thinks nothing of my heart. How dare you.”

Pink eyes shaking in confusion and stern green eyes met in the charged air.

He had a light, bitter smile.

“You don’t know me any more than I understand you.”

It was self-deprecating.

Shada couldn’t figure out what his bitter look meant.

Amidst her perplexion, she received a kiss that gently fell on her forehead as if a feather fell.

She had no idea how much he felt about her.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t know. Miss Shada only needs to know one thing.”

Her master, who became calm again, smiled.

“Nothing I have is more precious than Miss Shada. It would be better not to judge me prematurely as if outer appearance is everything. If the mistake is committed, it will only needlessly cause anguish.”

In the end, he gave a mischievous warning and kissed her lips.

Shada quickly turned red.

He said something about Shada playing him, but it was this man who was playing her.

Somehow she felt wronged.

He was so elegant and relaxed.

She tried to turn away from that hateful languid face, stuttering she said,

“Sir, I have to leave. I have work and have to start my day today…….”

“No need to do that. Today, Ms. Shada has an outside job.”

“External, work?”

Huey smiled at her tilting her head.

“First, get ready to go out. I’ll pick you up while the sun is still high. Wear your prettiest clothes.”

* * *

Shada was rummaging through her tiny closet in her dorm room. The small room was messed up because she had hastily packed up her luggage.

She scratched her cheek.

‘I need to clean up my room today.’

Shada was very comfortable since Molly, her roommate, decided to do all the laundry, even for her.

It was a huge load off her shoulders since she often stayed out overnight because of the Count.

Molly was similar to her in many ways, shy, moderately easy-going, and not interested in Shada’s private life.

She had a peculiar personality for a maid.

Shada smiled with relief when she found an old dress in her bag. It had a simple design, with faded blue but was precious to Shada as it was a memento from her mother.

Her mother said that when her wedding date was set, she inherited the dress from her maternal grandmother. So, it was a very old family item and Shada’s treasure.

Shada carefully pulled it out and looked around. Fortunately, nothing was torn or stained anywhere.

When the Count approached her, she worried that her luggage would be taken, but somehow, her luggage was well organized and delivered to her intact.

Did the Count order this too? Her face turned red.

Even though she fought with herself and knew she should not do it, she thought about Huey all the time.

Maybe it’s too late? Perhaps she was taking too much time getting ready?

Her anxiety rose.

But… … . While donning the dress, she looked blankly in the mirror.

Her pale face and her eyes, like pale pink cherry blossom petals, were blinking and facing her.

Shada knew that she was pretty for a maid.

But it was clear that a great man would be surrounded by great beauties so, why… … .

“… it’s been a long time.”

If what he said was true, then that the first meeting between Huey and Shada was not in the hallway at that time.

At least the for the first meeting on Huey’s side.

Was there an opportunity for such a high-ranking aristocrat to discover and pay attention to a maid?

Shada’s mind was swirling with questions and doubts.

To try and focus on something else instead of imagining fantasies in vain, Shada took out her rouge and applied it.

The red color looked vivid. She hesitated and, upon inspecting her rough face, took out lotion and applied it.

Why am I wearing makeup?

Yes, this is overkill.


But didn’t it sound like a date?

Shada, who muttered to herself, surprised herself. A date?

‘First, get ready to go out. I’ll pick you up while the sun is still high. Wear your prettiest clothes.’

Shada stared blankly at herself in the mirror.

Why did he tell you to dress pretty?

Ugh, she needed to separate her emotions when she couldn’t understand anything to keep her sanity.

It was better to be safe than sorry.

Let’s just pretend you don’t know have a clue or any expectation, so you don’t get disappointed, especially for this ambiguous, emotionally entangled situation.

Shada stared into her pink eyes with determination as her finger fidgeted, betraying her nerves.

‘I can’t abandon you, even if Shada sees my feelings as trivial and thinks nothing of my heart. How dare you.’

Without even being aware of it she started to pick at her hand.

Sometimes when others noticed her self-destructive habit, she quickly hid her battered hands, earning others’ ire with their clicking tongues and ridiculing glares. And although she felt shame, she had never thought to change her habit until Huey’s green eyes touched her scabbed fingers.

Shada pledged not to hurt her hands anymore. But it was in moments like these when her anxiety shot up that she unconsciously repeated her habit


She jolted herself from being vacantly locked in her thoughts and worries and ran out.

She was late.

He probably wasn’t waiting on her anyway.

Wouldn’t it be absurd to have the owner wait on a maid?

But perhaps, with all the unexpected occurrences, she shouldn’t assume that the surprising was impossible.

Shada hurried and ran down the stairs.

Out of breath, she finally spotted the front door. Her heart pounded.

There was a man with platinum hair that became such a huge presence in her mind that it would be strange not to see him for a whole day.

His gaze was fixed on her descending the stairs and looking up at her from the landing, as if he was waiting for her the whole time.


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