CAM – 27

Although his lips were a little too stiff to be called delicate, he caressed her as gently as possible.

He turned and held her, massaging her limbs as if treating a child; he asked, “Did it hurt?” and “I’m sorry.” It seemed as if he would carefully lick and caress even the smallest scratch and swollen red flesh. No, are you already doing that?

One day he was scary, the other melting her with love, and other times overly sexy and utterly seductive.

Shada gawked as the Count licked down where his palm printed on her skin.

It amazed her that he didn’t seem to be humiliated at all. It was a solicitous sensuality.

It felt somewhat dangerous, as if hungry for the scars of prey caught by beasts.

Shada looked on dumbly at him, taking off her clothes. It seemed fine now. After having a stormy affair, struggling in pleasure, being trampled, and being served by her Master, it felt like all the common sense she knew and the general standards on which her life was based were overturned.

Her mind collapsed, and Shada was absent-minded.

Some of the feelings of addictive pleasure still had not released her fully. So when she saw she was fully naked in broad daylight in front of Huey in his office, she was still dazed and couldn’t muster up the wherewithal to be shy.

Huey kissed Shada’s cheeks, her eyes glistening with exhaustion.

He asked if she was cold and wrapped a towel around her shoulders.

At times like this, he was such a sweet man.

‘And to think, I tried to leave this house just a while ago.’

His face was full of satisfaction, holding her back and forth and spreading his desires everywhere as if reality was now a dream.

Huey hugged her and headed for the bathroom; Shada leaned against his hard chest as if tuning out. His footsteps slowed down, but it became constant again.

The deep sweaty scent of the man rose and tickled Shada’s nose. Unexpectedly, he smelled clean and fragrant, as if from a blanket that had been cleaned and dried out in the sunlight in the morning.

Shada thought he would have a rich, sensual, luxurious musk scent. But this was better. Because he felt the same… like himself… and a little more friendly.

He measured the temperature of the warm water, and he murmured carefully as she soaked her body. Is it too hot? Are you sore here?

As I shook my head, I thought for a moment. I couldn’t help but feel this intense regret. It would be better if you were not a nobleman.

My heart was sore, and I felt dizzy. And as soon as I recalled that thought, I tried to erase it. It’s just a foolish wish, and nothing will change in the end.

It felt somewhat stuffy.

This strange tightness grew stronger as Huey rolled up his sleeves, carefully washed, and soothed her body with caring touches.

Even the silk shirt Shada had hesitated to hold on was badly messed up, and his pants were wet—and he didn’t seem to care.

All this trouble… all this effort… he seemed to enjoy it.

Being pampered by a Count was a luxury that a maid couldn’t even dream of.

Shada deliberately bowed her head and avoided his gaze, as if she was tired from his eyes full of affection so clear that it was cruel.

She hadn’t dated a lot of men, and she wasn’t self-centered enough to distort what the other person showed her through their actions.

Sitting on cold, slippery tile, carrying a grown-up adult into a tub, and washing the other person could only occur if you were attached to them.

Especially for a man like that.

Aristocratic men never lower themselves. They, whom she had seen a lot in the palace, and they had a line of investing themselves into a courtship that they never crossed. There wasn’t much value in stealing the hearts of pretty underlings—and it certainly wasn’t worth their pride or ego getting injured for them.

Even if it was courtship, all of those half-hearted actions were evaluated as romantic even among the nobles.

In other words, affection was passion at a level where noblemen could still be self-absorbed, maintaining their honor, narcissism— and drunk with self-congratulations of their worldly romanticism.

They called this romantic indulgence among themselves and the women— who threw themselves into forbidden love and risking everything by being with noblemen —they treated as cute and cheap pets.

They would never be able to put themselves down on the floor like a servant. It was below common sense from the nobility’s point of view—as it should have also been with Huey.

This was a sentimental indulgence, so it couldn’t be packaged as a nobleman’s performative romantic theatre.

Shada vaguely knew this, but she wanted to stop herself from noticing it.

No. Don’t think about it anymore. Shada shook her head.


Completely free from burdens, he called her name. He brushed her hair over and dropped a soft kiss as she flinched weakly in the hot water, but didn’t avoid kissing him.

As if she had done well, his big hands gently swept over her white neck with black hair. His considerate touch was delightful. It was exhilarating. Ah. Why is he noble? Why am I a commoner? Why is this man the fiance of the monstrous princess?

At the moment, there was a shout of protest at this immense injustice in there, but I quickly grabbed it and hid it. Oh my god, no. The water level was already dangerous. No, this is… It’s just a lament of disappointment.

What woman in the world has such an attractive man who is so good and covets her and gives pleasure? But I will not be shaken.

It’s just… it’s a shame. It’s too bad— regrettable and regretful.

Huey stared into her hazy face, exhaling a feverish sigh. He raised his mouth. “What are you thinking about?”

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