CAM – 26

When he slapped her buttocks again, Shada was surprised and cried.

He groaned and growled low as if in trouble.

“Damn it. You’ve become such a pervert. Cry more. Oh?”

“Oh! Master!”


He clenched his teeth, kissed her, and grabbed her hot ass. Smooth cheeks twisted and kneaded in demonic-like pleasure.

Shada’s body rattled and shook wildly.

Hmm, uh! She wept pathetically.

He swallowed a sweetly ripe red fruit in one bite, sucked and chewed her thin nape with a drunken expression. As if drinking fruit juice, and put his teeth on her cheeks wet with tears and pounded her.

Shada felt as if I was being swallowed whole.

She couldn’t wrap her mind up to the hot man’s desire that was continually shaking and digging through her lower part. This man was manipulating her whole body and soul. Despite him being greedy enough to be insulting—beastly violating her— her brain was soaked with pleasure.

Her excitement in her cries, the fervor in his voice, and the scorching fever swallowed up their five senses.

Shada heard all of Huey’s debauched vulgar whisperings and felt all of him, as strange joy and ecstasy rose within her.

I felt like I was strangely losing myself and becoming a degenerate.

He was making her that way.

A hard, swelling, bloody penis pierced Shada incessantly. Like crushing, breaking, crushing, breaking her in to create a new female body.

The hot, damp, narrow vagina opened up to conquer the flesh of others.


It’s strange! Strange, but weirdly good.

Shada cried, giving strength to her lower belly and kegel muscles, and heard the man growling in her ear.

His thrusting became more passionate and intense.

Shada was pushed back and stuck to the rattling desk as she received him roughly.

Huey groaned and shook his waist, holding and hugging her tightly.

Her wrists were limp. Sweat-soaked black hair fell onto the papers.

The man’s wicked, gentle hands grabbed her dainty shoulders and pushed them down onto his smooth desk.

The sound of slapping flesh between them grew louder.

Shada was quivering, lying on her back. Half of her breasts were exposed, her delicate collar bones were seen through her maid uniform.

It was a pathetic, lovable, tragic, and sadistic sight. Huey’s torso loomed over her as his pillar pierced her with deeper and quicker thrusts.

Afraid the desk’s tip, which was constantly rubbing against her, was hard and would hurt, he covered the edge with his hand as he sucked on her red earlobe.

‘Haaaa, I want her. I still have her, but I want her to yell after I embrace her. I’d like to see her crying because of my rough handling. I want her to beg me while hanging off of me. I would do anything for you—even if it were outrageous—as long as you look at me with those wet pink eyes of yours.’

He whispered in a cracked, dark voice while biting her soft ear:

“Cry more.”

“Ah! Ah! Ka!”

“Try crying.”

Huh? He told her to cry more, and instead, she laughed as if he had gone insane.

He raised the corner of his mouth, held his upper body up, grabbed his pelvis, pulled his penis all the way out, and then hit it deeply again.

As he continued to do that, Shada shook her head as she sobbed and clenched her little fist.

Huh! Ow! Master!

Huey’s slightly distorted face was filled with a feeling of satisfaction and lack of fulfillment.

As if opening a wrapped gift, he unwrapped the string behind the maid’s clothes with one hand, exposing her smooth back.

It was white and pretty—to the point he wanted to dirty it.

With his red tongue, he licked his lips and pounded his waist into her, splitting her pale ass cheeks on both sides while swallowing his cock.

He slowed down to enjoy the sight of the visual abuse and penetrating her deeply, savoring each sensation of her insides.

It was sweet to make gentle love, but this fierce loving making suited his taste more.

“Shada, ha, you are delicious… … . Shada.”

“Master, Ohh! Master!”

“What? Oh?”

You told me to cry! When she was crying, he sweetly soothed her as if comforting a weeping child.

Huey shook his back even more violently, wiping her tears as she bawled with pleasure. He slapped the apple of her ass, and she became even wetter. Lifting her up and he slammed her ass at the same time. Shada, lost her words, and burst into tears. Like a person whose reason has been blown away by constant sexual stimulation.

Haa, she’s pretty. Fuck. I felt sorry for her crying under me, but she was so cute that I almost went crazy.

He repeatedly soothed her and fucked her, Shada’s soul left her body many times, and then he pulled out, holding her hand-printed ass.

With a penis that was almost disgustingly swollen to its limit, he rubbed it like a whip and swung it against her exposed back.

An inhale of suppressed exclamation, and his white ejaculate splashed over her delicate soft back.

As if he had planted his seeds on the fertile, rich earth, he grabbed his half-withered member and shook it, spitting out all the remaining drops.

The white semen covered black hair, red swollen buttocks, and even the hip bones. It was so sexy.

His handsome face was soaked in sweat, rough breathing, and filled with twisted satiety.

Only now had my thirst gone a little bit.


“It’s not enough.”

Shada fell half enraptured, unable to hear his ominous murmurs.

Her whole body was thrilled with the climax of supreme pleasure and its lingering aftertaste. Her body was electrified, damp, and dizzy with the body odor of a fishy man as if intoxicated with strong musk perfume

She felt the touch of hands gently comforting her naked back.

He kissed her black hair and tenderly kissed her tingling ass.

He was gentle and caring, wholly different from when he coveted her like an animal before.


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