CAM – 30

Butler Franc knocked on the door politely. After a while, he was given permission to come in.

As soon as he opened the door and entered, the sight that entered his eyes did not deviate much from his expectations.

He lowered his eyes as his master laid the dark-haired maid on the bed, swept back her hair, and stared at her endlessly.

It was a morning full of white sunshine. The butler was curious for a moment as to how long the man in a light shirt sat on a chair and attended to the maid—but he quickly erased the useless thoughts and speculation from his mind.

“What is it?”

He didn’t think it was for breakfast. Huey’s eyes traveled to Franc, while he was twisting Shada’s black hair with his fingers.

The faithful butler apologized first.

“My apologies.”

“I’m listening,”

he replied concisely.

Franc pondered for a moment.

“Both of them aren’t good news.”


Huey grumbled and looked back at Shada.

Her white face that was sleeping like a baby, was very pretty.

When I confessed that I liked her, she had been surprised, and her cheeks, face, and neck turned into a magnificent red.

To be precise, her whole white body turned red.

She looked quite appetizing, so I thought about doing it one more time, but I left it. Last night, I decided to soothe her and let her sleep peacefully in my arms.

She must have been surprised and scared enough.

The expression of Franc did not change even when the man who was so elegant on the outside and drew a hard boundary with the Princess, held the hand of a maid, kissing it.

“Unfortunately, yes. Should I start with the lesser of the two first?”


“Princess Julia’s attendant arrived in the morning.”

His master’s expression was distorted.

He didn’t like Princess Julia before, but recently it developed to intense disgust. Probably because of that maid sleeping in his bed.

In fact, Franc was very anxious when he saw Huey’s face when he found out the Princess was trying to beat Shada. He thought he might slap or kill her.

He had been with him for that long. At that moment, he had been confused whether the place was a battlefield or Count Kirchner’s estate.

“Send them back. Could it be that they weren’t going until I directly ordered them to?”

“Of course not. He’s leaving the manor now. The Count hasn’t come back from hunting since yesterday.”

Franc’s tone was polite and subdued, but it was also a metaphorical expression of what he devoted to Shada all day yesterday.

Huey laughed at his refined and slightly mischievous way of speech. It was a cheeky attitude with common sense, but neither outwardly addressed it.

“It looks like the Princess is missing you. Why don’t you go and show your face?”

“Why should I?”

Rather than being sincerely curious, he was spitefully showing off his indifference.

But the butler solemnly countered him with a textbook answer, ignoring his facetiousness.

“Isn’t she your fiance?”

As the blue-green eyes turned around, he wisely added:

“If you don’t feed a beast exercising patience on time, you will be dead.”

He wasn’t happy with the answer, but it was the right advice.

Huey said, playfully touching Shady’s nose:

“I’ll see her at the celebration banquet anyway. That day’s hard work is enough.”

“Then I write a letter instead. Can I write it in moderation?”

Huey nodded dryly.

In fact, he was slowly regretting it.

No matter how reasonable and convenient the reason was, he should have endured it and resisted the engagement.

In the past, it was enough to ignore her before, but now he was utterly repulsed.

Externally, Princess Julia was a beautiful woman, but she was a terrible psychopath with revolting insides. She had virtually every condition that Huey loathed and abhorred.

If he hadn’t had to do it, he would have avoided her without even sparing her a glance. Huey thought his famous persistence and patience would pay off.

Moreover, the Princess tried to hurt Shada.

The moment I saw this little girl, who was just waiting to be beaten helplessly and shivering, my eyes almost turned over.

He still couldn’t remember how he had endured it. Rarely, anger rose to the tip of his head, so the hand about to strangle the Princess’s thin neck was pressed down with superhuman force

Indeed. Let’s hold it in. You have to be patient. It isn’t time yet. His chilled eyes turned from the smiling Princess to Shada, who was tired.

After all, he had to be like this woman again. He was angry as her and must persevere like her.

He laughed again and asked the woman who was sleeping soundly: What the hell did you do to me?

“And the second……. Did Miss Shada say anything?”

“No. What is it?”

The Count’s eyebrows, which had been moderately curved, swung upward.

For the first time, Franc had a difficult time meeting his eyes.

“Yesterday, she said she would quit her job.”

Franc swiftly spoke, avoiding his frozen eyes.

“Of course, I refused her with a good reason. She agreed and said that she understood. I think she will stay here for a month or so, depending on her will.”

“And in the meantime, I have to make sure I hold onto her.”

Huey answered gently. However, his expression was not soft at all.

In a different sense, Franc looked at him, Holding his breath, the Count’s countenance completely twisted. This emotion completely overshadowed his previous annoyance. He was furious. He seemed anxious at first glance, but his feelings were likened more to a sense of hurt or betrayal.

The butler had seen his owner’s fury a few times, but it was the first time in the case of the latter emotions, so Franc glanced at Shada, who was asleep, completely unaware of what was happening. In many ways, she was a great woman.

And she was exceptionally unlucky. Huey von Kirchner was extraordinarily persistent and patient.


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