CAM – 21

“No, I’m not telling you to go. Instead, they would ask you to take responsibility for your escort and guardianship. Security in the capital has been on alert lately. Wasn’t there an emergency recently concerning the water supply?”

Of course, he knew well.

“There has been intelligence that the remnants of the Republic—even a spy— have sneaked into the capital. You must be very anxious.”

Huey watched Cedric fiddling with his old-fashioned mustache, leaning his head on the back of the sofa as he was told that someone else’s house was on fire.

His anxious face kicking his tongue is severe and gentle. Huey, who is close to the common people, knew that the Baron was in some ways nobler than all the aristocracy in the capital.

He felt fortunate that he liked his personality, and they fit on the same wavelength as friends.

So he paused for a moment, wondering about why he said this.


In perfect Count Kirchner form, he casually squeezed his chin.

“Are you requesting I soothe the uneasy king?”

“It’s what a son-in-law should do.”

Cedric laughed, and Huey moved only his lips, his mumbling blurred, audible to Cedric, but it was as if he was talking to himself. He straightened up like a swan gracefully bending its long neck.

“Indeed, I am a loyalist engaged to his daughter.”


“Reliable and trustworthy.”

“It’s the correct stance you should take.”

“Okay. That’s not difficult.”

It’s something you should do. Tea water flowed in behind a murmur.

Cedric tapped his gloved finger holding the cane at a constant beat. He was always wearing gloves, like fashionable gentlemen. Today he wore black buffalo leather gloves that matched with his nice cognac-colored suit.

There was a silence between the Count, who drank tea quietly for a moment, and the Baron, who seemed to have fallen into thoughts of a different kind.

He opened his mouth as if the song that had been suddenly cut off, resumed.

“A party should be splendid. It will be the King’s birthday soon, so there will be more to worry about.”


Huey slowly stirred the teacup with a teaspoon.

Cedric laughed as if he was apologetic.

“I know you don’t like being bothered and social, but please understand. It won’t take long.”

“Well, I’ll believe you.” No, I don’t believe you.

Cedric laughed.

“Let’s talk more tomorrow at midnight. I’ll discuss more details at the club.”

Ah. Cedric, who just got up from his seat with his hat in his hand, made a sound and movement as if he had just remembered something.

“I thought it was a frivolous gossip, but are you in a relationship?”

“I think you said it with your own mouth.”

“Umm, yes, that’s what I think. But I am not the person involved.”

Cedric sat his hat on his head and lifted the brim with the tip of his cane.

Underneath it was a light, playful mischief and outright curiosity that was buried in his glistening eyes.

The Count, sitting on the sofa like an indolent beast even when a guest arose, leaned back on his upper body and folded his arms.

He asked after a beat.

“What rumors?”

Ho-oh, look at this.

“Are you admitting that you did something rumor-able?”

“It’s not a good idea to interrogate the landlord while visiting his estate.”

“It’s just a question. Why are you doing this when it’s just between us?”

Cedric, who asked mischievously, raised his hands defenselessly to Huey’s icy chuckle.

“It is a simple story. The Princess’s fiancée carried a mysterious woman out of her palace.”

“She is a maid.”

“So it’s even more surprising than what they thought. From their point of view, they will say ‘the famous Count Kirchner is with a mere maid.'”


In fact, he did not refute. Unquestionably, his expression sank colder than before.

The other party commented on the unusual appearance carefully and concisely.

“You look angry.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Huey spit out as if he had been waiting:

“I understand, but what is this about being angry?”

“You don’t understand.”

“I understand.”

“No, you can’t. If you really understand the other person’s circumstances, you won’t get angry. Because I fully sympathize with and accept that feeling.”

said Cedric, who was flatly unclean, raised his bloody mouth.

He fiddled with his mustache as he observed Huey’s sharp icy eyes. He gently advised:

“Let’s give the other person some time and distance. How hard it must be to be in a relationship with a man like you.”

Cedric patted his shoulder and left. Even after he left, Huey was staring into the air.

Give some time? Of course, he might be right. If I wait patiently, I am confident that your eyes will eventually turn this way. But Cedric overlooked one thing. She was timid. Very much so.

We must abandon the expectation that her feelings will indeed determine her actions.

Maybe you are already preparing to run away.

From this situation, he summed up his feelings, and her confused feelings.

He tapped the armrest with his hard folded index finger.

Miss Shada.

If I give you room, won’t you surely run away?

“So, you should keep taming it without giving it time or room to run away.”

Until vigilance and shame are inertia with wetness.

I can’t miss the moment, so it’s not unusual.

It would be much easier to seduce her gentle sexual spirit.

No, in fact, above all, he couldn’t afford to give Shada any more room or time— because of himself.


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  1. Her plan: Run away!!

    His plan: Eat her up. Hit it and don’t quit it.

    Readers: Dood. What about any plans to get rid of your marriage to crazy princess? It might help you with your relationship. Duh. Can’t think with his sausage in the way. 🍆🌭

  2. i knew hes up for something against the marriage but it never came to me that hes against the king and greater political endeavor. I thought he was trying to get his favor. So hes not the spy or related to it is he? Bcs of ‘it wont take long’??!!

  3. I think it’s better to just vanish, the sound should be able to fake an arson and simply flee with shada, and live happily in some village far far away.. isn’t it
    Thank you for the translation

    1. Nah nah
      He should just
      Marry the princess kill the king , become the new king make the princess queen then make shada a queen consort/ concubine then some months later kill the queen and live happily ever after

  4. 1. Just kill the princess, then ruin the kingdom. Tadaa. You can give noble title to shada, then happily marry her.

    2. Just dont give a fu*k. Take shada away to another country then live quietly and happily.

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