CAM – 25

He stroked his wet swollen rigid member as he spoke. Shada’s chin fell—without even knowing herself, her gaze had been fixed on his cock since before.

Encouraged by her gaze, his penis twitched, nodding and beckoning her. Of course, I fixed my gaze there without my knowledge.

As if excited.

Her whole body was burning and her mouth-watering—she gulped.

As if amused, the Count laughed slowly. Shada turned her head belatedly in shame. He whispered,

“Are you embarrassed? It’s been in you many times.”


Shada was amazed at his shameless smirk.

Was he this kind of person? In everyday life, a polite and friendly gentleman is skillful and shamelessly naughty when it came to sex.

The more Shada was embarrassed, ashamed, or tried to avoid him, the more he did. It was as if he enjoyed teasing her and testing her nerves.

As she gulped, he beckoned.

His smiling face was dangerously shaded. “Going to clean? Then, would you clean here for me?”

I think it’s a little messy down there.

Shada couldn’t bear to look directly at the mess he was referring to, she turned red and bowed her head.

That’s mean. He’s doing this on purpose. Count Kirchner, who was well-known for his gentleman hood, honestly had a terrible personality. Shada sniffed the feeling of grievances rising within her. She was embarrassed and didn’t know what to do, so she was about to tear up.

In fact, it wasn’t possible at other times, but she felt herself slowly becoming a child in front of this man.

It was partly because she had exposed her instincts and vulnerabilities to him, and he had made her feel safe and been generous enough to melt her

As she pouted while holding back tears, the semen and love juice he had ejaculated on her legs spilled out on the ground beneath her skirt.

The secret sensation exposed made her feel a deep sense of shame and anger.

Shada flew into a fit of rage.

“Oh, you* are so mean. Hic-up! No—I mean—Master is bad!” (*” you” is considered a disrespectful/casual address)

Even though she couldn’t stand the shame, she quickly amended her address to his title because in the end, he was her boss, and she was a maid.

It was a timid protest that was sad and polite.

When she burst into tears, Huey was silent.

Shada couldn’t see well because of the tears clouding her eyes, and when she was able to blink a couple of them back to clear her vision, she saw him get up and approach her.

Her shoulders naturally shrunk away from him. Even though she had sex with him and became more comfortable, she was still afraid of him because of his power over her as a nobleman.

‘You’re crazy. Have you really lost your sense of reality?’

But her emotions were out of control.

This was all because of him.

Shada hiccuped in surprise as his big hand grabbed her little face and gently wiped away her tears.

Facing her, Huey smiled sheepishly, as if he was embarrassed.

“I didn’t know you would cry like this because I was a little mean.”

“Huh, eh?”

“I’m sorry. I felt like I was the only one excited, so I was spiteful.”

Her pink eyes were wide open, like an owl.

Regardless her expression struck him as funny or cute, so Huey smiled again and kissed her little lips that were salty due to her tears.

It was a touch full of affection as if a parakeet rubbed its beak against its mate.

His soft touch and warmth quickly melted Shada, and her sorrow and resentment were quickly swept away.

However, her tears wouldn’t stop like a spring, and they continued to fall.

Huey, looking at it silently, muttered in a slightly muddy voice. I’m in trouble.

“Did I not tell you?”

“Ek! What?”

The man who put his lips in her ears whispered. A heated breath flowed through her auricles.

“Miss Shady crying is very tempting.”

Her shoulders trembled. Her body hair stood up, getting goosebumps from his passionate whisper.

The green eyes that met Shada’s was flashing darkly again.

His lips dropped and he chuckled brutally and shrewdly.

Her legs shook. As if ready to have him enter her again, her lower mouth opened and the fluid remaining inside of her again fell to the floor with the sound of wetness.

Their eyes met when they had both heard it.

The moment Shada tried to run away, her wrists were grabbed and pushed on the desk.

Huey, who came close to her ass, spoke low. It was a strange feeling of pressure despite the gentle respect that entered her ears.

“Stand on the desk.”

Her skirt was rolled up as the excited man touched her bare ass.

When she hesitated, he slapped her ass without it hurting.


His breath became more excited and rough than before rang in her ears terribly.

As soon as she stood crying, his fully erected penis was stuck her lower mouth from between her buttocks.

Ah! As Shada tilted her head back, dark hair poured down like feathers. The man, held her by the hair and her weak shoulders at once, squeezed his ass back and thrusted into her.

His solid rod fills in the inside that has already been moistened once. Her soft inner skin that was damp and relaxed also stimulated the man gently.

He urgently turned Shada’s tearful chin towards him and as if he had become someone else, and kissed her as if he was going to swallow her.

Her body, which was eaten by him, trembled. “Oh, ha! Do you know how delightful it is when your insides chew and bite me?”

Her nape became red.

The man weakly grasped the maid’s black hair and smacked her with just enough force to turn her on.

Her white ass turned red. It was delicious, like a ripe peach.

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