CAM – 32

“You’re trembling and scared just because I said I like you.”


It was as if he was looking into Shada’s heart.

Shada avoided his gaze when she met his green eyes and saw her confused face reflected in his eyes.

My chest was sore, and my heart ached as I remembered his wet pants again.

As a deep sigh poured out, my shoulders trembled. I felt stuffy, as if I was a puppy that had disappointed my owner, and I felt strange feelings of desire.

“Miss Shada.”

I was afraid to see what kind of expression he was making. He called me again. Shada. Before I could gather my courage to look back, his big hand stretched out tightly, holding my chin, turning it towards him, and kissed me.

Oh! Shada turned his head and pushed his shoulder to reject him, but her wrist was held firmly and held over her head.

He opened her lips and kissed her roughly as if he were hungry. The noises of sticky kisses flooded their eardrums.

She followed him with a struggling head and mixed her tongue with his. Soon after, her moans turned into weak sobs, and then the slightly softened movements slowly tasted her tingling lips.

He caressed her soft flesh.

His body scent was on the tip of her nose as she heard his pounding heart touching her. Unlike his soft kisses, his heart jagged with the thumping pulse that even overwhelmed her.

Shada worried that his heart would explode.

It was as if this man’s body was knocking on the door and talking to her body.

A strange feeling that was difficult to express in words paralyzed Shada:

‘I like you.’

Tears were about to fall. Shada fell limp. Huey squeezed her cheek and licked her little lips as if to melt her like sweet icecream with his hot tongue.

Now the two, immersed themselves in each other, one hanging off from the other’s neck, kissing each other feverately while embracing each other.

The weighed-down wrist was already released and wrapped around the neck of the man with her eyes closed.

As Shada hugged him tightly like a child who had found refuge, she moved to his liking. Now she clung to him more. After a passionate kiss, she was breathless, and her lips slowly fell. Huey stared down at her as she panted wildly.

His green eyes were dark and calm, like a shady forest. He was very caring as he stroked the cheek of the messy maid in a long silence.

Suddenly he laughed.

“I was mistaken. He was right.”


“I didn’t understand you at all.”

What’s unfortunate is that I still may not understand you. I’m sorry.

“If I seem still angry, I don’t understand. No, I won’t.”

He said stubbornly.

Shada was distracted by Huey’s burning green eyes as he spoke. It was a beautiful and dangerous light like a sorcerer’s mysterious green flame.

I’m losing my mind.

It wasn’t until Shada saw his tightly repressed expression and a rigid chin filled with power that she realized:

He was getting angry.

As if he may explode after enduring it. But ironically, even though this terrifying owner was angry, he wasn’t scared at all.

“My feelings… Do they only scare you?”

Because, for the first time, those attractive and strong green eyes seemed to be full of hurt. But the exposed emotions colouring his eyes disappeared in an instant.

Did I imagine it?

Huey got up from his seat after touching Shady’s small chin with her thumb. Shada almost grabbed his arm without knowing it, then caught herself and paused.

What were you planning to do by grabbing him?

I felt like tears were coming because my heart was sore and sad. If I did as I wanted, even sobbing and screaming, will everything that’s accumulated in my heart be resolved?

At the moment, something I had endured all this time burst out impulsively and spontaneously.

“I…… !”

It was the first loud sound I made.

When he turned around, Shada held her hands tightly and closed her eyes tautly.

It was overwhelming to see herself reflected in that person’s beautiful green eyes.

“I…… .”

Her shoulders rattled.

She felt frustrated and awful; Shada didn’t have the strong passion or courage to throw her whole body into love. That had been beaten out of her long ago by the despicable abuse of being one of the lower class who could barely live day to day. [t1v: damn, that’s so real]

She was just a maid who worked hard day by day, feeling grateful to just survive.

I knew my status well, and I wasn’t very greedy. I didn’t have much luck. I don’t have a family to fall back on.

But Shada whispered with all her courage and heart:

“Sorry, Master… I.”

She felt his silent gaze. Shada bowed her head.

“I-I’m scared. I’m scared to death—I’m so scared to die. I am just a maid.”

This was her true heart.


6 thoughts on “CAM – 32

  1. The Count HAS to understand that for Shada, love means being hounded by those that wish her even more harm

  2. The Count has to understand that for Shada it’s difficult to express what she feels, even because unlike him, she doesn’t have that freedom, in fact she never had any freedom for anything.
    And admitting that you like him would be like putting yourself in the enemy’s line. She has nothing but life itself, while the princess has power, money, authority. And she can destroy it in seconds.

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